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joker and harley relationship

While watching the film, I heard a lot of people saying how they want to be like the Joker and Harley Quinn, calling them "relationship goals." The ugly truth about. They are the perfect prototype of villains, but the relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn is a clear example of what we do NOT want. The Joker and Harley Quinn have a long, tangled, and terrible relationship with lots of downs and, well, not many ups.

She chooses to break the Joker out of Arkham, and she chooses to become Harley Quinn. The New 52 reboot, on the other hand, adds a new wrinkle to her backstory.

Suicide Squad, in its depiction of this scene, finds a middle ground. While it does adapt the chemical dump, the movie allows Harley to make the decision to throw herself into the chemicals, instead of having her be pushed. Harley attempts to seduce him, climbing onto his desk in her lingerie and saying " Aw, c'mon puddin' This event occurs when the Joker leaves Harley a note, telling her to meet her on the old rocket ride in an amusement park.

joker and harley relationship

When Harley boards the rocket, the door shuts behind her, and Joker pops up on a video screen. Unfortunately, Joker then follows this by remarking that he hates those feelings, as they distract him from his chaotic ambitions, so he's decided to rid himself of Harley once and for all.

At this point, the rocket launches off into the sky.

15 Moments That Define The Joker And Harley Quinn's Relationship

Luckily, Harley is able to figure out a way to control the rocket's direction, and she crash lands in Robinson Park. Conducting their criminal operations together, trading stories, and forming a genuine human connection, the two of them form a tight friendship that has lasted to this day.

Poison Ivy even injects Harley with a serum that grants her immunity to toxins, as well as enhanced speed and strength, hoping to give her friend an advantage against the Joker. Although the relationship is difficult, it has its good moments- up until The Joker leaves her. In the meantime, Harley heard a rumor that The Joker was dead and escaped prison to find out if it was true.

Upon confirming his death, the Squad attends his funeral and The Joker rises, alive and well. He threatens to cut off her face, chokes her into unconsciousness with a chain, sics her own Hyenas on her, forcing her to slit her own wrists and kill the hyenas to survive, and burns down her apartment.

Instead the cycle of abuse and affection she experiences in the relationship is something known as Traumatic Bonding. Since The Joker never kidnapped her or held her as a hostage, Harley never experienced a true Stockholm episode.

The Relationship Between Harley Quinn and Joker: A Mad Love

Additionally, the intensity of this bond is what makes it so hard for the victim Harley to leave the relationship, no matter how clear the signs of abuse may be to them. Abuse and Relationships Organization describes it as such: It is like a state of being burnt out.

First, while it is very easy to become attached to a very chaotic and inconsistent person, it is simply not possible to form a consistent internal object representation feeling memory about them.

When separated from the intense partner, the urge to make contact is usually intense because it is a stable feeling memory or internal object that makes separation from an important other person intolerable in any circumstance.

There is a biological craving for intensity that no normal relationship will satisfy. This provides a feeling of being totally alone, and totally empty. At first, only going back to the primary aggressor can overcome it. It would be normal in this state to believe that something is horribly wrong with leaving even if it seems equally true that something is horribly wrong with staying. Because they comforted me at a particularly heartbreaking time in my life, I naturally latched onto this person and let the friendship continue to grow.

joker and harley relationship