Jo brand and bernie bourke relationship quotes

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jo brand and bernie bourke relationship quotes

Strolling in the park with her young baby, Jo Brand was stopped by Jo was 38 when she met her husband Bernie Bourke at a comedy show. Find out about Bernie Bourke & Jo Brand Married, children, joint family tree & history, ancestors and Bernie Bourke Married Relationship facts. Jo Brand. Jo Brand and Bernie Bourke Relationship, Pictures, Videos, Timeline - FamousWhy.

Gaining a degree in social science and nursing inJo went on to work as a psychiatric nurse for ten years. An agent persuaded Jo Brand to begin career in stand-up comedy.

jo brand and bernie bourke relationship quotes

Aged 29 she took the stage in London clubs and received abuse and no applause for her very first act. Her deadpan delivered humour was drawn from the media, well-known celebrities and public figures. Ignoring the boos, catcalls and objects thrown at her, she persisted with her near-the-knuckle, often offensive and hard-style comedy to become a popular household name appearing frequently on television as a comedienne and in several TV shows and series.

She has been involved in numerous fundraising events and supports a number of charities. Shortly after beginning her career as a stand-up comic she married Bernie Bourke, a psychiatric nurse. They have two daughters. British Comedy Award Top comedy club performer British Comedy Award Best stand-up comic British Comedy Award Best female TV comic A fellow stand-up comic said of her "She is one of the loveliest people I've ever known. It was often assumed that she was a man-hating lesbian, an assumption she did nothing to dispel despite being a man-loving heterosexual.

For the record, she is married to Bernie Bourke, a psychiatric nurse, and they have two young daughters. She became a mother at 43 and was funny on the subject.

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Well, they can if you hit them in the testicles with a cricket bat for 14 hours. In person there is a gentleness to her which takes you by surprise. And the impression you get from her memoir is that her defining characteristic was, and probably still is, kindness. After all, for almost a decade she worked as a psychiatric nurse herself. Sometimes you only need to give the illusion of control, because if someone is waving a machete, as happened to me once, the worst thing you can do is be a weak, heap of begging, because that feeds into their feelings of being out of control.

If they want to throw their house keys off Waterloo Bridge they do it. But however strange their behaviour, a good nurse has to always remember that her patients are still paid up members of the human race.

jo brand and bernie bourke relationship quotes

What matters is not degrees in psychiatry but whether you are a warm human being who wants to help people who are suffering. And in recent months she has been able to put her experiences of working for the NHS to good comedic use, co-writing and starring in Getting On, a darkly satirical, three-part drama series for BBC4 about life on a geriatric ward.

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It does for the medical profession what The Thick of It did for politics and it is no coincidence that Peter Capaldi directs it. A further six series have now been commissioned, and yay to that.

Married Jo Brand makes naughty Tinder confession on The One Show

Though her father, a structural engineer, was not diagnosed at the time, he was a depressive, one who would fly into uncontrollable rages. Whatever situation you are in, that is what is normal for you.

Is her father embarrassed by the portrait of him in her autobiography? I think he would have been 40 years ago because there was more stigma about depression then. You try and protect yourself as best you can. I would just lie about what I was up to with my friends and so on.

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I got away with it most of the time. It was a huge upheaval that left a core anger. At my new school I deliberately picked bad girls as my friends. We played truant most days. I suppose I was punishing my parents by harming my own prospects. Wild men are so enormously attractive.

jo brand and bernie bourke relationship quotes

He was enormously bright and unpredictable and funny. He never did heroin in front of me so he was being slightly responsible in that sense. But we did smoke joints and do LSD. But there is no denying that the subject gave her some funny material.

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Her early stand-up routines would begin with her putting her mic stand to one side, so the audience could see her. She would then say something like: If anything, it was a shield.

jo brand and bernie bourke relationship quotes

And I also felt that no one in an audience could abuse me worse than the sort of abuse I had had at work as a psychiatric nurse. People in a manic phase of bipolar are enormously eloquent and their abuse is focused and personal and raw. A lot of them were just showing off in front of their mates.