Heero and releana relationship help

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heero and releana relationship help

Heero leans towards Relena as if he intends to kiss her, but he moves "He is the leader of the Sanc Kingdom now, and he's helping the world. I'm Relena Darlian Peacecraft here to tell you that me and Heero are a to see some analysis of the yaoi relationships ones we support and ones we don't. Their rather unique relationship ultimately leads to them getting married at the end of King Peacecraft was a great admirer of the colonial leader Heero Yuy, who MS to protect the kingdom, and begged the Gundam pilots to help as well.

Relena closes her eyes and puckers her lips. Heero leans towards Relena as if he intends to kiss her, but he moves his lips close to her ear instead. He whispers, "I can't kiss you. Relena opens her eyes and stands there, ashamed of herself for being so forward. Heero stops and turns to look at Relena. She wipes the last of her tears from her face and runs over to him. She grabs his arm and smiles. Her cheeks redden slightly as she asks, "Why can't you kiss me?

How did you survive that battle? I thought for sure you were dead when I saw the machine gun fire on the cockpit. I added a back exit and a remote self-destruct," says Heero sliding his arm down Relena's back and letting his hand rest on her hip. Relena rests her head on Heero's shoulder as they walk into the terminal.

She whispers, "I'm glad you're not hurt. I came to bring you back to the Sanc Kingdom," says Relena looking into Heero's Prussian blue eyes, "I believe my brother, Milliardo, has a request of you. Please come with me! Heero takes his arm off Relena's back and lets her take his hand.

Relena pulls Heero out the other side of the terminal and into a waiting limousine.

heero and releana relationship help

Heero and Relena sit on opposite sides of the seat as the limo speeds towards the nearby Sanc Kingdom. Did you want to be found? What does Milliardo Peacecraft want with me? We have one stop to make on the way home. Then you can speak to Milliardo. We're meeting someone who's coming in on the shuttle," says Relena, "If I had know I'd find you at an airport, I could have made the arrangements for the shuttle to land there instead of the Sanc Kingdom Airfield.

Relena blushes at their proximity to each other.

heero and releana relationship help

Her voice is quiet when she speaks, "Oh, Heero! Relena rolls off the seat and crashes on top of Heero. The doors open quickly. Relena turns bright red as she pulls herself off Heero. She pretends not to notice that his cheeks were also turning pink. She helps him up, and they sit down with their backs to the front of the car.

He is Duo Maxwell, the former pilot of the Gundam Deathscythe. He climbs into the limo and sits down beside Relena. The former pilot of Gundam Heavyarms, Trowa Barton, climbs in the other side and closes the door. His piercing emerald green eyes hide behind the brown hair that covers half his face but does not disguise his emotionless look. Wufei closes the door on his side as Trowa sits down in between him and Duo. It's so good to see you again! She shakes hands with the other three pilots.

Man, Heero, you should have seen the look on your face! He's asked us all to come to the Sanc Kingdom. Milliardo has just called. He will be detained on his return. Wufei climbs out and walks towards the mansion that is Relena's home. Quatre gets out of the limo and moves to Wufei's side to stare at the mansion. Duo runs up and grabs Wufei and Quatre's hands.

Let's check it out! I'll give you a tour," says Relena. Relena smiles and leads them inside where they meet Duo, Quatre, and Wufei staring down a very angry maid by the name of Allison. They are guests of mine and Milliardo's," says Relena, "Now what did they do to upset you? She turns and walks away. She shows them each to a bedroom.

You should be able to find something you like. I will be downstairs in the den if you need anything. Relena turns and walks away. The five former Gundam pilots head into their rooms. Relena hurries into the den and sits down at her computer. She turns the monitor on and pulls up the last screen that she had opened, her electronic messaging system. She smiles when she sees the response to her last letter. See you in the morning. And I'll bring a friend.

Even one who has ruled the world still needs to learn, and right now she's learning accounting. She pulls her calculator out of the desk drawer and starts on her work. A few of my friends are coming over tomorrow, and I'll need you to pick them up at the airfield. Quatre is here to see you. Relena walks out from behind the desk. She smiles when she sees the khaki dress pants and pale blue dress shirt worn by her friend.

I'm sure Allison would approve! Wufei knocks gently on the door once and walks into the den. My conversation with Relena can wait.

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His shirt is left unbuttoned to reveal the white tank top beneath. His black hair is slicked back and tied in a ponytail at the base of his neck, his preferred hairstyle. The others should be down soon. Then we can have our tour. As if on cue, Trowa enters the den in a black long-sleeved T-shirt and dark blue jeans.

The phone on the desk starts to ring. Relena walks over to the desk and lifts the receiver to her ear. Relena Darlian Peacecraft speaking…" Relena listens to the person on the other end of the line for a moment then she slams the phone down. She clenches her fists and seethes in silent anger.

Heero and Duo walk into the den together. Duo has his arm over Heero's shoulders, and Heero looks quite displeased.

Relena spins around to face them and smoothes her hair. Just a wrong number! Heero walks out from beneath Duo's arm. He wears a black tank top and jeans with a brown leather jacket. Milliardo will speak to you all after dinner. For all the good he's doing, I could have picked you all up tomorrow. I'll give you the tour. Heero meets Milliardo Peacecraft, the current King of the Sanc Kingdom, as he enters the mansion with Lucrezia Noin, his advisor and close friend.

Dinner won't be served until you give us some answers. His golden blond hair falls down his back. Noin, would you check on dinner? Milliardo and Heero head up the stairs and soon enter Milliardo's office. Milliardo's blue eyes shoot directly to Relena as she sits chatting with Duo and Quatre. Noin would like to speak to you.

I'm afraid she didn't," says Milliardo motioning with his hands, "I believe it was some sort of woman thing. Heero and Relena's eyes meet as she brushes past him, and for a moment, the whole world stands still. Relena walks out of the office. Milliardo closes the door and locks it. Milliardo sits down on his desk. He gets off his desk and moves to a picture on the wall. He pulls a piece of paper from behind the frame. He reads it aloud, "Hello, Zechs Merquis, I will get straight to the point.

You have taken something from me, so I will take something from you. Say your good-byes to your sister, Princess Relena. She will soon be mine, but don't worry, I'll send her pieces back to you. Duo's skin turns a stark white. Trowa crosses his arms over his chest, and Wufei, who's sitting beside him, clenches his fists. Heero stands up and looks directly at Milliardo. They would be part body-guard and part detective," says Milliardo, "I would like to hire you all for Peacecraft Security, and your first task would be to protect Relena.

I'll think it over. I'm sure I can sweet-talk her into letting me stay until you get your little operation up and running though. Quatre runs his hands through his hair and nods his head. The Winner Resource Satellite doesn't need me now. My sisters can handle it for a time. I swear to protect Relena! I'll give you more information tomorrow. We should go down to dinner now.

Milliardo unlocks the door and opens it. He walks out followed by Trowa. Duo pulls Heero out of the office. Wufei stands and sets his hand on Quatre's shoulder. Are you okay, little one?

Quatre stares into Wufei's black eyes. For a second, he thought he felt Wufei's breath on his cheek, but then Wufei moved out of his arms. He opens his eyes again as Wufei takes his hand and pulls him out of the room. Quatre and Wufei run to catch up to the others, and they head to the dining room.

Relena sits silently beside the black-haired Noin in the dining room when Milliardo and the boys walk in. I hope you haven't been waiting long," says Milliardo.

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Relena stands up angrily. If you didn't want me to know what you brought my friends here for, all you had to do was say so! You didn't have to make up some lie about Noin wanting to speak with me! She takes Heero and Duo's hands and pulls them towards the table. Some small game hens," says Noin turning her brown eyes to Duo, "They are quite tasty. Heero sits down in the chair facing the one Relena left vacant. Trowa walks up to Relena.

He brushes up close to her and whispers, "Don't be mad at your brother. He had good reasons for not wanting you there. Wufei and Quatre sit down. Relena walks back to her seat as Milliardo rings the bell for dinner to be served. Milliardo takes his seat. Relena smiles at Heero.

Wufei and I have agreed to sign on for an indefinite period of time. Pagan and a pretty maid come into the dining room pushing carts full of food.

They place plates in front of everyone. That conference I told you about… the one that was supposed to be next month… it has been moved up to next week. She takes a sip of her wine before starting to eat.

Heero glares at Milliardo for a moment before starting in on his bird. Heero walks quietly down the hall that night and stops in front of a door. He knocks gently three times and waits. The door opens as Relena wraps her robe around herself. Do you know what time it is? She begins to form a mental image of Heero as some sort of saviour to her problems.

A replacement for her father. Duo is amazed that Heero helped him, and more than a little surprised. He vowes to 'get' Heero, but he obviously cares about Heero considering the lengths he went to in order to try and befried him too much to make this a genuine threat. Quatre and Trowa spend the night together- possibly in the same room, but although strongly implied it is not conclusive.

Episode 6 Relena finally manages to catch up with Heero. He is busy deleting the school's record on him, in preparation for his leaving. He had already seen the party which was being organised, but, with something of a sigh, knows that he cannot be free to go enjoy himself, and forget about war for a moment.

Relena bursts in, and tells Heero she knows he is leaving to fight. Heero's instant reaction is to kill her, but he is stunned when she tells him how much she knows- including all about Dr. She also says killing her would make a great deal of commotion. She is right, and Heero knows it- his only choice is to indulge her in her dance, and once finished, will dispose of her- he admits it when she asks if he's still going to kill her, and he says in all honesty 'yes.

Heero obviously would have been aware of the assassination, and when Relena tells him she is fighting with him, and is not trying to undermine him, he appears to be taken aback but also releaved and confused- he no longer has to kill her, but exactly what is she going to do?

How is she going to fit into the war? Trowa's deapseated fears and torments Episode 0 mangas are seen by Catherine Bloom in the circus, when she realises his eyes beg for death from her.

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Duo stares laying at the moon, thinking wistfully about Heero. When asked, he says he is just thinking is Heero even appreciates the moon, but from an inner thought we learn he is in fact wondering what Heero is doing.

He is spending his evening thinking about Heero. OZ attack the party, and Heero, as a reflex of his kind heart, reaches out to save Relena- who has done so much and has such trust in him. This is directly against, however, what would be good for him in the long term. He cannot understand why he cannot bring himself to kill her- he knows it would be best, but he cannot kill an innocent girl, in cold blood, who has such faith and trust in him- and, it seems, needs him.

Instead, he does the only thing he can do, and flies away. Relena asks him not to go- she knows too much about him, and she considers herself to be a friend, as well as desperately wanting to join forces to stop OZ.

Are her motives selfish, wishing to avenge her father? Or are they about friendship for Heero? Considering the cold shoulder she has got from Heero at all times up until now, it is probably mostly the latter- she needs Heero.

Heero on the other hand is facing a crisis which he will learn to accept see later episode, in which he cannot bring himself to kill Duo he just cannot justify killing someone who has made 'contact' with him- the only person whom he could possibly consider a friend, even if they did force that position onto him.

Heero has feelings of compassion for Relena, due to the faith and trust she has in him, and as such will automatically try and save her if a reflex is required. However, his good natured feelings are overshadowed by his own mind, in which Relena is a threat. She considers herself the only friend he has, and Heero recognises that she is indeed trying to reach him, as we have established for her own means and curiosity. He cannot hurt someone who thinks of him in such a way. We see this also in a later episode when he cannot bring himself to kill Duo.

Duo continues to think and dream about Heero. He does indeed admire him, and is thinking about their next meeting. The similarities between Duo and Relena, with regards to Heero, are very clear.

Neither can be killed, and both find him a fascinating conundrum. However, at this stage, their reasons are different: Relena considers herself a 'friend' to Heero, and wants to help him destroy OZ to avenge her father. Duo, however, admires Heero for his physical prowess and abilities- he has no more motive than simply wanting to get closer to Heero for the sake of it. We only see this side of Heero after Dr. J has told us he is basically a kind boy- and we know he rides his emotions.

Episode 7 The pilots begin heading towards a meeting, which OZ has disinformed the public as having all the OZ officials in attendance. In reality, it is all of the Alliance's pacifists, the only people who stop war. Heero, while loading his Gundam onto a plane, discovers Duo also on the plane loading his as well. Instead of demanding Duo to leave, or threatening him, as he would have done earlier, Heero instead lets Duo continue as he pleases, much to the amazement of Duo.

We can only assume this is an emotional development on the part of Heero- he realises Duo is an ally, even if he is still cold to him. In the plane, Duo tells Heero of his plans to go back to outer space when the mission is completed. Heero stares at Duo for a good while, looking at his eyes, with an expression of what can only be called ambivalence- he seems to have wanted Duo to come along with him otherwise he would have thrown him outbut also seems to be jealous of Duo's having plans, or to be more accurate, a life to go back to after the wars are over.

To further continue their relationship, Heero and Duo fight together when they arrive at the base, and work far better. This implies that during their flight, they bonded even more and became much closer.

Heero seems to have a desire to have Duo 'around', perhaps as a friend or ally, make of it what you will, and Duo seems to enjoy being around Heero, whom he admires. Trowa and Quatre also fight together, but Duo tries to strike out at Trowa. This proves the theory that just because their suits look alike, it does not mean the pilots instantly assume they are on the same side, so we must ask the question: Heero does not think about Relena this whole episode, but Relena is shocked to hear on the news that Heero destroyed the Alliance Pacifists.

Heero cannot believe it either, his mission was faulted. Perhaps he is beginning to learn that missions are not always right, and one must try and call the shots as one sees fit? There is a dramatic development in the relationship between Duo and Heero: However it is a comradeship overshadowed by Heero's jealousy and longing for Duo's way of life, and of Duo's admiration for Heero.

Trowa and Quatre continue to work together, although Trowa now appears far colder to Quatre. We can only assume Quatre works through this as their fighting continues, as by the end of the episode they seem friends again. Wufei also finally meets the other Gundam pilots. Heero and Duo have developed mutual 'reasons' to be around each other, and these reasons are clearly more self motivated, as oppose to Relena's reasons which are motivated by her circumstances and ambitions.

Heero and Duo work together because they want to. Episode 8 Heero takes his mistake during the mission very much to heart, and when ordered to go and deactivate the missiles seems quiet, miserable, and yet very determined.

Duo's inclination is obvious that he does not believe Heero will succeed, and that they should leave- and only when Quatre reminds him that Heero will also need a transport aeroplane does he think of it.

This would seem to imply that Duo is more than a little uncertain with regards to Heero, he has taken in that Heero is cold to him, and much as they have bonded, Duo still has considerable doubts.

However he is the only one who screams his concern when Heero simply stands, at the start of the episode, and lets the enemies shoot at him. Duo does, secretly, seem to believe that Heero will deactivate the missiles, however 'it's all up to you now, Heero', but just will not let himself admit it I make reference to the continued 'contest' which Duo offers to end with Heero in Episode 9 and when the missiles are deactivated, he is very congratulatory to the Japanese boy.

Duo's final doubts in Heero's abilities and in his ability to save other people's lives appear to have been set aside. Wufei is beaten by Trieze in a sword fight- Wufei's beliefs are such that one is a weak warrior if one is beaten, so he leaves the fight with the firm belief that he is a failure, and not fit to be a Gundam pilot. Quatre also refers to Heero as Duo's 'friend'. Heero and Duo have a bond, as previously established, but this episode highlighted the faults within that bond- most notably Duo's lack of belief in Heero as he started off with admiration for him, this could only be the result of Heero's cool behaviour and also of his mistake of killing the pacifists.

However Quatre refers to them as friends, and considering the two tended to stick together, this would seem to be the case. Duo's faith in Heero is restored at the end of the episode, and although it was not actually his doing, Heero would have been more than aware whom arranged for the transport carrier for him. We can only assume that their relationship and bond is strengthened.

Quatre also shows an innate ability to judge and have faith in those who deserve it. Episode 9 Heero and Duo attend school together, and appear to 'bunch up'. They both appear on the same team in basketball, walk together, and take the same classes together. Heero is a loner, and Duo, when telling him not to be so severe all the time, mocks him by mimmicking 'yeah I know, leave me alone'.

It is strange that a loner like Heero would take someone this close. Perhaps we would do better to interpret this as Heero only asking Duo to leave him alone when it came to personal matters? Duo also says that he knows he and Heero are after the same thing- and that the first one to reach and destroy a base is the winner of this 'contest'.

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We can only assume, therefore that since Duo has spoken before episode 2 that Heero is trying to out do him, that this refers to some intangible contest they have going.

Duo also displays a tendancy to refer to the pair of them as 'we', together, rather than separately. He also makes an effort to smile and wave at the girls in the crowd, although he immediately follows this by saying 'You wouldn't stand out so much if you smiled once in a while'.

We could quite safely interpret this, therefore, as Duo just trying to act normal. When Relena arrives, Heero is shocked to see her, and Duo comments it is a very unique girl who goes to such lengths to find the man trying to kill her. Discovering that Heero is transferring out of her school, she confronts him about his mission and asks him to grant her request to accompany her to the school's dance before leaving.

However, during their dance, OZ attacks the school grounds in search of Relena. Heero uses his Gundam to fight back, believing that OZ is searching for him. Instead of fleeing, Relena chases after him, forcing him to protect her from OZ's attacking suits.

However, he flees before she can speak to him. OZ then discontinued their attempted assassination on Treize Khushrenada 's orders, at Relena's brother's request.

Attending a party where Une is present, Relena tries to shoot her in revenge for Vice-Minister Darlian, but misses, and escapes. However before she can be captured, Lucrezia Noin rescues her under orders from Treize, as a favor to Zechs.

Noin brings Relena to the Sanc Kingdom, reinstating her as the monarch of the country which Zechs had liberated from Alliance rule. However, Relena continues to take a stand against OZ, boldly denouncing them in front of a crowd of Romefeller members.

Continuing her search for Heero, she finds information that he and Zechs are about to battle at Antarctica and pleads for Noin to take her there, in order to prevent the fighting. However, once there, Zechs' attitude disgusts her, and she tells Heero to defeat him- prompting Noin to reveal to her that Zechs is really her brother Milliardo. Relena at the restored Sanc Kingdom. It is then that Dorothy CataloniaDuke Dermail's granddaughter, comes to be a student at the Sanc Kingdom's school, where Relena is teaching pacifism to children of nobles.

Dorothy acts as something of a devil's advocate to Relena, while spying for her grandfather. Despite negotiations, it is clear that Romefeller has no intentions of leaving Sanc untouched, and when members of the Treize Faction took refuge against the borders of the Kingdom, OZ uses this as an excuse to invade.

The pacifist nation is technically unable to defend itself, however Noin had in secret created a small army of white Taurus MS to protect the kingdom, and begged the Gundam pilots to help as well. In the aftermath of the battle, Relena sanctioned Noin and the Gundam pilots' actions.

Relena as queen of the Earth Sphere. When Relena goes to a meeting with Romefeller, they force her to denounce Milliardo's status as a representative of Sanc, citing his anti-pacifistic actions in space. When they attempt to assassinate her once she leaves, Quatre Winner and Noin rescue her, though Relena's butler Pagan is injured.

When Romefeller's forces move in on Sanc Kingdom a second time, Relena eventually surrenders, rather than let Sanc be destroyed yet again. Romefeller decides to make her the new figurehead queen of their ' Earth Sphere Unified Nation ', announcing her as the leader of all of Earth and the colonies. However, Relena refuses to bend to their will and instead uses her position to further her ideals of pacifism. Amazingly, her persuasive views on disarmament to set an example for others managed to sway the majority of Romefeller's members, outing Dermail, who desired to maintain a dictatorship over the Earth Sphere.

This was enough to convince Heero not to kill her, who at first believed that she would be only bringing about a false peace as Romefeller's puppet. Now free from the political constraints of the conflict, Relena goes to space in an attempt to stop Milliardo, now leading White Fang, but is unable to sway him.

Dorothy offers a gun to end it all, but Relena refused to believe that assassination would bring about true peace, nor would she kill her own brother. The latter presents Relena with a gun, offering her a chance to take vengeance for her adoptive father's death. However, Relena refuses the tempting opportunity. In the epilogue, Relena is shown to have become the new Vice Foreign Minister of the ESUN, and Heero leaves her behind a teddy bear for her birthday along with a card, which she tears up as he walks away and tells him to hand it in person to her next time.

Endless Waltz In the aftermath of the Eve Wars, most of the world's mobile weapons are destroyed and Relena had became Vice Foreign Minister between Earth and the colonies. She then woke to find a girl in her room, who introduces herself as Mariemaia Khushrenadathe illegitimate daughter of Treize Khushrenada. Because Relena was in the hands of the Barton Foundation, they could take over a virtually defenseless Earth without incident. However, Zechs, once presumed dead, was able to destroy the first wave of mobile suit transports but relented when Mariemaia's grandfather Dekim Barton threatened to initiate the original Operation Meteor by crashing L3 X onto Earth.

She was forced to watch as the Preventers and Gundams attempt to whittle down the Serpent mobile suits without killing the pilots. Relena quickly tried to tell the world that they must stand up for themselves, only for her broadcast to be cut off by Dekim.