Infj and relationship

What Do INFJs Want in a Relationship?

infj and relationship

If an INFJ is working from a healthy place, (s)he will likely be looking for these qualities in a relationship: openness and honesty, patience, genuineness. INFJs prefer long, lasting relationships and avoid short-term relationships if they can. Casual dating and FWB situations just don't give them the. INFJ Relationships. They tend to be perfectionists, and are always striving for the Ultimate Relationship. For the most part, this is a positive feature, but.

INFJs see intimacy as nearly spiritual experience. They feel the need to bond with that person emotionally and spiritually.

infj and relationship

This does not mean that they want to drift away. It might be their least-effective way of showing their feelings. They do not believe in casual encounters, and find it useless and waste of energy. If you are in a relationship with an INFJ, make sure you don't take this lightly as your partner might be connecting with you on an emotional or spiritual level.

INFJ Relationships, Love & Compatibility

Relationship Compatibility With Other Personality Types Every person in this world is unique and have their own qualities. This MBTI analysis will work if both are willing to move forward and grow in their relationships.

The most compatible personality types with INFJs are: They understand themselves and each other well enough as they do not have struggle to know other types. This is mainly because of their initial connection.

When it comes to the least compatible matches, the personalities with strong extroversion with sensing, perceiving, and thinking will not work out well for INFJs. Another common misunderstanding is that the INFJ is controlling or closed-minded.

In actuality, INFJs, especially those further along in their type development, are surprisingly adaptable and open-minded. While rarely wearing their openness on their sleeves, as ENFPs are wont to do, INFJs can be surprisingly open to unique or less conventional relational practices.

INFJ Relationships, Love & Compatibility

INFJs differ from the cultural norm in this respect, as the emotionally-restrained presentation of Fi predominates among females. In fact, since most men i. But their partner may interpret these attempts as judgmental or intrusive and respond defensively.

If such exchanges were to occur regularly and without rectification, the INFJ might begin to introvert her feelings and doubt her own intuition, a sure recipe for personal and relational disaster.

INFJ Relationships

It is like a child who desperately wants to get behind the wheel of a car because driving looks like so much fun. Having already enumerated the nature of their Se in my eBook, The 16 Personality Types, our focus here will entail facets of their Se that are particularly relevant to their functioning in relationships. While there are numerous aspects of Se that can prove problematic in INFJ relationships, money is among the most prominent.

INFJs love to be ensconced in beautiful surroundings. They appreciate fine food, furniture, clothing, and accommodations. This love-hate relationship with money and other Se desires is important for both INFJs and their partners to understand. They are as susceptible as other Se types to harshly judging their own physical appearance. Sex is another area in which their inferior Se plays a role.

INFJ Relationships | 16Personalities

When it comes to their core values and ethics, they are unwilling to compromise. INFJs want a high degree of intimacy and emotional engagement, and are happiest when they feel they are sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings with their mates.

INFJ s value a partner who respects their deeply held values and ethics, and one who appreciates their creativity and inspiration.

infj and relationship

What are INFJs like as parents? As parents, INFJs are devoted and loving. They tend to form strong bonds with their children and are very closely tuned in to their emotional states. Counselor parents naturally see the possibilities in their children and encourage them to develop their potential. Although they support their children in their individual interests, INFJ parents are firm disciplinarians, particularly when it comes to moral or ethical concerns.