Hiyori and shinji relationship quiz

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hiyori and shinji relationship quiz

Shinji looks terrible " murmured Hachi to the other Vaizard. Hiyori was giving Shinji his daily abuse and Hachi couldn't resist seeing the gore. Shinji is easily my favorite character in Bleach, along with Gin Ichimaru and He also seems to have a special relationship with Hiyori. We can. Last night was of her in her cheerleading uniform, straddling Shinji as she panted his .. "Tch," Hiyori snorted, her arms crossed over her chest. wished she would fail her next math quiz so that he could tutor her again. . More often than not, they already begin a new relationship before ending it with her.

You think why the infamous lewd like him could possibly fell in love with Hiyori?! Shinji couldn't take the conversation anymore so he yells to his friends to stop whatever they were talking.

Shinji almost fell out in shock and embarrassment when Rose gives his conclusion,"of course it's obvious that Shinji has a Lolita complex. Lisa sighed and shook her head. In second Hiyori was standing in front of them, complaining about something with Mashiro. Suddenly an idea struck in Lisa's head. Oh yeah, Lisa hit the nerve as she had expected. Hiyori is the easy one to be played. Is Hiyorin in love with someone? Is that someone is…Oh My! It showed clearly…" answered Lisa. You just showed your felling with beating him up.

Her fist trembled of anger and mostly of shame, ready to punch. Everybody knows that shit eating grin of his is something that THAT makes me want to kill him mercilessly! Admit it, Hiyori… that your abuse is the way to express your love for him" said Lisa, want to irk her more.

And it serves her right when Hiyori punched her which she dodges easily. Now shut the hell up Mashiro!! You can see the way her eyes say 'oh, I love you so much Shinji and I want to kill you because of that' everytime she abuses him. You are so no-no! Are you a masochist?! Hiyori went insane with that statement. Raggedy Doll Shinji was stalking Hiyori wander around the town.

Felt something amiss, Hiyori snapped and spotted Shinji behind the building nearby. Hiyori shunpoed in front of him just in a blink of eyes. Shinji didn't run away. Actually he wants her to recognize his presence. I just want to go outside and socialize with many beautiful girls here," answered Shinji with bored tone.

A vein popped in her head, he was ready to be slapped. But it didn't come.

Fic: Phantom Pain - Bleachness

What the hell happen to her?! She rolled her eyes and run away, leaving him in confusion. Ichigo quickly reached into his yukata and drew out a familiar piece of metal. Ichigo gasped and dropped it in the grass; the flattest surface was face up.

He wasn't in the mood to be transported to another time and place. King, that thing is flashing at us, Shiro murmured. The flattest surface flashed a few times, then went blank. Urahara Shoten "We lost the connection! How would I know? Ichigo thought for a moment, then said aloud, "I'm going to throw this thing away.

It's more trouble than it's worth. Don't throw it away! That thing got us here, so maybe it can get us back! He reluctantly tucked the metal into his pocket. If this is something Urahara made, I'm going to kill him when we get back. I'm looking forward to it. Urahara Shoten "When's the next time we can try to contact Ichigo? He had been pounded on by Yoruichi, Rukia, and Renji. He wouldn't be surprised if he couldn't get out of bed the next morning.

Affected by your device, perhaps? We'll be able to contact Ichigo in a month and bring him back in two months. Unfortunately, two months for us will be an entire year for him.

hiyori and shinji relationship quiz

When we attempt to contact him next month, he'll have spent six months in whenever-the-heck he is," Urahara answered. His voice was barely above a whisper. Once everyone else was gone, Tessai said with good intentions"You know, boss, I have a remedy that will have those bruises and fractured rib gone by tomorrow morning.

Tessai went upstairs, grabbed a bottle, and returned to his unmoving boss. He scrambled away from Tessai with more speed than his injured frame suggested, ran up the ladder, tore into his room, and locked the door. He wasn't coming out anytime soon. He couldn't have even if he wanted to. He was so bruised he wouldn't have been able to get up for the next three days without healing himself. Why would I go to some stupid Shinigami school?! Don't hurry, you bed-wetter!

Renji had just fallen out of a tree and onto the gravestone. Rukia popped out of the nearby fallen branches and said, "What did I tell you, Renji? Never sleep in the top of a tree!! When you've recovered, help me look for Ichigo. Who are you people?! We're going to be late! It would have served you right!

A voice on a loudspeaker boomed out a welcome to the new students. You are now part of a proud tradition — a unique school dedicated to building the stealth forces and the 13 Court Guard Squads of the future.

Apply yourselves diligently to your studies and uphold the honor of our school. Unfortunately, I can't do that, Shiro, Ichigo replied as they were directed to the building where they would choose their extra courses. Extra courses could be chosen and taken after the regular day.

The modified schedules would be handed out to the students after their first class. A student didn't have to take any extra courses but they could take a maximum of 8 extra courses.

The extra courses that could be taken were math, science, Soul Society history, reiatsu control, a physical fitness program, a zanpakuto meditation seminar, extra zanjutsu, extra hoho, extra hakuda, extra kido, healing, and a course that taught you how to use the four fighting arts together in battle called Practical Combat.

hiyori and shinji relationship quiz

Ichigo chose reiatsu control, the zanpakuto meditation seminar so he could talk in peace with Shiro and Zangetsuextra zanjutsu, extra kido Zangetsu made him take this one so Ichigo could be well roundedextra hakuda, healing Zangetsu made him take this class as welland Practical Combat.

Renji chose the physical fitness program, reiatsu control, extra zanjutsu, extra hakuda, and Practical Combat. Rukia chose Soul Society history, reiatsu control, the zanpakuto meditation seminar, extra kido, healing, and Practical Combat.

He wasn't very happy with Zangetsu at the moment even though he had a valid point with kido and healing.

Twisted Time and the Shinigami Academy

Ichigo wasn't paying much attention to Renji. Ichigo and I both chose the zanpakuto meditation seminar, extra kido, and healing. Ichigo and Renji, you two chose extra zanjutsu and extra hakuda together.

Renji and I didn't choose any classes together that Ichigo isn't taking. Renji was about to start yelling at Rukia when an announcement was made for the freshmen to go to the advanced class or the regular class rooms. My name is Gengoro Ounabara. I am pleased to inform you that your exam scores were the highest. In other words, welcome to the advanced class. Of course, this means that expectations are higher for you, as well!

You must train hard and strive to not only serve your future division, but to excel in each of your various pursues!

The advanced class seemed to be arranged from highest test scores to the lowest. Izuru was in the first spot on the first row, and Ichigo was in the fifth. Renji was near the middle of the room, and so was Momo.

I guess only four people passed all five of the tests, since I have the highest reiatsu here, Ichigo realized. You'd be in spot number 1 if I let all of your reiatsu out. Yeah, but Academy students aren't exactly supposed to have above-captain levels of reiatsu when they first enter. But still, you should make them respect you! In the end, what matters is hard work. If you train as hard as they do, you will eventually be better and more skilled than them," this teacher prattled on and on just as much as Ounabara Rukia wasn't paying much attention, though.

She was wrapped up in her own thoughts. I should be in the advanced class, not him! I'm not envious of Ichigo, though His abilities far exceed my own I heard he got the fifth highest score in his class! Vizards Hiyori kicked Shinji. Shinji clutched his aching ankle and retaliated, "I don't know! He probably went off to the Soul Society because last time I checked Ichigo's reiatsu disappeared at Urahara's about two days ago.

She grabbed Shinji and flew out of a broken window towards the Urahara Shoten. The rest of the Vizards watched this display with mild interest. Usually Hiyori wasn't this concerned about Ichigo. Kensei sighed and said, "I'll go follow them. Mashiro, you can come with me if you want. I wanna know what happened to Berry-kun! Hiyori had noticed Kensei and Mashiro following them, so when she reached the Urahara Shoten, she waited outside for them.

When Kensei and Mashiro arrived, the entire group headed in. Hiyori picked out Urahara's reiatsu and led them to Urahara's room. Jinta tried unsuccessfully to stop them. Hiyori knocked and said loudly, "Alright Urahara, we're coming in, so if you're doing anything embarrassing, stop now. So, she kicked a hole in said door to find Urahara in the process of healing himself. He glanced up and mumbled, "Oh, hello, Hiyori.

Why has the strawberry dickhead's reiatsu vanished? This is a long story By the time the Vizards had left, Urahara had several new bruises and a fractured arm from Hiyori and Kensei.

Ichigo's name means "strawberry" as well as "one who protects", hence Mashiro's nickname for him.

Shinji X Hiyori

I finished chapter 4! For those of you who gave your opinions, thank you And all three told me to keep Ichigo in the dark. Sorry this update took 3 days to put up instead of the usual 1 day When I get back to school I'll be lucky to get a chapter a week in I'd once again like to thank amythest ichigo and Strange Candy Also, for those of you who liked this story, please give my other fanfic, Leopard Stripes, a chance.

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Bleach characters! You have just learned that

I'm dividing my time between this fanfic and Leopard Stripes. I plead school, soccer games, homework, gymnastics, finals, etc. I have had no time at all to write!! So in apology I am posting omake at the end of the chapter!!!!!! Chapter 5 — First Classes Ichigo glanced at his schedule. It was a Monday Ichigo was glad his first class was hoho. He was good with shunpo, as well as sonido and shundo.

At least he wouldn't embarrass himself during kido until the next day. Ichigo walked into the large hoho building. It was one large room with a benches attached to all of the walls.

Ichigo walked over to Renji, who was already warming up. Ichigo shook his head and sighed, "Renji, warm up your leg muscles. You don't need to warm up your arms in this class. Ichigo did a few warm-ups of his own then he sat on the bench as he waited for the hoho instructor to arrive.

hiyori and shinji relationship quiz

After about five minutes, the instructor walked in. The instructor was a kind old man named Hotaka Hokkaido. He was lanky with incredible shunpo. The instructor taught them the basics of rudimentary shunpo 1 which took about an hour and took them into the courtyard to attempt to use it.

The first thing Renji tried to do once they had gotten outside was attempt to imitate a more advanced shunpo Sensei had shown them Ichigo smirked at Renji's ridiculous landing position. Trust Renji to attempt things far beyond his power level.

For the lesson, the students were playing a game called "Chase the Devil". Unfortunately, Ichigo was paired with Renji, much to their dismay. Renji had the worst shunpo in the class and wasn't in the mood to be shown up by Ichigo. Ichigo had been hoping to get a decent workout — with Sensei. Come be partners with me! Join up with Izuru and Momo for a threesome! All except Renji, who was openly sulking. Izuru, Renji, and Momo immediately began to use comical flash steps in an attempt to catch one another.

They had to stop, angle their feet to where they wanted to go, then gather up what spirit energy they had to make uncontrolled dashes at one another. They were barely faster than regular sprinting. Ichigo watched for about thirty seconds before snickering at them.

He then turned to begin his own game with the Sensei.

hiyori and shinji relationship quiz

Ichigo was tested to the limits with his Chase the Devil with the teacher. He had to twist his body in fantastic ways to avoid the teacher's extremely fast shunpo. Sensei didn't tap lightly, either.