Jenny jones and winston watts relationship quiz

jenny jones and winston watts relationship quiz

Anderson, who took gold in the event Briton Jenny Jones won bronze, said that she eventually had to delete her account to focus on the. Yarnold and Jones deserve to be lauded and who can wait a full four be the same without a Jamaican bobsleigh team and Winston Watts. All that after driver Winston Watts came out of retirement for one last crack at Olympic . Sky high: Great Britain's Jenny Jones (Image: PA).

Obviously I mean Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe whose supporters will become the most unpopular in the crowd, and my favourite, if they dare to start the chant: Give me an E! And what have you got? Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe! Unlikely, one would have thought, in sub-zero temperatures.

Why UK brands should have enjoyed a cheeky flirtation with the Winter Olympics

The German Winter Olympic team Image: Britain won this last time around with Amy Williams. Short-track speed skater Elise Christie and slopestyle skier James Woods could win gold too.

jenny jones and winston watts relationship quiz

Getty Wackiest sports It would take some convincing to dissuade me that most of the utterly bonkers sports at Sochi evolved directly from a drunken prank that went horribly wrong.

For ski cross, think in the opening scene of The Spy Who Loved Me when Roger Moore is chased down the mountain by gun-toting baddies on skis.

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Some end up crumpled in a snowy heap halfway down. And make them do somersaults and twists Yet it now has the same sporting status as the marathon. The other, marginally less crazy freestyle skiing and snowboarding events include moguls bouncy legs down a bumpy coursehalfpipe twisty turny air jumps down a huge frozen gutter and aerials even bigger twisty turny air jumps, no gutter involved. Indoor bowls on ice with brooms? That requires a lot of explaining. Great Britain's Jenny Jones Image: For wusses, in other words.

A typical response would point out that sponsorship strategy is a long-term proposition that requires time to succeed and build brand engagement.

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics: Six things we loved about the Games – and one we didn’t

That the UK is not a winter sports nation. That there are next to no British medal prospects. No potential ambassadors to be the face of the campaign. Certainly no mainstream recognisable ones at any rate. Missed trick This is all fact and a rational argument against investment.

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However, for all this highly plausible reasoning, these Sochi Games have left the feeling that UK marketers might well have missed a trick. After all, people genuinely love it. There is an enthusiasm for these sports that can survive even the most culturally offensive political backdrop and the ongoing anonymity of its participants.

jenny jones and winston watts relationship quiz

It is just downright fun. Sponsorship may be too long a game plan for the Winter Olympics but for one-off activations and social content, it must go down as an opportunity for engagement.

It is an opportunity that not many have taken. You do not expect that the most talked about marketing content around an Olympics would come from the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion.

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When brands did get it right, it came from a similarly unexpected source. An image posted on Twitter, playing on a technical fault in the Sochi Opening Ceremony which saw one of the five Olympic rings fail to light up, looked for all the world like a masterstroke of real-time digital activation. And we all agreed to the tune of endless levels of retweets.

jenny jones and winston watts relationship quiz

Short-term activation It is not like opportunities for short-term activation have not presented themselves.