Kung fu panda po and tigress relationship poems

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kung fu panda po and tigress relationship poems

Focus: Movies Kung Fu Panda, Since: Po falls in love with Tigress but he can't confess it in front of her but when he helps another tiger things start to . Master Tigress is one of the main supporting characters of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. She is a member of the Furious Five as well as one of Master Shifu's. Inner peace is a powerful theme in Kung Fu Panda 2. is a moment when Tigress tells Po to stay behind with the Kung Fu Masters in the prison rather than face.

kung fu panda po and tigress relationship poems

Their training was cut short, however, when Master Oogway had a troubling vision: Tai Lung would return to the Valley of Peace. In response to this, the Dragon Warrior Tournament was instigated, in which each member of the Five participated in hopes of being selected as the Dragon Warriorperforming their skills to the masters and the entire Valley. During the tournament, Oogway suddenly sensed the presence of the Dragon Warrior.

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Viper and her comrades quickly gathered in a line for the choosing. As Oogway approached, it appeared as though his finger was moving towards Tigressbut then a portly panda named Po unexpectedly fell out of the sky right in front of her. She and the others stopped training momentarily to watch Po spar with the Adversary. The sparring ended with Po being knocked into the training course, and his following ordeal ended in him being burned in the same course Viper was training in minutes earlier, much to her horror.

The person who once only cared for the Dragon Scroll and nothing more.

kung fu panda po and tigress relationship poems

The person who bravely asked Shifu for his forgiveness and her hand in marriage. The person who would do anything just to make her happy and feel more comfortable. He had stolen her heart and now she was his. They had gone through many trials those past years, and every ticking second they spent together, the gap between them had gotten narrower.

And a muzzle appeared, nuzzling her neck. The cold presence in her body was replaced with warmth. His whiskers tickled her a bit causing to giggle between sighs. You know I'm ticklish" "I know," Tai Lung nuzzled more, caressing her slightly enlarged stomach.

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Not all information has been covered about this subject. You can help by expanding it! This page lists information about Po 's relationships with characters from the series, Kung Fu Panda: Contents Fung The two have an unusual relationship.

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While the two are enemies, the two have gotten along at times. In "Good Croc, Bad Croc" he tricked Po into helping him kidnap a son to use for ransom but felt so much guilt at Po having to take responsibility that he went back to rescue him. In "Terra Cotta" Po helped Fung get back together with his gang. In "Po the Croc" Fung even had Po, who had amnesia, join their team as he respected Po's skills though became annoyed when Po took over leadership of the team and became evil.

kung fu panda po and tigress relationship poems

By the end of the series, the two have become friends as Fung has decided to stop being a bandit as it has brought him nothing but pain and that from then on, he would lead an honest life. Po asking Taotie to fix the Training Hall Po first learned of Taotie's existence in " Sticky Situation " after seeing his mark in the destroyed Training Halland asked for his assistance.

Taotie agreed to help him repair the Training Hall, deceiving him as he has other motives to have his revenge on Shifu.


When Po found out about the plan, he used his skills to defeat Taotie's machine. Po then had to watch Taotie's son while the warthog was gone.

After Taotie broke out and returned to the Jade Palace for revenge, he again fought Po, even though the panda had been watching over his son in his absence. He commented that Bian Zao was like a little brother to him, leaving the young warthog confused about whether to side with him or his father.

kung fu panda po and tigress relationship poems

After Po found out that Bian Zao put machine parts in the mooncakes he'd brought to Taotie to break out, Po was angry at Bian Zao and told him to stay out of the battle.