Is aquarius and virgo a good love relationship

Aquarius and Virgo - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

is aquarius and virgo a good love relationship

Aquarius And Virgo: Love, Sex And Relationship Compatibility When two strong-willed people come together as friends, they can be the best of buddies, but. Both partners in this relationship are united in their intellectual abilities, and their For both Virgo and Aquarius, compatibility is best with a sign which can offer Both signs are loving and caring in their own way, and there is a lot of mutual. Virgo and Aquarius compatibility in love match, sexual relationship marriage life The best part about Virgo and Aquarius relationship compatibility bond is that.

Aquarius doesn't put as much energy toward having a clean space or the concept of cleanthough it will be a bonus to them to have a clean space because Aquarius is sensitive and easily effected by the external world. An Aquarius craves creativity over cleanliness, perfection, and the like. Aquarius can get overwhelmed by too many materialistic commands. It would be best for Virgo to take on more household work while Aquarius tends to other relationship matters, from creativity, spontaneity, adding variety, or romance.

Virgo should manage good chunks of housework where Aquarius doesn't like to pick up the slack. Both should work on the home, not just give it to one person. Don't let Aquarius be too lazy! Aquarius will appreciate Virgo and the safe, traditional, and sturdy environment it provides. Aquarius will see Virgo as having positive parental qualities.

But doesn't want the Virgo to be overbearing toward it. Aquarius gets things and doesn't need a lot upfront in conflict to understand or solve it. Virgo would be wise to use less words in negativity than more. Because Aquarius will understand instinctively, and can get worn out by too much negativity. Virgo comes to a better understanding through negativity and isn't as distraught by it -- but Virgo is sensitive in its own right.

It doesn't like to be changed or told what to do, how to think, how to feel, be told what is its sexual orientation.

is aquarius and virgo a good love relationship

Going that far can set a Virgo off. Virgo can help Aquarius to be a more refined person while Aquarius can help Virgo settle down and be at peace -- something the Virgo ultimately needs to achieve. Therefore, Aquarius brings Virgo the much needed enlightenment it has been craving its whole life.

Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

The two will fight over their differences making them pull away and pull back to each other. Aquarius needs to be patient with the Virgo, to try communicating what they are thinking, and know Virgo will listen. Virgos are very good listeners and so Aquarians. Aquarius are forward thinkers, but they use the past to advance their future.

Aquarius and Virgo Love Compatibility- Mental Connection

Virgos do a lot of self analysis of their past to perfect their lives. Both of these can hold heavy shame for not fulfilling their own goals and inner selves. Aquarius wants to be a humanitarian, it does not like conflict. Virgo wants perfection, and can beat itself up for falling short. Aquarius will feel well taken care of in a Virgo relationship -- earth signs offer security. Virgo will feel it can spread it wings more, it can open up its inner-weird, and can grow as a human.

The two will need shared hobbies, particularly creative projects. Aquarius have more emotions to them than meets the eye -- this is why they are the water bearer.

They are not good at expressing their emotions through words. Aquarius holds on to their emotion until the time they start overflowing. The way they display their emotion is different from that of others, and this is one of the reasons most people misunderstand them.

is aquarius and virgo a good love relationship

One thing that both Aquarius and Virgo have in common is that they are both very logical. Instead, they go by logic. As a partner, Virgo will tend to avoid confrontation and will be level-headed and sensible. Virgo is more conservative and cautious in their approach. So, pitted against air sign when pitted against Aquarius; there can be a lack of passion and warmth. When it comes to handling relationship outside the bedroom, they will manage fairly well, but when it comes to sex, then the real test of the Aquarius and Virgo couple start.


Sex can either make or break their marriage. To understand the compatibility ratio between the partners, it is important to take into account different aspect of a relationship.

is aquarius and virgo a good love relationship

The sun sign alone cannnot be the deciding factor of the compatibility issue between Aquarius and Virgo. In order to get the exact information about the compatibility, apart from sun sign, their date of birth and placement of other planets on the natal chart needs to be compared.

Based on these calculations, a clear picture of the compatibility can be construed successfully. But, going only by the sun sign it can be assumed that in bed Aquarius needs to take charge, or else the spontaneity and the fun will be reduced to zero.

Aquarius with their rebellious and spontaneous nature can seduce their Virgo partner into something naughty and wild. Though trust might never be an issue between the two, if they let go of the passion in their life, then both Aquarius and Virgo might stray from the relationship.

The earth and air elements of Aquarius and Virgo will cross path time and again. They will have to share a common interest so that they have something in common to talk about and carry on the communication as a couple. People who are in love can do strange things, but the Aquarius and Virgo couple will never do anything that is crazy.

Though the Virgo partner feels that the ideas that the Aquarius partner is sharing are all unrealistic and crazy, still they would stay away from doing something stupid in love. They both have to accept each other just the way they are and appreciate the true value of love.

is aquarius and virgo a good love relationship

Mercury rules Virgo, so a Virgo person is most likely to be adaptable to any given situation, and this is where they might get hurt from Aquarius, who tends to walk on their path without compromising much for others. The sensitive Virgo can find this trait objectionable. This is where Virgo steps in. Virgo is known for their iron will, and if they decide on something, then they will see it through until the end.

When an Aquarius and Virgo come together as a couple, they are a great match because one will be the visionary and the other one will work hard to achieve that vision. Virgo can act as the strong pillar of support and help the world of Aquarius come alive. An Aquarius can be a singer or a writer, and Virgo can back them up as the producer or publisher or as the manager.

Why Aquarius and Virgo are a Good Match | PairedLife

In a way, they complete each other because one person has the traits that the other person is missing. They both are not afraid to try new ideas or explore new things, but the problem is Aquarius loses interest midway, and the Virgo is a strong-willed personality who makes sure that the vision is successfully accomplished.

Aquarius would love to start the relationship by friendship where the conversation would play the key role. Both can share different ideas and make plans for achieving them together because, without the support of Virgo, an Aquarius will not be able to reach its pinnacle.

A post shared by Jordan Clark jordanwclark on Nov 20, at 5: But, in a way, these differences actually work for them.

is aquarius and virgo a good love relationship

However, both signs are also emotionally cool and lacking in passion. For both Virgo and Aquarius, compatibility is best with a sign which can offer some warmth and sensuality to the match — in this couple, there could be altogether too much talking and nowhere near enough ardour.

Sexual incompatibility is not the only problem for this budding partnership, either. Aquarius and Virgo compatibility is a case of a near miss, rather than a happily ever after. Virgo is quite a conformist at heart, and rebels only quietly with an interest in alternative lifestyles.

Virgo and Aquarius compatibility faces some rough times while this couple works out which kind of lifestyle they want to adopt. Aquarius is more than just a rebel: