Last of the time lords ending a relationship

last of the time lords ending a relationship

Time Lords were commonly encountered in Old Who, and the Doctor's relationship with them was usually antagonistic. The earliest seasons of. Although Utopia, The Sound Of Drums and Last Of The Time Lords are a the Doctor through the door of the radiation room are terrific: it's a complex relationship, . Instead, since it's the end of the season and we're in a celebratory mood. Doctor Who has featured LOADS of female Time Lords before – here are 16 of them. Their marriage did not last as long as their on-screen partnership. who predicted the Doctor and Master's part in the end of Gallifrey.

She gives him her mobile phone in case she needs to contact him, saying that if it rings he must come right away. The Doctor pilots the TARDIS away and contemplates events when the bow of a ship called the Titanic bursts through a wall of the control room, leaving the Doctor confused.

Continuity[ edit ] In the episode's commentary, writer Russell T Davies called the implication of Jack's nickname "the Face of Boe " "a theory" as to the Face of Boe's origins, prompting Executive Producer Julie Gardner to urge him to "stop back-pedalling" about the two characters being the same. Davies then mentioned the addition of a line in " Gridlock " in which the Face of Boe calls the Doctor an "old friend", suggesting a strong connection between him and the Doctor.

Davies also jokingly termed the hand seen removing the Master's ring from the ashes of his funeral pyre "the hand of the Rani ". The Children in Need mini-episode " Time Crash " takes place within the last few minutes of this episode. The Story of Marthaa new series novelchronicles the journey and tales of Martha Jones during her year on Earth.

last of the time lords ending a relationship

In the series 4 episode " The Sontaran Stratagem ", Martha is engaged to Thomas Milligan, the paediatrician she travels with during this episode. The Master refers to the aged version of the Doctor as " Gandalf " from J. Tolkien 's The Lord of the Rings.

Whilst attempting to mend a television to pick up the broadcast from the Master, Professor Docherty remarks on a fondness for Countdown and states that "it's never been the same since Des took over. While working on a troublesome computer to access the data from the one Toclafane struck down by lightning, Professor Docherty says, "Who ever thought that we would miss Bill Gates? However, Russell T Davies has said that he regards "Utopia" as a separate story, but notes that the determination is arbitrary.

However, a local curfew after the nearby attempted terrorist bombing the previous day prevented the screening. Freema Agyeman and John Barrowman attended the event. The final episode of The Trial of a Time Lord was also extended by five minutes in In the audio commentary, the producers reveal that Graeme Harper filled in to direct some scenes after director Colin Teague was injured.

He refers to it as "track 3", its place on the Scissor Sisters' second album, Ta-Dah. Two sets of audio commentaries were recorded for the episode: However, the Region 1 North America release of the DVD saw the actor commentary replaced by the earlier podcast version, although a production error resulted in the set's booklet not indicating this substitution and the booklet also omits Tennant's name.

The opening theme would be heard once more in its arrangement in the Time Crash short episode, before both opening and closing themes would be revised beginning with Voyage of the Damned and continuing into Series 4 in Cast notes[ edit ] Reggie Yates is credited as playing Leo Jones ; however, the character Leo only appears in this episode as background. The audio commentary for the episode mentions that Leo was originally scheduled to appear in the sequence showing Martha's return to Britain, but Yates was double-booked.

Uncredited as the hand that picks up the Master's ring was production manager Tracie Simpson. Stephen Brook, writing on The Guardian 's blog, said the episode was "certainly an epic conclusion Though he thought there was "loads to enjoy" such as John Simm as the Master, Freema Agyeman's performance, and the effects, he wished to explore more of the dystopian world and said of the conclusion, "I liked the message it was trying to get across, but the shots of a ghostly Tennant floating down the steps did unfortunately look like something out of a panto.

However, he thought the biggest "misstep" was sidelining the Doctor and the "logically muddy" conclusion. The Master indifferently responds that once an empire has been established, when there is a new Gallifrey in the heavens then it will stop.

last of the time lords ending a relationship

When a Toclafane enters, the Master chastises the Doctor that he should be grateful: It claims that there was no Utopiaonly more darkness and cold. Meanwhile on the Valiant, the Master explains that the humans cannibalised and regressed themselves, becoming the child-like Toclafane.

last of the time lords ending a relationship

The contradiction of the Toclafane killing their own ancestors is made possible by the paradox machine built by the Master, who considers it his masterpiece. The Doctor is shocked that the Master is changing the history of not just Earth but the entire universe. The Master sardonically claims as a Time Lord he has that right.

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The Doctor questions why he would come all this way just to destroy. The Toclafane claims they have come back in time to build an empire lasting one hundred trillion years, with the Master as their ruler.

Tom asks the captured Toclafane why it wishes to kill its own ancestors. The Toclafane responds, "Because it's fun", and laughs maniacally. Tom is sickened and horrified by this and shoots it dead.

Docherty asks Martha if the rumours about her are true and Martha reveals a gun developed by Torchwood and UNITpurportedly able to kill a Time Lord and prevent the ensuing regeneration. Martha has retrieved three of the four chemicals needed for the gun from their hiding places around the world and has returned to London to find the fourth.

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After Martha and Tom depart for a shelter in Bexley to hide, Docherty who is desperate for information regarding her missing son reveals their whereabouts to the Master. The Master comes to Earth's surface to capture Martha, killing Milligan, destroying the special gun and taking her back to the Valiant. He intends to execute her before the Doctor and her family, at the moment his fleet is launched.

But when that moment comes, as the clock counts down, Martha starts to laugh out loud, prompting the Master to angrily demand to know what she finds so funny. Martha now reveals the real reason she travelled the globe: She told everyone about the Doctor; specifically, she told everyone to think of the Doctor at the same time the Master plans to launch his fleet.

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It is revealed that when the Doctor whispered to Martha in the previous episode, he said: Combined with the Master's Archangel Networkwhich the Doctor has had an entire year to tune to the frequency of, this has the effect of charging the Doctor with the combined psychic energy of the people of Earth. This enables the Doctor to restore his youthful physiognomy and end the Master's control.

The combined psychic energy gives the Doctor great power and he is not only able to restore himself with it, but it shields him and temporarily grants him telekinesis with which he removes the Master's laser screwdriver from his hand. As the Master cowers against a wall, the Doctor says the words the Master was terrified to hear: The Master reveals the black hole converters' detonator to the Doctor.

With the Master out of the picture, Jack rounds up some soldiers to destroy the paradox machine but is delayed by the Toclafane. The Master, using Jack's vortex manipulatorteleports himself and the Doctor to Earth, threatening to detonate his fleet of ships, as each one has a black hole converter inside, and take the Earth with it. The Doctor knows that the Master would never kill himself, and manages to teleport both himself and the Master back to the Valiant just as Jack destroys the paradox machine; this causes all time to reverse.

Time reverses to the moment of the Paradox machine's activation, just after the US President was killed and just before the Toclafane arrived. All those on the Valiant will remember the events of the previous year due to being at "the eye of the storm," but nobody else will know of the Master's reign of terror in " the year that never was ".

The Master tries to run but ends up running straight into Jack who recaptures him. The Doctor breaks down in tears as he grieves the Master's death. The Master, now defenceless, is handcuffed and stands before the Doctor.

last of the time lords ending a relationship

Francine Jones is talked out of shooting the Master, but Lucy Saxon, with a glazed expression, seizes a gun herself and shoots him. Rather than be a prisoner for the rest of his lives, the Master lets himself die, refusing to regenerate despite the Doctor's desperate pleas. Just before dying in his opponent's arms, the Master muses on the constant drumming in his head, wondering if it will finally stop, and with a smile says, "I win," leaving the heartbroken Doctor in uncontrollable tears for his lost adversary, now once again left as the last of the Time Lords.

The Doctor walks away from the Master's smouldering funeral pyre. The Doctor cremates the Master's body on a pyre. He takes a burning torch and ignites the pyre, fire quickly swallowing up the Master's remains. After watching his old enemy and former friend burn up in front of him, he strides away from the funeral ceremony with a bitter look in his eyes.

Jack says goodbye to the Tenth Doctor and Martha.

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In Cardiff, Jack decides to remain behind to look after his team, "defending the Earth". The Doctor disables Jack's vortex manipulator to keep him from jumping through time unsupervised.

last of the time lords ending a relationship

When Jack protests, the Doctor rebuffs him by saying, "I can't have you walking around with a time travelling teleport. You could go anywhere, twice. The second time to apologise.

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Thinking about what he might look like millions of years from now, Jack confesses his vanity and recalls how, as the first person from the Boeshane Peninsula to join the Time Agencyhis good looks earned him the nickname "the Face of Boe. Martha, however, has decided to stay so she can look after her family and finally qualify as a medical doctor.

She gives the Doctor her phone number so they can keep in touch and says that she will see him again, but when someone is in love and it's unrequited, they have to get out: A sinister-looking ring is recovered from the Master's ashes Nothing appears to be different.

However, after he leaves, the Master's signet ring drops out of the flames and lands on the ground, flaked with ashes.

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A female hand wearing red nail polish takes the Master's emerald ring from the burnt-out pyre, while the Master's malevolent laughter echoes in the background. A foghorn bellows very loudly and the bow of a ship smashes through the console room wall. The Doctor jumps out of the way and stumbles over his cockpit chair to the floor.