Helen keller and anne sullivan relationship quiz

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helen keller and anne sullivan relationship quiz

How did Anne Sullivan start teaching words to Helen? important; Look at Helen Keller's childhood; Review the relationship between Keller and Anne Sullivan. The reader is able to experience Helen's confusion and frustration because of reader infer about the relationship between Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan?. Helen Keller Quiz. 1. Helen Keller was a relationship between Helen. Keller and Anne What did Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan have in common? a.

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So I can't tell you my surprise -- no, maybe shock -- when I picked up a new biography of Helen a few years back. I was startled to read in it a short chapter -- maybe six pages long -- that while in her thirties Helen had a love affair, became secretly engaged, and defied her teacher and family by trying to elope with the man she loved.

I shut the book and knew one thing: There was a story there. Soon I had taken out all the books about Helen from my local library, and delved into the Helen Keller archives that hold a wealth of letters, newspaper articles, and photos that document Helen's life.

helen keller and anne sullivan relationship quiz

All the while I searched for clues to this secret love affair with two questions in my mind: What was it like for Helen to be in love? And why couldn't she marry? I quickly learned that from the time Helen was young, she preferred men to women.

Even as a child, if a man came to the house Helen would ask, "Do I look pretty? I was surprised to learn that when Helen was a young woman, at school in New York City and later at Radcliffe College, other girls went out with their boyfriends, while Helen studied or socialized with Anne.

During that time Helen secretly read romance novels, but if Anne caught her she'd tell Helen to put the novel away and read something to improve her mind. I was also surprised to learn of other ways Helen's family tried to keep her from having normal romantic desires: One time, at Radcliffe, a handsome young man was assigned to proctor Helen's exam.

Her mother had him replaced.

The Miracle Worker

So Helen had desires, but couldn't fulfill them. But she tried anyway. Her parents were illiterate, unskilled, and impoverished immigrants who came to the United States in from County Limerick, Ireland, during the Great Potato Famine. Jimmie suffered from a debilitating hip ailment and died three months into their stay.

helen keller and anne sullivan relationship quiz

Sullivan remained at the Tewksbury house for four years after his death, where she had eye operations that offered some short-term relief for her eye pain but ultimately proved ineffective. Education Sullivan lost her sight at a young age and therefore had no skills in reading, writing, or sewing and the only work she could find was as a housemaid; however, this position was unsuccessful. Another blind resident staying at the Tewksbury almshouse told her of schools for the blind.

Although her rough manners made her first years at Perkins humiliating for her, she managed to connect with a few teachers and made progress with her learning.

Anne Sullivan

Also while there, she had a series of eye operations that significantly improved her vision. Let us go cheerfully, hopefully, and earnestly, and set ourselves to find our especial part. When we have found it, willingly and faithfully perform it.

helen keller and anne sullivan relationship quiz

However she also quickly connected with Helen.