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Stephen Maximillian Weisz, commonly known as Max or with his Jenna Marbles never mentioned having previous relationships other than. Jenna on her current relationship with Max Stephen Maxamillian Weisz, also known Max has a YouTube channel, MaxNoSleeves where he posts new videos. For those of you who are not familiar with Jenna Marbles, her rise to Marbles and Solomita may not have the “perfect” relationship; but it's.

According to Jenna, she only has about five friends in Santa Monica. In Jenna's "Questions 3" video, she reveals that she wants to get a cat.

Jenna Mourey (Marbles)

It is unknown if she still does but one of MaxNoSleeve's videos shows a pack of cigarettes on the kitchen table. There is also a video where she is smoking in In Jenna's video, "Drunk Makeup Tutorial Extras", Jenna reveals that she really did get drunk for "Drunk Makeup Tutorial", and that she fell asleep on the couch and couldn't remember whether she finished the video or not when she woke up in the morning.

In lateJenna moved from her old apartment in Santa Monica to a new address after she had broken up with Max Jenna and Max officially broke up in the beginning of December In her Questions 5 video, Jenna revealed she was dating Julien Solomita, a long time friend who had been in a few of her videos before. Julien has his own YouTube channel, frequently featuring Jenna, that to date has over 1 million subscribers.

Jenna loves Nyan Cat. Half of the dirty movies she owns are animated and she's afraid of toilets. Jenna used to be a GoGo dancer.

Jenna has three dogs.

Jenna Marbles Dating Julien Solomita after Max Weisz: Know All Details about her Affairs

Her original dogs are Charles Franklin Marbles most commonly known as Marbleswho is a male chihuahua. Kermit who is a male Italian greyhound. Jenna's boyfriend, Julien, also has a female italian greyhound name Peach. After the breakup, Max lost many of his followers. Jenna Marbles never mentioned having previous relationships other than with Max and Julien. She was in long term relationship with Max and then got with Julien only months after her breakup.

The reason Jenna Marbles and Max split up!

She is a funny, light-hearted girl that is not afraid to show her life to all her followers, so her ideal man would probably be someone that is okay with lights being on him all the time, someone that is okay with all the attention and does well under the public eye. He has, of course, to love her for who she is and not her fame or her net worth. During the 6 minutes video, she stated that she wildly dislikes the pressure that girls and guys have to face when it comes to marriage.

She said that a couple can settle down and commit and be faithful to each other without the ring, the dress and the whole wedding ceremony and that they are only symbolic and secondary. She believes that everyone has the right to get matter no matter what their sexual orientations are.

Finally, she admitted that in maybe 10 years or so she will think about getting married herself. Her boyfriend at the time of four-year, Max cheated on her. Her current relationship with Julien Solomita is the perfect example for that.

Her relationship provides her more support and love than ever, and it pushes her to move forward with her career. For Jenna dating is more about emotional support and not about being in a relationship for the sake of others, it means that it should be pressure free most of the time and help people be the best versions of themselves. But they grew to love him after they saw him on so many of her videos and got to know him better.