Ji chang wook and ha won relationship marketing

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ji chang wook and ha won relationship marketing

Ji Chang-wook (born July 5, ) is a South Korean actor. Ha Ji won is rumored to have romantic relations with Ji Chang-wook. for him” and added “ They are not the matching couple items,” denying their relationship. Ji Chang Wook (above left) and Song Yoon A (above right) have an uneasy friends will not allow Ha Seok Jin and Park Ha Sun to chill out alone in Drinking Solo. develops two competing relationships: the bodyguard's bubblegum In Drinking Solo, the other K-drama of the week, people just won't let. She's very responsive too. She laughs a lot, so the filming site was always cheerful”. Ji Chang-wook and Ha Ji-won's close relationship is even.

The drama also boldly fuses action, romance and political soap opera into a nerve-racking fairy tale, going where the likes of Descendants Of The Sun fear to tread. In three episodes, the story shapes up, and it is promisingly dark. Ji is a man with a murky past - a top fighter in the special forces who was dishonourably discharged and became a mercenary in Iraq - but also the knight of this tale, joining a private security service after it fails to kill him.

Given the code name K2, he is now a bodyguard of a highly dysfunctional family. Dad is a philandering presidential hopeful Cho Seong Ha who plays the role of a good husband every time he is near a camera. Mum, if she can be called that, is his equally two-faced wife Song Yoon Aa chaebol heiress who despises him, but calls the shots in his campaign and wants him to win at all costs.

Yoona is the secret daughter, a love child Cho fathered with an actress whose death is shown in the first few frames of the first episode. Song and her henchmen have since confined Yoona, first in a nunnery in Spain and, by the third episode, in a hideaway in South Korea.

Plainly, she is an imprisoned princess, her father a compromised would-be king, and his wife a wicked queen. Song actually has a deluxe dungeon, where she keeps a supercomputer she has named Mirror as in "Mirror, mirror on the wall"which collects secrets she uses against her enemies.

Ji Chang Wook Expresses His Affection For Ha Ji Won

Hopefully, it is a fate this show will avoid. In two of the most swoony sequences, Ji saves Song from a burning car and from a hostile family business meeting, which he breaks up by activating a fire alarm. As he escorts her out, she muses: While James offered to run away to America with the Lakers, but the Lakers themselves decided to leave the city to avoid hurting the Lees and bow to the demands of the Kims.

However, Bong-yi was devastated that Dong-hae left without saying a word.

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He left a letter, explaining his reasons for leaving, but he promised this isn't a goodbye; he intends to return and wants her to wait for him.

Several weeks have passed and the Lakers initially found peace in a new neighborhood. Hye-sook and Do-jin kept a vigilant eye for the Lakers if they ever returned. Lee Pil-jae a cop and Bong-yi's uncle was in love with Anna and tried to search for them.

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Eventually, through his police connections, he did find Anna. Dong-hae was a budding celebrity chef and secretly worked at a friend's restaurant to help make ends meet.

During this whole time, both Do-jin and Hye-sook grew cold and weary of Sae-hwa; they both wanted her out of their lives and insisted on a divorce. Not willing to give up on Do-jin, she summoned the Chos back into the hotel, causing blackmail and pressure to prevent herself from getting divorced.

ji chang wook and ha won relationship marketing

Mal-sun, Anna's mother, previously tasked Hye-sook to search for her missing daughter. However, she lied and secretly buried the investigation. Because she was loved by the Chos and devoted 30 years of her life into the Camellia Hotel, she always felt she rightfully deserve ownership of the hotel. If Anna would to come back, Mr.

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Cho would never transfer his majority shares to Hye-sook and she'll only be an executive for the rest of her life. Cho returned to review the status of his hotel while Mrs. Cho used that time to resume searching for their missing daughter. Cho discovered the Kim Family was fragmented due to James' past relationship with Anna and tried to pressure him to stay with Hye-sook. Sae-hwa managed to figure out that Anna and Dong-hae are related to the Chos and did everything in her power to use this information as a bargaining chip to keep her within the Kim Family.

Unfortunately, the secret was exposed and she lost all bargaining power. Sae-hwa eventually grew tired of trying to win back Do-jin and she granted him the signed divorce papers. However, Sae-hwa would later found out she's pregnant with Do-jin's child. Because James felt responsible for what happened to his daughter-in-law, he made the effort to look after her and she repaid his kindness by occasionally tipping him off about the devious machinations of his wife and son.

During Dong-hae's and Bong-yi's wedding, Do-jin called for an emergency stockholders' meeting to talk about the future management of the hotel. Dong-yi secretly discovered a calculation mistake in the hotel's finances and tipped off the authorities of tax fraud. This discovery was costly and Mr.

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Cho couldn't save the hotel unless he liquidated his shares into the market. Amassing his own support group, Do-jin amassed enough stocks to make Hye-sook the new majority shareholder of Camellia Hotel.

News of this was a major shock to Mr. Cho and he fell into a coma. Dong-hae's wedding was ruined with the sudden collapse of his grandfather. With Hye-sook as the majority holder, she can now secure her power as the chairman of the hotel. However, the Lees, Chos, and Lakers wouldn't take this defeat so easily. During the power struggle, the Camellia invested in a major hotel project in Hainan-China, but the funds went missing.

Do-jin moved money out of the project and caused instability within the hotel's investments.

ji chang wook and ha won relationship marketing

Dong-hae began investigating into the matter and the key to solving it was Do-jin's lawyer. After the takeover, the lawyer vanished and Dong-hae tasked Pil-jae to help track him down. In between, Do-jin lost his support from his own mother. Hye-sook has been feeling very guilty about what she put her adopted father through. Beyond Do-jin's imagination, Hye-sook gave away her shares to Dong-hae, restoring him as the majority shareholder of Camellia. Do-jin's lawyer provided all the necessary evidence to prove Do-jin guilty for embezzlement.

With evidence against him in the Hainan project and lost of his shares due to his own mother, Do-jin ran off in disgrace. However, it would be James uniting the family. James had an accident a while back and he's suffering from a brain aneurysm, slowly killing him.

With all that has happened, he wanted to finalize things and see his family in case he wouldn't make it. Although Dong-hae pleaded with his father to take emergency surgery, James was waiting on Do-jin. Dong-hae tracked down and the two confronted each other in a fight and later sat down for an honest chat about their father and Sae-hwa's pregnancy. After learning that their father is dying and Sae-hwa with child, Do-jin finally let go of his grudge against Dong-hae, reconciled with Sae-hwa, and saw his James before he operated.

The final matter was James' decision between Anna and Hye-sook. Even though Hye-sook realized she pressured James into marriage and he his thoughts was always about Anna, James realized he needed Hye-sook more than Anna. In doing so, James restored his marriage to Hye-sook.

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With James out of the competition, Pil-jae is able to be with Anna without further emotional confusion. Everyone finally made peace with each other. Epilogue[ edit ] A year has passed now and everyone is doing well.