Katniss everdeen and gale hawthorne relationship quotes

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katniss everdeen and gale hawthorne relationship quotes

This is one of the few good things about Getting Gale back. With the pressure of the Capitol's arranged marriage between Peeta and me gone, we've. Relationships: Gale Hawthorne and Katniss Everdeen . she used to be but based on the quote, Katniss has trouble reconciling this reality. (Spoiler alert for this whole article): One of the biggest plot points I'm looking forward to in Mockingjay is Peeta and Katniss' relationship.

He knows that he may not be able to change the world but he hopes for a future in the world that exists. Peeta is from District 12 but he is part of a slightly "higher class" or higher group in District Peeta is the son of a baker and while Peeta is not necessarily rich, he does not go hungry and does not have to struggle in the way that Katniss and Gale do to provide food for themselves and for their families.

This is the first place where we see that Peeta's and Katniss' relationship is one that starts on inequality. Later, Peeta deliberately burns bread so that it is unsellable and so that he is able to give it to Katniss when he sees her starving outside. While Peeta does this out of concern and care for Katniss, it is an act that Katniss does not understand and that Katniss is unable to repay.

Throughout the games, Peeta protects Katniss and looks out for her in ways that she is not able to repay. While Peeta does these things because he cares for Katniss and for other reasons as wellit places Katniss in an uncomfortable position because she "owes" Peeta, regardless of the source of his actions. The lines become more blurry and the rules more complicated as Katniss has to reciprocate feelings or at least, feign reciprocal feelings for Peeta and as it becomes harder for Katniss to separate what is real and what is not real with regards to how she feels for Peeta and for what is starting to develop in their relationship.

katniss everdeen and gale hawthorne relationship quotes

Katniss recognizes that she has to separate out her feelings regarding Peeta, but in the books she is never allowed the opportunity to do so. What I did as part of the Games. As opposed to what I did out of anger at the Capitol.

Or because of how it would be viewed back in District Or simply because it was the only decent thing to do. Or what I did because I cared about him.

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These are questions to be unraveled back home, in the peace and quiet of the woods, when no one is watching. Not here with every eye upon me. But I won't have that luxury for who knows how long. While Peeta is not necessarily a match for Katniss and while the ending of their relationship is not well-developed, it does show that Katniss and Peeta come to be on common enough ground in which to build a relationship on. The Hunger Games "Love Triangle: I have chosen Gale and the rebellion.

A future with Peeta is the Capitol's design, not mine. Her feelings towards each of them are complicated but her feelings are complicated in general because of everything she has been through, how she has been used, and who she is as a person. Katniss cares for Gale and comes to awaken to her feelings.

She risks punishment and her life to stop him from continuing to be whipped. She indirectly lets Peeta know that she cares for Gale and Katniss' actions support her attachment to Gale but being with Gale presents problems for Katniss. She wants to be with Gale but she also cares for Peeta.

There is also the fact that Katniss is no longer the Katniss she was before the Games and her current self is weakened, damaged, vulnerable, depressed, and unstable. Even before the Games, there were differences in the way in which she viewed the world and in the way Gale viewed the world.

She wants to be with Gale but being with Gale requires her to change, even if she cannot revert to her former self she still has to change to a self other than what she is. Katniss is aware of this and this is indicated by her preliminary choice where she states "I have chosen Gale and the rebellion. This means Katniss is considering becoming someone other than who she is and doing something she does not want to do to be with Gale because she cares for Gale.

This statement is also worth noting because it reveals an important aspect of how Katniss feels towards Peeta. Her feelings for him developed when she was being controlled by the Capitol, when she was in the Games, when she was emotionally and mentally unstable, and while she was being manipulated by Peeta.

But she has developed feelings for Peeta and a need for him as the beginning of her statement was "I wish Peeta were here to hold me, until I remember I'm not supposed to wish that anymore. I have chosen Gale. Peeta provides her with safety and security in the world that she now knows and has seen, and to the person she is now while Gale provided it in the world she knew and to the person she used to be but based on the quote, Katniss has trouble reconciling this reality.

Katniss has trouble reconciling this reality up until the very end in which she still hopes to find Gale and to rekindle romance in their former meeting place in the woods.

She initially wants to pursue her feelings for Gale because that is who she wants to be with even if it means that she has to change into someone who she is not. But her feelings and interactions with Peeta are complicated throughout Mockingjay.

She gets involved in the rebellion not only because she cares for him or has feelings for him, but because she feels she has to save him. Once Peeta is back in the picture, Katniss appears to be cold towards Peeta but it is because while she cares for Peeta, she does not necessarily want to be with him, does not want to be with him at that time and needs space, or has unresolved issues with Peeta and needs to work through them.

This presents another prison for Katniss as not wanting to be with Peeta is reproached against her because of all that Peeta has done for her and because of all that he has gone through. On top of that, Peeta is no longer who he was, and no longer sees her as he once did. He sees her as a monster and tries to kill her.

Gale Hawthorne Quotes

He is both a physical danger and psychological influence to her as on top of trying to kill her, he lowers her mental health by causing her to make decisions and judgments based on the guilt she feels instead of what she wants and needs and by making her feel low and lower than she already feels at various parts in Mockingjay. Peeta's impact on Katniss' mental state is highlighted where Katniss expresses "All those months of taking for granted that Peeta thought I was wonderful are over.

Finally, he can see me for who I really am. And I hate him for it. Peeta makes her feel bad about herself and makes her feel guilty, and Peeta's return did not entirely mean a romantic rekindling for Katniss.

She tries to deal with her conflicting emotions for Peeta and for her situation with him by avoiding him, and when she cannot avoid him her encounters with him are filled with hostility. But she is not allowed to deal with her conflicting emotions without having more guilt placed on her plate. Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't have a fully loaded weapon next to you round the clock.

But I think it's time you flipped this little scenario in your head. If you'd been taken by the Capitol, and hijacked, and then tried to kill Peeta, is this the way he would be treating you? It isn't how he would be treating me at all. He would be trying to get me back at any cost. Not shutting me out, abandoning me, greeting me with hostility at every turn.

Or do they treat them with hostility and act against them? Katniss does both but then is reproached and chastised with no regard for her wants and needs.

katniss everdeen and gale hawthorne relationship quotes

The implied message here is that Katniss should do for Peeta what he would do for her but after Katniss saves Peeta she does not do this. The question is why? Could it possibly be because she does not want to? Could it be because she has reasons or reservations that distance her from him? Haymitch claims that Katniss is "punishing [Peeta] over and over for things that are out of his control" but when looked at closely is that really what Katniss is doing?

Katniss is presented with a predicament that she never comes to work through. She wants to pursue a relationship with Gale but cannot do so without having psychological and emotional ties to Peeta with who she first came to associate romantic actions and feelings with and with who she now psychologically and physically associates safety and security with. This is combined with her feeling responsible for Peeta and combined with the fact that she now has feelings for Peeta.

But these romantic actions and their resulting feelings and development came while she was being controlled and manipulated, and they are also surrounded in trauma. She also cannot pursue a relationship with Gale without being judged, reproached, and "guilt-tripped" combined with the fact that she is no longer the Katniss she used to be.

Yet while she longs for Peeta, she does not necessarily want to be in a relationship with him or never makes it clear that she does. He agrees happily, and confesses that he loves her.

Gale Hawthorne Quotes (9 quotes)

He is disappointed by her reply that she cannot love anyone romantically at such a perilous time. He is further angered when he finds out that Katniss plans to bring Peeta along into the woods.

Upon arriving at the whipping post, Katniss throws herself in front the whip and takes a lash across her face before she, Haymitchand Peeta convince Thread to stop the punishment. Gale being restrained by Peacekeepers.

katniss everdeen and gale hawthorne relationship quotes

Gale is rushed to Katniss' mother and Prim, who set about treating him with their limited supplies. Katniss is very distressed throughout the whole process, and goes berserk when her mother refuses to give Gale more painkillers. Luckily, Madge brings Gale morphlingan expensive painkiller from the Capitol, before the pain gets too bad. She finally understands his lifelong need to rebel against the Capitol. Gale spends the next few days at Katniss' house, receiving free care and treatment from her mother and Prim.

Eventually he goes home and begins working in the mines, but ever since his whipping there has been a crackdown in District Furthermore, the merchant families have stopped bringing Hazelle laundry because of the Hawthorne family's association with Katniss. Rory takes out tesserae, which upsets Gale greatly.

He is devastated by the news that Katniss will be a tribute in the Quarter Quelland tells her that they should have run away when they had the chance.

He helps Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch in their training efforts by teaching them all about snares and trapping. Gale watches the Quarter Quell from afar, and is probably horrified by Peeta's false proclamation that he and Katniss are married and that Katniss is pregnant.

When the victors are broken out the arena, the Capitol bombs District Gale manages to rescue about people and lead them into the woods. With only two bows and a fishing net, he manages to feed them all for three days before they are rescued by District Gale is at Katniss' bedside when regains consciousness from her concussion, and tells her that District 12 is gone.

Mockingjay Gale in the ruins of District 12 In MockingjayGale lives in District 13 and spends time with Beetee designing weapons to use against the Capitol. Katniss becomes uncomfortable with the brutality involved in some of Gale's weapons. He is one of the main characters and has a deeper relationship with Katniss while Peeta is a prisoner of the Capitol, but their relationship undergoes a number of strains throughout the book.

When Katniss visits the remains of District 12, Gale goes along in order to protect her. On their way back to District 13, Gale comforts Katniss and reassures her everything will work out. When Peeta is interviewed with Caesar FlickermanGale tries to go to Katniss and help her when she leaves the room, but Boggs attempts to stop him. Gale and Katniss talk about the situation and she tells him that she'll be the mockingjay.

She and Gale go hunting like they used to and the two of them enjoy their time together until he asks her why she cares for her prep team so much.

Katniss tells him that they helped her a lot in the Hunger Games. Gale becomes mad about this and leaves. He and Katniss go to the weapons room where Beetee has been inventing weapons for the rebels. There, Gale is allowed to pick out a weapon and chooses a military bow and arrow. Gale in Mockingjay Gale goes along with Katniss and the others to shoot propos for the rebellion.

Gale and the group arrive in District 8 to film their propaganda at a hospital. While there, the Capitol attacks the hospital and Gale, along with Katniss and the others, battle the enemy. After the battle they meet at the command room in District 13 and discuss the propaganda. They decide to allow Katniss to go back in to combat and shoot more propos when she is ready.

Gale goes to comfort Katniss as she heals. Gale goes back to Beetee and helps him make military weapons. Gale and Katniss have tension between them.

Gale tries to be normal around Katniss but she knows he saw the interview and tries to not talk or say anything about it. Gale tells her it was to protect her since she is too stressed, Katniss enraged tells him to stop lying to her. Gale and Katniss go to District 12 to shoot another propo. When shooting one at Katniss' house, Gale asks to see his house, but Cressida tells him to reenact the night of the bombing.

Later Gale and Katniss kiss because they are both in pain and the only way to escape this pain is by this. After the interview with Peeta, the entire district retreats to safe bunkers during the bombing. Gale saves Prim's life during an air raid because he went to check the Everdeen compartment to make sure it was clear and found Prim and Buttercup. The two make it to the bunker in time before the doors are closed and locked.

After Katniss and Finnick break down during a propaganda shoot due to the impact of Peeta and Annie 's torture, Gale is the first to volunteer for an extremely dangerous mission to rescue Peeta, JohannaEnobaria and Annie from the Capitol.

Gale safely makes it back to District 13 and receives medical attention. After Gale is healed he goes to build weapons with Beetee. Katniss is sad that he is making weapons that could hurt innocent people in the process and he tells her he is playing by the rule book Snow plays with. Gale and Beetee go to District 2 to assist the group. Gale and Katniss' relationship grows deeper as the two spend the night comforting each other. Gale and the others go to "The Nut" where they try to think of a plan to attack in and thus take control of District 2.

katniss everdeen and gale hawthorne relationship quotes

Gale conceives a plan that involves blowing up the inside of The Nut, which upsets Katniss because it would kill innocent people. After some arguments with Katniss, they decide to bomb The Nut but leave the train station open so the people inside The Nut can escape. Gale visits Katniss in the hospital when she awakens and the two argue about what has happened. Gale informs her of District 2 siding with the rebels.

Gale tells Peeta he has changed and Johanna agrees with him. Gale takes Katniss aside and tells her Peeta has changed and isn't seeing her for who she truly is. Before Katniss goes to guard Peeta, Gale pulls Katniss away and asks her about her plan to head out on her own, and Katniss says he should go with her.

Gale helps the team take cover in an apartment and they witness a broadcast that shows footage of the squad members' supposed deaths. Gale tries to calm Peeta down and promises he will kill Peeta if it came down to it. The squad travels underground in the tunnels and later are attacked by lizard mutts that hiss Katniss' name.

Gale and the squad are able to make it out of the tunnel but have lost Finnick, Jacksonand a few others to the mutts. The squad splits up, Gale follows Katniss. The two of them battle off peacekeepers and head to President Snow's mansion. After almost dying from a trap activated by a pod, Gale is taken away by peacekeepers.

As he is being taken away, he mouths at Katniss "shoot me. Afterwards, Katniss' sister is killed in a method akin to one he devised. Gale visits her before Snow's death and gives her a sheath with one arrow to shoot at Snow.

Katniss asks if it was his bomb that killed Prim.