Grimmy and harry relationship advice

Harry Styles from On Direction and BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw PART 5

grimmy and harry relationship advice

I don't think these people sugest that Harry and Grimmy are in relationship. . I'm sure they've given great advice and he's generally picked up their way of being. Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw has denied that Harry Styles has been with Nick and also due to his rumoured on/off relationship with Cara. The presenter opened up about their relationship. Nick Grimshaw and Harry Styles attend the Fashion East show during London Fashion.

  • Harry Styles from On Direction and BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw PART 5
  • Nick Grimshaw Fully Addresses Those Harry Styles Dating Rumours

I'm starting to believe that it's more than just a friends with benefits situation. Though a lot of the things they do together Nick also does with friends they're usually friends he's definitely not sleeping with like Aimee.

Usually in a fwb situation you keep things like family separate in case things go wrong but Harry has spent lots of time with Nick's family. I still think that it's maybe a off and on casual relationship but more than fwb. It also seems to have gotten a bit more serious since Nick hasn't had many rumors about his love life outside of Harry recently the one model he was linked to from back in sept is straight and more of the tweets insinuate a relationship not just sex. Harry and Louis reflect the same sort of thing as McFly boys, but Harry and Nick are different - they just started texting and got on, and then were going to parties together and Harry was going along to Nick's DJ events as early as NovemberAND then spent Christmas together too.

Which is why it's ridiculous when people claim their friendship was just for the sake of publicity for the Breakfast Show - yeah, Harry helped out in the promo and stuff, but so did other celebs, and by that point Harry and Nick had already been spending a lot of time together for nearly a year with no work purpose.

grimmy and harry relationship advice

You must be very new to DL or just very naive. It's no surprise how bandmates or co-stars have started being more tactile with each other rather than with people of the other sex,they know this is what the fans want and that "being gay" feeds the fantasies of younger fans,also the reason why i never take such pairings seriously.

grimmy and harry relationship advice

I mean why not to text, why not to speak on phone, why to use twitter when you know people will see and analize your every movement. It is very strange, but I doubt these two are a couple. People think they're hiding something when I'm pretty sure they're not stupid enough to think people won't pick up on those things.

When they do that it's obvious trolling, regardless of the actual type of relationship they have. I think the photos may be coincidental, or maybe a bit jokey on Nick's side cos Harry posted his photo earlier on. They've done it since way back when. He may have said girl in the rest, but that was a stupid thing to do in the title.

One must consider that the media will go straight by default, even major pussy hound Simon Cowell had he given the same interview would have seen the title changes the same way.

He doesn't come off as the straight womanizer we apparently want to see. I think that takes a lot of credibility from the rest of the interview. There's no way of knowing what they're changing. And, considering the amount of crap that gets written about him, Harry rarely if ever, comes out to defend himself, so really it's hard to take seriously anything related to him in the media. Once they do that, and keep it in quotes, it becomes difficult to know what other "adjustments" may have been made.

grimmy and harry relationship advice

It could be none, but we don't know that for sure. If he is planning on sharing a new relationship with the world, we will know for sure soon enough.

Harry Styles and BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw PART 8

Though it would help with portraying Harry as straight if he's not ; it's also about getting people to read. I don't really want to deny this, because Cosmo is frivolous, sure, but it's not a rag.

Also, it's stupid to discount any evidence that points against our theories.

grimmy and harry relationship advice

It's just VERY strange that this seems to fly in the face of everything we see; mostly because people usually know where Harry is and who he's with, and it's usually with people we recognise. So when exactly is he starting up this new relationship??

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I also thought his description of who he likes was quite Nick-ish; but also could relate to a lot of people, so I'm really not reading too much into that. Interesting that he says "good at something they love doing"; it does kind of imply someone older? Or is that just me? Coincidental, but there's no way to prove it's connected. NW3 - I very much doubt it will be Taylor Swift. I find that whole media flurry about their supposed romance very odd; I thought they'd met very, very briefly?

And then all this strange stuff with Emma Ostilly, which everyone knows was a stunt Thought Harry's quote in Vogue this month was rather I don't know, it wasn't negative, just: Do you have a link to the interview?

I've only read bits. I get what you're saying about the quotes, but you're really supposed to be accurate inside a quote, unless you make it clear you're clarifying it etc They could have used a different section where he "actually" says girl as a headline.

Harry Styles and BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw PART 8

This place is getting way too much like Larry land. Apart for that, it was prob once a week that we were aware of anyway. This isn't really a new pattern, it just follows a few weekends where we saw them together alot. They have apparenty been together for months and months if all these people are telling the truth yet we only really saw them together since the august.

Now everyone is talking about them, they are probably just being careful. And as i said, harry has hardly been in the country and is going away again today.

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Grimmy was with him that sat night. She and grimmy have been tweeting regukarly since. Would he really start doing that at the same time that they have seen less of each other if they had fallen out.

Also, the tweet from the bloke who's friend work's closely with them where he said they are still together and "cute" that was just over a week ago!?!

This is publicity, it doesn't seems anything. You don't show you are close to someone by tweeting them, you must text or call them. My initial point about not denying the tweet was that I had expected Holy Moly not to re-tweet it in the first place; they really had no need to, it would have barely been noticed if they hadn't. The article was so unpleasant and I realised that whilst my first thought was "that's really not who Nick is" that comes from listening to him for years and it's not going to be the same for a lot of people especially those who already resent him for replacing Moyles.

I would much rather nothing came out at all than have them put up with this kind of thing.