Haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship problems

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haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship problems

Haruyuki Arita (有田 春雪, Arita Haruyuki) is the main protagonist of the Accel World She then pulls out a cable for a wired connection between her and Haru time with knowledge of the game and advice that was given by Kuroyukihime. Haru shall cease to be Kuroyukihime's pawn and take the role of her . the issue at hand "I found out about Kurashima's connection to Cyan. No, Haru's real world appearance is not the issue here. The second reason is because I can't bring myself to like the female lead, Kuroyukihime. . she knew how about the close relationship between Haru and Black Lotus.

And so, even though I was put off by her ambition to PK the other Kings in the game despite knowing the consequences of a Level 9 losing to another Level 9, I decided to keep on watching and see how her character develops. Even when I learned that she killed the pervious Red King, I decided to give her character a chance and keep on watching till the end. Then I saw the recording of, let us not mince words here, the assassination. The former Red King, Red Rider, was chairing a peace talk, trying his best to persuade the other Kings to give peace a chance, praising Black Lotus and declaring his desire to be her friend.

If war existed in the Accel World story-verse, Red Rider would probably be an anti-war activist in meat space, marching the million-people march with others like him to protest against the greed and selfishness of political leaders.

And what did Black Lotus do? She pretended to be moved by Red Rider's words, stepped forward to hug him and beheaded the peace-loving Red Rider in cold blood. Like a cowardly assassin. They also excelled in cowardly assassin tricks like using poison to paralyze their victims.

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So despite her regular displays of kindness towards Haru, I find it hard to see her as one of the "good guys". To be fair to Black Lotus, she seemed regretful of her past misdeed and the memory of it affected her so much that she fainted.

But that assassination scene was so emotionally charged and so horrendous that it can't be easily forgotten or forgiven. I mentioned at the beginning of this essay that my negative opinion of the show has nothing to do with Haru's appearance. His weakness, however, is another matter. Haru did this and that and defeated opponents all over the Accel World! I am sure that is what many fans would like to shout in my face.

Yes, Black Lotus went into Zero Fill mode and he had to save her. Yes, I understand that. The only right and proper thing to do, after all. But after the fight? Not one word of reproach?

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship problems

Not one single demand for an explanation? Yes, I get it. She's the most beautiful girl at school and she chose him, the least attractive boy, to be her partner. He's understandably grateful, I understand. But I expected more of Haru. As the main protagonist, I expected him to stand up to injustice and evil and so on. If he had at least demanded to know what happened with Red Rider, even as he continued to pledge loyalty to Black Lotus, I wouldn't think so badly of him.

He failed to do even that. Even if we take into account that Haru thought of himself as Black Lotus's servant rather than an equal partner, his refusal to question Black Lotus still rankles. Look, in butler-themed anime or manga, the role of a good butler is NOT to always follow orders blindly.

When the ojou-sama strays from the path of righteousness, it is the duty of her butler to correct her mistake. The Brain Burst application went beyond the local memory banks and searched through your sub-conscious for your fears.

As the program searched your inhibitions, the Linker went through the long nightmare until the program was done. I looked at senpai's form and had to ask: My dueling avatar is ugly as it's the manifestation of bad thoughts…" Kuroyukihime said as she let her eyes drift away, her usual smile gone from her lips. She told me briefly about the random environment generators and what are most common in our area. One fact rang in my head: If you lost all your Burst Points, the application would uninstall itself.

What's worse, you couldn't install the program ever again. I didn't know how to respond at first, as many different thoughts crossed mind. She got my attention by beating my Squash score by a landslide, to say the least. Yesterday, she Direct-Linked with me in front of all her peers, gave me the Brain Burst program, and even put herself in harm's way for me. There must be something that pushed her to reach out for me. You've not only beaten the top score, but set something no one can beat.

Before she could continue, I spoke again. You went beyond what even my friends, even getting hurt 'cause of me. I breathe the same air as you, attend the same school as you, and even eat the same cafeteria food as you. Don't think you are inferior or I'm your superior I also know the reason why you attract so much attention from the gangs here. That something made you build a wall around you and did things so that bullies would target you instead.

What she said pretty much summed up my life. I used to be liked way back in 2nd grade, when I was the center of attention for being a 'foreign exchange' student. My first friend also became the one who despised me most…and she had made sure he wouldn't return to the school. I was brought back to reality when I heard her feet move through the grass.

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Senpai stood about 2 meters away from me. She offered her hand, as if she wanted me to grab it. I looked at her offered hand. The metal bands clanked softly as I lifted my head slightly to make eye contact.

She had a calm smile, as if she knew my answer already. My mom told me that changes in life came in droves; if you didn't take advantage of it at the moment; you've missed a rare opportunity. My armor clanked as I raised my hand and grasped her fingers lightly. Surprisingly, I felt the hard jab through my plate mail and rubbed the sore spot.

Her hands expertly went through her virtual desktop and uploaded several diagrams. It would be a long seconds. Information…" I massaged my temples.

Why is this fighting game so complicated?! I gave a soft yelp in pain as the food burned the insides of my mouth. I grabbed the water cup and gulped it down in haste, leaving some of the soothing liquid in my mouth to cool it off.

Senpai couldn't help but chuckle slightly at my debacle, but was approached by a fellow 2nd year. We're dying from curiosity here! I knew her appearance; she was stuck to senpai like glue.

I didn't know her name though. Placing her cup down, she looked at her friend and replied: I thought to myself in huge bulging eyes. My jaw dropped to the table, along with the spoon. I was lucky that I chugged the water down or it would've been a nasty sight. I only just noticed the huge crowd that formed behind the girl.

I sweat-dropped; if I didn't know better, these people were all Burst Linkers with their speed. All the girls squealed crowded around the table, effectively pushing me off my chair.

As I fell off my chair, the 'Direct Wired Connection Terminated,' screen annoyingly flashed in my vision and I swiped it away annoyingly. When I managed to stand back up, I gulped. The 2nd and3rd year male senpais looked at me with awed and disbelieving looks. I didn't know any of them, but that didn't stop them from leading me to a 'friendly' questioning.

Why would you do that?! I stopped walking as I took a look at my stupid, blushing face with my mouth agape like some whale. This woman is insane, what did I get myself into?!

[SPOILERS] Why I Hate Accel World

We both looked at the school's local net border, which was the metal gate right in front of us. You won't have much time so make sure you do it quickly. I took that momentum to my new world. Koga the oc fan: As a school teacher and someone who's been bullied in elementary school, I know that bullying has no stereotypes. In many respects Kuroyukihime has become a prisoner of the Accel World, constantly pushing towards achieving her goals or die trying.

Her fear therefore is that such a goal will break up her relationship with Haruyuki, and that his goal of supporting her will utterly consume and destroy him as well.

The Accel World and the relationship that Kuroyukihime and Haruyuki share within it greatly affect how they interact in reality as well.

While in the Accel World Haruyuki is this beautifully sleek silver avatar with the rare flying ability, an unheard of fighter who is unique and special. However in the real world he is a short and chubby middle schooler who was constantly bullied and has a significant inferiority complex when it comes to Kuroyukihime and his friends, who are all beautiful or spectacular in what they do.

By making his character so very different from everyone else in the series this juxtaposition between sleek, brilliant and unique as opposed to short and chubby becomes even more marked. His normal inferiority complex and attitudes become even more powerful in the real world, with Haruyuki constantly worrying about what others would think if they saw him with Kuroyukihime.

He cannot accept that someone as beautiful and strong as Kuroyukihime loves him, and thus seems to feel that in order to justify her love he has to become as strong, and perhaps as merciless as she once was. Furthermore, in recent episodes when we see Haruyuki apparently lose his flying ability for good, he automatically believes that this now makes him useless and less than the dirt of the floor.

The amount of faith that he has placed upon his Silver Crow avatar is ultimately one of his weaknesses, since without this power and uniqueness he believes that his existence means absolutely nothing.

For her part, Kuroyukihime seems to want to get close to Haruyuki, using every opportunity to use a direct link and eat lunch together. And yet, despite being so close there is also a significant distance between them. This gap is in part artificially created by both characters using terms such as parent and child, legionmaster and her subordinate that are used to skirt around the issue of their relationship. The Accel World constantly invades their personal space, and even during a lunch break when they are using a short and intimate cable to talk we consistently have conversations regarding the status of the Accel World and their legion within it.

They are handy tags used to denote a place and a rank, leaving out the idea of any other sort of relationship or feelings. They are therefore used to skirt around the issue, deliberately avoiding the questions that they must answer, but wish to ignore.

Obsession and repressed feelings in Accel World

We have seen Kuroyukihime declare her love with Haruyuki and even save him from an oncoming car almost at the cost of her life, but she also sometimes appears incapable of truly expressing her emotions. She loves Haruyuki, and yet the Accel World takes up such a significant place within her heart and mind that she cannot move away from it and focus on Haruyuki. They are both guilty of putting barriers in the way of their relationship, and yet it appears that Kuroyukihime is the one who ultimately seems to stay out of reach.

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship problems

She is clearly a little awkward around him, although this is perhaps in part due to her having no experience with being in love. Within the Accel World and her life before meeting Haruyuki we see a character he is cold, calm and collected, capable of rationalising everything, and consumed by the desire to learn all the hidden truths about the world. When she interacts with Haruyuki, we see a completely different character, one that gets jealous easily, is thrown off by the simplest of things, and is almost incapable of actually asking if he wants anything from her school trip.