Kate winslet and stephen tredre relationship

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kate winslet and stephen tredre relationship

Help us build our profile of Kate Winslet and Stephen Tredre! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your . Kate Winslet regrets abandoning her dying ex-boyfriend – even though he told her to. Winslet dated actor and writer Stephen Tredre for five. Early loves: Kate with Stephen Tredre, left, and Rufus Sewell, right 'We're very good friends but it was never a serious relationship,' she later said. Twice- married Kate Winslet splits from Louis Dowler and now 'wants to be.

In Januarynews broke that Winslet was pregnant, and a daughter was born in October. Glowing Named Mia, the Italian word for "mine", Winslet has spoken to the press about the joys and concerns of motherhood. Her concerns have mainly been fears about not living up to the expectations of being a good mother, and not wanting to look like the back end of a bus.

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Winslet has been honoured for her acting The joys have been glowing comments about her new family in her disarmingly honest style. Earlier this year, she still hoped to create a "magical, untouchable world" for her family. And that's definitely been since I met Jim," she told a newspaper. She has praised Threapleton for being so good with Mia - and said she wished she could be so good with the baby - but has recently admitted for the first time that there have been difficulties.

Kate’s pain over first love

But she has said the relationship with Threapleton was the only one she thought would last for the rest of her life. Winslet shot to fame after starring in Titanic Her hopes were raised when the success of Titanic catapulted her to the Hollywood A-list. Her role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio helped Titanic make twice as much money as any other film at world box offices, and was the launching pad for the next stage of her career. When she returned from filming the ITV drama Anglo Saxon Attitudes inall the girls had arranged their desks in a semi-circle around hers, which had been shoved into a corner and engraved with the word bitch.

Victims of bullying tend to become chronic people-pleasers in adulthood, and I wonder if it had that affect on her.

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I would do anything I could to avoid conflict of any kind. I still do to an extent. And on set, she is one of the most collaborative and helpful people you could wish to work with.

kate winslet and stephen tredre relationship

She will talk for hours about the minutiae of sweets 'my downfall! Ditto television talent shows all-time favourite: She brings the whole family to London premieres, where they take turns to keep an eye on their father.

kate winslet and stephen tredre relationship

At the party after the Finding Neverland premiere inshe recounts with gleeful mock-horror, he got drunk, spotted a live microphone on stage, and clambered up to lead a singsong with a crowd that included Mackenzie Crook, Dustin Hoffman and Johnny Depp.

On set she met and fell in love with a co-star, year-old Stephen Tredre. But things were not as they seemed. Tredre was fighting bone cancer. In the spring of he took the decision to end the relationship so that she would be spared the pain of watching him die. He died in Decemberas Titanic was opening; she missed the London premiere to attend his funeral. So just as she was becoming a global superstar, the man she had loved for five years, who had been with her in the transition from a young girl from Reading to a world-famous actress, disappeared.

By her own admission, she has never got over his death. I absolutely have it. I wish I had just been there.

Kate Winslet: girl interrupted

To the bitter end. He was gone very quickly and — I still go over those moments in my head.

kate winslet and stephen tredre relationship

I hope I always will. Their daughter, Mia Honey, was born in ; their subsequent break-up and tabloid accusations of selfishness and bad mothering came a year later 'It was awful, because my hormones were still all over the place. They divorced in ; both parties are bound by a legal agreement not to discuss it. She began her relationship with Sam Mendes shortly after meeting him to discuss her playing parts in his productions of Twelfth Night and Uncle Vanya at the Donmar Warehouse, moved to New York inremarried and gave birth to Joe in the following year.

To say that her feelings about the period are mixed is an understatement. Even at the time, she felt that there was too much happening — and too much pressure to deliver as an actress — to discover who she was, but not knowing that made it hard to cope. Now, she seems to think a lot about self-definition, and in our interview occasionally breaks off to consider how she would best sum herself up.

In the entertainment industry there is a theory that celebrity allows you to continue acting the age you were when you first attained it.

kate winslet and stephen tredre relationship

It explains the boyishness of Take That, the tongue-tied-ness of footballers, the number of cosmetic surgeons in Los Angeles. This is not quite true of Winslet — she takes motherhood too seriously for that — but there is about her a sense of a girl interrupted.

kate winslet and stephen tredre relationship

She has an older friend — many of her friends are older — who has a year-old daughter. Recently her friend told her the girl was doing work experience in a hairdressers, 'and I thought, how amazing — work experience in a hairdressers.

Her conversation, whether about domestic or work life, is peppered with references to him, and several times she mentions his emotional support following shoots. Just the odd hug if we needed one.

Mendes was expecting to have lunch with her on set, but she insisted on staying in her trailer during breaks, as is her usual practice.