Huck and quinn relationship with god

Huckleberry Quinn HQ, It wasn't rushed and here's why.

huck and quinn relationship with god

The ABC star weighs in on Quinn's dark turn in season three and calls The "Oh my God" moments are all there, and again, it's like three finales Quinn and Huck have a really, really, really intense connection and relationship, for sure. If Quinn and Huck had our typical TV or movie kiss, I don't think it. How does Katie Lowes feel about Charlie and Quinn? Were you excited about Quinn's engagement, or do you hold a torch for Huck and Quinn? "I was very They have such a complicated relationship." . On Tuesday, it was revealed that our prays to the Dark Lord worked: The Chilling Adventures of. With Huck discovering that Quinn was working with B13, he was not about to go easy When we first read the episode, I was like, “Oh my god. I think it is going to be interesting to see how Shonda plays this relationship out.

I honestly went into it being like, there is no possible way in hell we can top last year's finale, especially that "Dad moment"…I have to tell you, she did. She completely tops it.

huck and quinn relationship with god

The "Oh my God" moments are all there, and again, it's like three finales wrapped into one. Twitter is going to break down.

It wasn’t rushed and here’s why.

Basically, the Scandal writers and Shonda Rhimes are just brilliant. Every character is extremely well-represented and everybody goes through twists and turns, but the final moment…they've essentially taken every rule that Scandal has kind of gone by and everything that they've established the last three seasons and completely spun on its head and you're left with having absolutely no idea about anything. It's one of these moments where any boundary you think that we've come upon and not crossed, again, she manages to cross it.

But little did I know, for seasons now, looking back, that has been bubbling underneath and they do have this…Quinn and Huck have a really, really, really intense connection and relationship, for sure. It's incredibly layered and complex.

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At this point in her life, I don't think anyone understands her like he does. I actually really liked the licking of his face part because I liked shooting it. I mean, as gross as that is. First of all, he's one of my closest friends and he and I are super-tight and I call him G…as for as licking his face, as an actor, I was very excited to shoot that scene because it's one of those scenes where Quinn has the power…the hood sex of all it all, I mean it's always nerve-wracking and embarrassing and you think it's going to be really, really hot.

It's always like, wow, you're doing this in the middle of the day, completely sober in front of like crew members and you're trying to logistically figure out how Guillermo is going to lift me up and throw me on a car and then rip my tights. It becomes a math problem! I also was excited to shoot it because Guillermo and I had had a lot of conversations about how Quinn and Huck cannot kiss or have sex like normal people. They're weird, weird is good and their level of pain and pleasure is so off the Richter scale as to what normal people experience in their life.

Guillermo and I — I call him G in real life — G and I are super, super tight, so shooting those scenes with him is very comfortable, and we have a lot of dialogue about how HuckleberryQuinn's sex life cannot be normal.

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I think that their tolerance and the experience they've had with pain and pleasure are so far off the scale of what most people go through that, to them, that's their high. They see blood and something that's risky — doing it in public, doing it at their place of work, and Quinn's former place of work — and they don't know how else to deal with that emotionally except just doing it on the conference table. Between the first kiss in her apartment where he threatened to kill her, to the licking of the cheek on the bridge, to the hood sex last week, to conference table blood sex this week… Huck and Quinn have definitely defined their sex lives.

Her confidence and her intelligence. And he thinks she's a hot number, too. I think she loves that he's amazing at his job. That scene last week where he finds the guy and throws him down on the floor — I think that turns Quinn on so much. When Huck hacks his way into something and nobody else could do it… that stuff gets Quinn super hot and heavy.

What trait do your characters despise in each other? He despises her confidence, which is the trait that he loves in her as well.

He's attracted to that.

huck and quinn relationship with god

He's kind of lost a little bit of his mojo, especially when he was trying to torture Billy Chambers [Matt Letscher] and he couldn't and Quinn took over with that confidence, not even thinking twice. It scared him — it made him feel a bit less than, but I think that's the attraction as well that there's this woman who's a little like him. I think she probably gets pretty jealous of his loyalty to Olivia. View photos As actors, Guillermo and Katie, what's the other person's most annoying habit on set?

The most annoying habit is when she thinks she's getting sick, she carries around a gigantic Ziploc of like different medicines and pills and drops and liquids and sprays. She literally has a bag full of herbal remedies that she carries around and pops in her mouth in front of everybody… when she thinks she's getting sick. She's not even sick! She's a bit of a hypochondriac. But I've gotta say, I've dipped into that bag myself, more than once. Oh god, he's perfect!

I know that's a good trait, but when you're with someone in the trenches, 14 hours a day, people have good days and bad days. I'm an emotional, moody woman and he has been with me on bad days, and he's always even-keel, professional, lovely… but I look up to him for that.

What would you like to see happen with Huck and Quinn in Season 4? Honestly, I don't think I'd like to see them together. I would kind of like to see them just kind of get back to their friendship, if they can even do that. I think they possibly will have some crazy sex a couple more times. You know, when you break up with someone and the sex was really good, you kind of keep having it for a little while… you kind of have to wean yourself off of it.

But I think I'd like to see them not together, I really do — I think it makes them more interesting. If they stay together and try to be a couple… I don't know if HuckleberryQuinn would be as exciting if they were together, because then there's always that possibility and there's always that sort of thing hanging over them that they still have feelings for each other, which I think they still will.

It just makes it more interesting. What creates good TV is drama and conflict, so I'd be interested in Quinn being in love with Huck, like she is, but them not being able to be together because they're working together. I think the messier and the crazier, the better — whether they're together or not, it's there. I definitely think that Huck and Quinn going through that torture thing, as messed up as that was, there were some sexual elements in it. There's no way you can be naked and duct-taped on the floor and have your face licked and have it be a mix of a bunch of things, including that it was sexual, vulnerable, messed-up and weird.

We hit all the colors of the rainbow, I feel like. Now, they almost feel closer to me than they've ever been because they went through that together. Who's to say Charlie won't be gunning for Huck as well? If Huck ever finds out that Quinn and Charlie hooked up, what a showdown that's going to be!

Quinn is planning to kill Rowan, so what can you tease for what's in store?

huck and quinn relationship with god

That Quinn versus Rowan moment at the end, we will get into all of that and where Quinn's loyalty really lies. Is she working for herself? Is she working for Charlie? Is she working for Huck and Olivia Kerry Washington? What the hell is she doing?

All of that will be answered very early on in the episode. Mama Pope Khandi Alexander is actually a terrorist. What lengths will OPA go to take her down? Huck is ready to do whatever Olivia asks of him and his head is in a really strange place right now.