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, the same year, his poem “Spring” (Bom) was published in the Daily News(매일신보). [4][6] Cast Ma Dong-seok[4] as Dong-chul Song Ji-hyo[7] as Ji -soo Kim . Yoo Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-soo, Song Ji-hyo , Yang Suddenly One Day, Marriage" Hyung-seok MBC 열정시대 SBS 사랑의. Song Ji Hyo Running Man cast at Lee Kwang Soo's sister's wedding Korean Celebrities, Korean Actors, Kwang Soo, Poetry, Rocks, Men, Couple, Poems . Running man relationships~ Walking, Snsd, Relationships, Running Man Korean . Ji Hyo Running ManKorean CelebritiesKorean ActorsKwang SooPoetryRocks MenCouplePoems Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin, Running Man ep. Running Man Korean, Ji Hyo Running Man, Runing Man, Kwang Soo, Running Running Man Members, Korean Celebrities, Men, Marriage, Kwang Soo.

The film marked the first time Lee made his red carpet appearance at an international film festival when it was screened in the Vanguard section of the Toronto International Film Festival. The Poet Warrior Youth. He was also announced as a cast member of the new Netflix variety show The Culprit is You. Although it was his first time hosting a variety show, it looked like Lee was in his natural best especially when joined by the other cast members.

He was part of the original 7 members to host the program where they play against one another as well as other guest celebrities. Tallest and Shortest is in reference to the two being the tallest and shortest members of the cast.

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As a result, they usually met in jail. Since they almost always form a group, they are also referred to as Lee-Yoo-Ji, which is a combination of their surnames. They often portray a relationship like that of popular cartoon characters Tom and Jerry because of their constant squabbling and trying to one-up each other.

They are the most constant betrayers in the show to the point that even they themselves do not trust the other leading to trust issues within the team. In an episode, the group was listed as the Betrayers Club who are attempting to steal a treasure.

But despite the love-hate relationship between the two, they often show that they care for each other like siblings. Aside from having great chemistry on-cam, they are also known for being traitors even when the two of them are teamed up together. In return of their service, Kim Jong Kook will not pick them to go to the dangerous attraction.

They are also sometimes referred to as The Ugly Tribe. Song, however, would often deny their friendship making Lee feel depressed. Whenever Running Man cast members travel overseas to fulfill a mission, Lee was always met by a huge crowd of fans waiting at the airport and following their shooting locations.

Whatever the color is, Jennie will pull it off in a very chic way. Her BP family revealed that she often gets invited to luxury fashion events! She's a Total Cutie She's fierce on stage, yet she's really sweet behind the camera. She has a gummy smile that is as soft as cotton candy! Another side of Jennie that you probably didn't know about is her warm, bubbly, and adorably cute personality.

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When cute Jennie is activated, she will melt your heart in an instant. She will tease you with a charming aegyo and with her childish talk. She even made a cute acrostic poem with Lee Kwang-soo's name for the Running Man tv series. The poem brought him to his knees in extreme joy and happiness! In her first poem, she said to Kwang-soo, "I think it's about time that President Yang Hyun Seok allow you, Kwang-soo oppa, to have a drink with me.

Kwang-soo fell down as if he'd been hit by a bullet full of love. When she returned to RM, she wrote another poem, which read, "Now that it happened Kwang-soo oppa, are you free on Wednesday? She's Easily Scared Jennie is such a beautiful person, but she's also a normal human who gets frightened by creepy things, startled by horrific objects, and cries like a poor baby.

I feel bad saying this, but when she cries, she's still cute. You can't help but feel pity for her. It's as if someone's pinching your heart.

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Even when she cries hard and wails like a newborn baby, she still looks beautiful! During her appearance on Running Man episodeshe was the star of the show. She stole the spotlight, quickly being known as the fragile girl who gets scared of everything.

When Ji Suk-jin surprised her from behind, she was terrified. When she played the blindfold game with Song Ji-hyo, she nearly lost it! And, when she entered the horror house with Lee Kwang-soo, she wailed like a maniac! She's the Hilarious "Unlucky Girl" It seems like Jennie was not just born a musician, but was also born with a variety of other gifts.

Who would've thought that she'd be funny as well? She was hilarious on Running Man episode She recklessly fell into a series of "unlucky" situations! Being in the pit of misfortune doesn't stop her from being confident and beautiful and no one can stop her from being playful. This combination made for a hilarious episode.

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It's unbelievable how every time she makes a choice, it ends up being a big mistake! Most Blinks really love to see the girls appear in variety shows, because it brings out their funny side, which we don't usually see in their music videos or at their concerts. She has also been cast as a permanent member of the YJS show entitled Really?

She's a Dog Lover People often say that those who love dogs are generally warm and kind-hearted. Dog lovers are playful, fun, fluffy, and lovable just like the innocent puppies they so enjoy. Still, they are also brave, clever, confident, and courageous. All of these attributes apply to Jennie.