Harima and eri ending relationship

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harima and eri ending relationship

Also, both Tenma and Harima's cousin Itoko think Harima is in a relationship with Based on a manga written by Jin Kobayashi which ended on chapter (if it Battle Couple: During the Kibasen; Harima and Eri, Mikoto and Asou, Hanai. This means that Harima and Eri had a baby and finally ended up . POV of Harima/Eri relationship and how she realized that Eri is perfect for. Man, the relationship with eri and harima has been pushed so hard for so long, and I'm in chapter and something in the manga, and can.

She belongs to the astronomy club and the band. She is usually quite shy but proves to be valiant and strong in some circumstances, such as during the mock 'fight' at the school and when rejecting Fuyuki's advances.

harima and eri ending relationship

Michi Yamazaki Japanese ; Kate Oxley English Mai has been class representative for nine years straight, functioning in this capacity when Hanai is absent or unable to perform his duties.

Unlike him however, she has trouble commanding her classmates' attention.

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Mai has freckles, is hyperactive, and likes fairy tales though she denies it herself. According to the "ero society" data, she hides a fair-sized bust for some reason. Mai has known Nishimoto since kindergarten, and disapproves of his unabashed interest in porn.

She belonged to the girls' basketball team when she was in junior high, but became the manager for the boys' basketball team because there was no girls' team in high school. Though she seems concerned about her classmates' relationships, she does not seem to care about her own, and thus has no boyfriend. Kozue is perhaps the trendiest girl in 2-C.

As a result, Eri is constantly forced to listen to insincere confessions. At the same time, she is an idealist, dreaming of finding someone who sees her for who she is. Throughout the series, Eri recieves a number of confessions from her classmates.

harima and eri ending relationship

In this regard, Eri is very direct, responding to the confessions based on their sincerity. While she is normally very polite in her responses, she has little tolerance for insincerity or arrogance.

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Out of all of the confessions that Eri recieves, Harima's confession to her stands out, possessing a genuineness and a passion that none of the other confessions had. Eri later shows tsundere traits in her love life, Eri easily gets jealous. Personal Life Edit Eri is a very sensitive person who shows the utmost care and respect for her friends. While she lives a very comfortable life, it is also a very lonely one - and she values her friends that much more for it.

On the surface, she acts calm and unaffected by the people around her - but that's part of a guise to hide her fear of rejection and her desire for the approval of the people around her.

harima and eri ending relationship

However, she always manages to do the right thing when it counts. Eri frequently stands up for her friends, often choosing to do good deeds for them in secret. This is shown in a number of situations throughout the series, where she helps out Tenma, Akira, and Harima on a number of separate occasions.

Even at her coldest and most distant, fueled by jealousy, Eri's loyalty supersedes everything.

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Despite feeling spurned by Mikoto, who wanted to confess to her childhood crush, Eri remembers how Mikoto was the first to get her to act honestly, and embarks on the exact spot where Mikoto said she could see the fireworks. The reason for Eri's disappointed was that Mikoto had promised to show her the way and watch the fireworks together, and Eri resents her best friend choosing a boy over their promise. Yet by the time Eri goes to the spot, Mikoto was already there, having learned that her crush never loved her and already had a girlfriend.

Mikoto equated that to being dumped, and Eri consoles her by saying any guy who'd dump her best friend is "an idiot. Eri assumed Yakumo was seeing Harima due to how close she got with him, and Eri acted rather coldly to the younger Tsukamoto.

The hostility continued into the school play, where Yakumo, in covering for Harima who accidentally became Sleeping Beauty, derailed the play by choosing to fight Eri as a way to save everyone face for the play.

harima and eri ending relationship

Eri was annoyed, but respected Yakumo's sincerity in wanting to protect Harima and cover for Mikoto, the original Sleeping Beauty who was running late. In spite of all this, Eri chooses to reconcile with Yakumo, who came to apologize.

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Eri says she got over the play, admits she's grateful to Yakumo for sparing her the embarrassment of kissing Harima, and offers to dance with her after the school play. Yakumo accepts, and they become proper friends by the end of their private dance.

At home, Eri has parents who are able to provide her with the comforts of material success, but not the closeness of a normal parent-child relationship. As a result, despite having all the material comforts in the world, one of Eri's deepest wishes is simply to cook Nikujaga and spend an evening with her father like a normal girl. She yearns for a normal, open relationship - one which her position in life does not afford her.

harima and eri ending relationship