Jenny jones and winston watts relationship

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jenny jones and winston watts relationship

Jimmy Carr, Guest. Jenny Jones, Guest. Anthony Joshua (as Anthony Joshua MBE), Guest. Robbie Savage, Self. Winston Watts, Self. Sean Conlon, Self. no expectations from either side and definitely no prospect of a "relationship". Winston Watts and the Jamaican bobsleigh team; British success in the skeleton; Jenny Jones: wins Team GB's first medal at Sochi Winston Watts of Jamaica pilots a bobsleigh practice run ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympics (GETTY IMAGES). They're back inside the.

Getty 5 of 76 Practice run: Paula Walker and Bex Wilson compete in the bobsleigh6 of 76 Preparations: Austria's Kindl prepares for the start during the men's luge training7 of 76 An athlete practices during training for Ski Slopestyle8 of 76 Cross-country skiers Sophie Caldwell L and Sadie Bjornsen9 of 76 Skiers of the Italian team take part in a cross-country training session for the Sochi Winter Olympic Games in Rosa Khutor10 of 76 Flags are seen during the welcoming cere11 of 76 Off the mark: The opening ceremony was a spectacular event12 of 76 Skaters from Italy skate together during a short track speed skating team training session in preparation for the Sochi Winter Olympics13 of 76 Canada's Edney speeds down the track during the men luge training at the Sanki sliding center in Rosa Khutor, a venue for the Sochi Winter Olympics near Sochi14 of 76 A band performs during the welcoming ceremony15 of 76 A snow sculpture made in the theme of the Sochi Winter Olympics is illuminated a day before the Sapporo Snow Festival starts in Sapporo16 of 76 Speed skater: Richard Shoebridge in action17 of 76 Luge: Alexander Koppang of Norway makes a run18 of 76 Leap of faith: An Irish athlete goes over a jump during the snowboard slopestyle training19 of 76 British hopes: Lamin Deen pilots a bobsleigh practice run Image: Getty Images 20 of 76 Players of the Japanese national women's ice hockey team pose for a photo before training Image: Enjoy it while it lasts with no expectations from either side and definitely no prospect of a "relationship".

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Winter sport purists and over-zealous TV commentators will make out that we are about to witness a national epidemic of broom-carrying wannabees heading for the closest ice rink or that offices across the land are filled with employees reaching for the nearest kitchen tray to jump on. But we all know the truth — the Winter Olympics is a two-week fling on a four-yearly basis.

Nothing more, nothing less. A typical response would point out that sponsorship strategy is a long-term proposition that requires time to succeed and build brand engagement. That the UK is not a winter sports nation. That there are next to no British medal prospects. No potential ambassadors to be the face of the campaign. Certainly no mainstream recognisable ones at any rate.

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics: Six things we loved about the Games – and one we didn’t

Missed trick This is all fact and a rational argument against investment. However, for all this highly plausible reasoning, these Sochi Games have left the feeling that UK marketers might well have missed a trick.

jenny jones and winston watts relationship

For ski cross, think in the opening scene of The Spy Who Loved Me when Roger Moore is chased down the mountain by gun-toting baddies on skis.

Some end up crumpled in a snowy heap halfway down.

jenny jones and winston watts relationship

And make them do somersaults and twists Yet it now has the same sporting status as the marathon. The other, marginally less crazy freestyle skiing and snowboarding events include moguls bouncy legs down a bumpy coursehalfpipe twisty turny air jumps down a huge frozen gutter and aerials even bigger twisty turny air jumps, no gutter involved.

Indoor bowls on ice with brooms? That requires a lot of explaining.

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Great Britain's Jenny Jones Image: For wusses, in other words. The luge team relay is another new one for Get this for crackers. Lying on their backs.