Leon and ada relationship problems

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leon and ada relationship problems

Chris locks Leon and Ada in a room with nothing more than a bottle of tequila and their problems, telling them to sort it out or stay locked inside. when they finished the tequila and they had worked out their 'relationship'. Perhaps the single worst problem with the plot, though, is that the entire semi- abusive relationship, due entirely to Ada's lifestyle and general inability to So when Ada shows up, Leon's back to being quasi smitten with her. As of Resident Evil 6: Leon is now 35, Raccoon City happened when he was. but yeah, RE isnt exactly known for successful relationships. 15 years of Leon being played, and Ada using his "love" to avoid legal problems.

As the game wraps up, though, the weirdest possible thing happens: Given the weird B-movie trappings of the franchise, the expectation is obvious, but Leon turns her down, then proceeds to make a perfunctory pass at his handler, Hunnigan, which is soundly rejected.

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This is the closest the Resident Evil universe has come to anything approaching real human interaction ever at this point, and it stands as a huge exclamation point on the weird-ass problem Capcom seems to have with human interactions in writing. Also, in a related note, is… is Shinji Mikami okay? I am legitimately worried about his mental health, you guys. We sell everything but batteries!

Moving onto the mechanical decisions in Resident Evil 4, one of the weirder mechanical decisions, and arguably the one that makes the absolute least sense structurally, is that of the weapon vendors and their inventory.


Starting from the early going, these vendors show up and, after a bit of awkwardness, show Leon their wares, many of which are borderline necessary if one values life.

They sell protective gear, weapons, upgrades, and basically everything you could possibly want to continue your trek through the game… except the one thing they always visibly have on their person, ammo.

leon and ada relationship problems

Resident Evil 5 had a similar issue but at least allowed players to replay stages, so you could scramble through a stage and collect ammo like mad if that was your wont. On the subject of instant death.

  • Could Leon's Campaign be the reason why Resident Evil 6 has been scoring poorly?

Monsters have swinging guillotine heads that kill you full stop with no warning. Chainsaw wielding dudes kill you outright if they hit you.

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Multiple bosses kill you dead in one hit with specific attacks, which may or may not have an obvious warning associated with them. A poorly conceived sliding scale of progress.

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This makes a certain degree of logical sense, and adds to the weird Children of the Corn sort of vibe the game gives off.

The fact that they got into a fight and are ready to kill each other doesn't say a whole lot for them as a couple.

leon and ada relationship problems

As for what was said in Behind the Scenes of RE: Damnation… keep in mind the writer knew pretty much knew nothing about the series going into the project, and his comment about the line is his own fucking head-canon. Capcom wouldn't let him write any Leon and Ada romance, so he just added in that line to satisfy himself.

Ada has nothing in common with Leon. She just left Leon when he got shot, used him twice to retrieve a sample of the G-virus and the Las Plagas.

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She withheld the truth from him up until her so-called "death", she still didn't tell him the truth in RE4 and openly admits that he's an asset in one of her reports and she just leaves him at the end. She does the same thing in RE: When Helena tells him to go after Ada, he refuses and insists they stick together. It seems like Leon is getting tired of Ada's constant bullshit. This whole cat and mouse game between them has played out. With Leon and Claire in Degeneration, there are so many little things that go on between.

Like when they first meet up and they hold hands until the rest of the group walks over and interrupts. The way they defend each other when the senator tries to question their escape plans and notice that Leon immediately jumps to Claire's defense when the senator tries to sass her but says absolutely nothing when the senator and Angela are arguing about Curtis.