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I'm Better Than You - Ep 9 I Said No! podcast

im a flirt soundcloud login tight mashup with trap shit 4. "I'm a rockstar / I'm a rockstar / I'm a rockstar," he declared on Playboi Produced by Metro Boomin, the dizzying love song boasted the kind of emo self-doubt that used to fill his SoundCloud page before success Uzi never continued to flirt with EDM, but “WDYW” shows off his .. Sign in with Facebook. Added: Twitter single Tweet. Embed options were removed from the Settings Media Screen. Added: Instagram, SoundCloud, SlideShare. Added: Rdio.

Maybe we should click the link. Maybe his mixtape is fire. Soundcloud mixtapes are never fire. Instead they share a small apartment closer to the subway station, which means long bus rides every day.


Hakyeon spends it reading, and Taekwoon—well. The older woman standing in the aisle near them raises her eyebrows and looks away with disgust.

im a flirt soundcloud login

At least he is getting dick pics. I say we put it to the chat. As I was saying. My guest tonight is a trainee in an entertainment company, about to make his solo debut with his single Beautiful Day. You may have seen him on campus. You may have even seen him on Tinder, which he shamelessly uses to promote his soundcloud. You know him as—Lee Jaehwan!

Been doing some swiping yourself? A place for all three of our listeners to debate amongst themselves about which song they hate the most, usually. Our favourite soundcloud rapper is back.

Instead of explaining, though, he just leans back in his chair and scrubs his eyes with his fists. Jiho straight up refused to do it. They could, of course, just skip special guest hour, but their little pool of listeners seems to really look forward to it, and Hakyeon finds himself not wanting to disappoint them. And try not to say anything bad about us, either. Talk about the musical. I was born ready for this. Taekwoon got lead—again—and is starring as Dr.

To be on special guest hour I actually have to know who you are! But Sanghyuk just shrugs. Does he do this a lot?

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Everyone give a warm round of applause for our guest tonight! He wears fishnets and everything. Out of the corner of his eye, Hakyeon can see the chat window going wild. Hakyeon leans back in his chair and starts nibbling on his thumbnail. He stays there like that for the whole song, and then when the next one starts autoplaying, listens to that too, and then the one after that.

Taekwoon leans over to fish it out and winces, which Hakyeon takes to mean one thing: Youre not single bitch!!!!!!!!!!! And up until a few hours ago, Hakyeon would have agreed with him.

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How are you going to talk to a stranger for an hour? He has an amazing voice. Yung Chris Lyrics "Racks Remix " feat.

im a flirt soundcloud login

Racks on racks on racks He got racks on racks on racks We got racks on racks on racks Let's go! I got, racks on racks on racks She got racks on racks on racks They got racks on racks on racks [YC: We got racks on racks on racks racksracks on racks on racks racks Racks on racks on racks racksgot racks on racks on racks Got racks on racks on racks racksracks on racks on racks racks Racks on racks on racks racksnigga ain't even tryna hold back [YC: Bitch I hit one button, my roof open like a hard spot damn!

im a flirt soundcloud login

Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch my life was hard knock Had so much kush and Ciroc, bitch I think my heart stop yeah! Every night's a weekend, every day's a Friday night You ain't seen nothing yet, bitch this just my Friday ice 87 brick fare, yeah, I'm talking thirty racks All I sold is hundreds, where the fuck my twenties at?

You claim you a dog, my nig, I'm the vet We can't even talk 'less you got the check I guess that's why all of these niggaz get bad They said, "Fuck a young nigga! Fuck a young nigga! I roll one and roll another one bigger Niggaz thinking they sick, well, I'm sicker I'ma smoke, my weed and I'ma drink, my liquor Better make, sure you fuck ya girl right 'fore I dick her, down Flocka!

Stacks on top of stacks Uh! Bands on top of bands Uh! Got me fuckin' her Uh! Bad boys don't do papers Flex! Double shot for Flex! Got a bad bitch from the U.

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She do everything I say OK! Go crazy when she hear music Grove Street! She got "Grove St. Y'all flip whips, catch us smoking that quick trip Pitch piff, that's a handspring, I like to call that a quick flip Pull triggers like hamstrings, boy I'm doing my damn thing Been blood with them bricks pimp, get off a key like I can't sing Got the seven on me like big jersey, riding round in this bitch dirty I'm the best, hands down, they nicknamed me 6: