Hiyori and yato relationship quotes

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hiyori and yato relationship quotes

Hiyori initially had a purely business-like relationship with Yato, with him promising to grant Hiyori's wish to remove her ability of astral projection. However , this. Hiyori and Yato are very close friends and throughout the series have gotten closer. Yato cares Quotes Yato often refers to his relationship with Yukine as that of a father and son's, calling him "my child", "atonement" and his "joy and pride". Afterwards, she invited them in for drinks and she took an interest in Hiyori. Referring to the latter as "Hiyorin", she asked Hiyori what her relationship with Yato.

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They have killed many people and Shinki before, and Nora was also the Shinki Yato used in killing the "ma" clan of Shinki claimed by Bishamon. Even when he has Yukine, he still uses Nora, which causes some tension between the two.

hiyori and yato relationship quotes

Nora claims to care for Yato but ultimately disregards his feelings and frequently toys with his mind by saying how he should cut ties with Yukine since she is more useful and how human bonds are weak and people will forget him.

She has even sicked Ayakashi on him as a way of punishing him. Yato himself does not like working with her, which he is forced to do by Father but has little choice in the matter.

He has even stated he much prefers working with Yukine. Later on, Yato finally releases her from being his Shinki. Edit Father is the one who acted as a father to Yato through his wishes.

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He often ordered him and Nora to kill several humans and bring back their ears, which Yato was happy to do because Father praised him for his actions. Father seems to view Yato as a tool and does not care for his feelings, as he told Yato to tell Sakura the God's greatest secret to turn her into an Ayakashi and kill her because she was changing Yato into a kinder person who began to think twice about his killing.

Father has lived for several years through divine possession and it is through him that Yato is still alive because if a God is forgotten they die and Father is the only human who has been able to remember Yato for several years.

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Kofuku tells Hiyori how she met Daikoku and how he gave her the name "Kofuku" when she was still Binbou-gami. Yato finally gets over his Poor Communication Kills tendency when it comes to Nora and his Father and begins to confide in Yukine a lot more than he has in the past, explaining his fears and warning him about the danger of being around his Father.

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Small one but at the beginning of the chapter, Bishamonten, in her first Pet the Dog moment basically notes she may have been too harsh in her behavior around Yato. Yato giving Hiyori a Cooldown Hug after Yato's father pushes her into a Despair Event Horizon that causes her to begin transforming into an ayakashi.

He then gives Yato a sadistic choice between killing her and making her his shinki or cutting the ties between them to cure her, adding that it's her wish to be his shinki. Yato chooses neither and instead chooses to hug Hiyori and apologize that he can't grant her wish because there are still people who care for her, while also promising that she'll be okay.

After Father's attempt at destroying her life and successfully destroying her parent's careers, Hyori returns to school, expecting to be treated like a pariah.

She isn't when she gets to class. The moment also acts as an epic Take That!

hiyori and yato relationship quotes

Ebisu reassures Yato that he doesn't need to apologize to him because since he, as Ebisu's latest incaration, is not upset with Yato, then neither was his previous incarnation.

Hiyori fully commits to the decision to become a doctor like her father after Yato's Father ruins his reputation. Yato doesn't want to see Hiyori until he's a God of Fortune.

hiyori and yato relationship quotes

She tells him he already is one for her. Yukine sneaks into Hiyori's grandmother's bedroom. She finds him and in a heartwarming conversation, he promises to protect her grandchildren.

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After finding out that Kazuma in his zeal to find out about Yato's dad attacked Yukine, Bishamon immediately chews Kazuma out while acknowledging he has her interests at heart. Hiyori is heavily implied to have developed feelings for Yato; although Hiyori wishes to return to being completely human, she also has no desire to sever her ties with Yato, having refused several times despite it being her best chance to return to normal and Tenjin believing it's what was best for her, claiming she wants to spend more time with Yato.

In the English dub of the anime, she even goes so far as to say there's no way she'd be happy without him and Yukine in her life. She also takes a strong liking to his smell, even calling it her favorite smell on one occasion, and at one point was even able to regain her memories by recognizing it. However, she is shown to be rather embarrassed by how much she likes Yato's scent, to the point of dodging the subject whenever it's brought up.

Despite being raised to be completely lady-like, Hiyori is a huge martial arts fan and has a fixation on a martial artist called Touno, whom she copies her attacks from and will often become inspired and act on his words; when she remembered Touno telling everyone to pave their own destiny with their own hands, she followed his advice and attempted to find Yato a Regalia by herself.

However, she keeps this secret from her mother, whom she worries will freak out if she finds out she's into something like that. She is pure and loves people. Unlike normal humans, Hiyori can sense, hear and see the creatures from the Far Shore. She and her brother have inherited the ability to see beings of the Far Shore from their maternal family.