Greys anatomy alex and izzie relationship

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greys anatomy alex and izzie relationship

A lot of couples break up and get together on "Grey's Anatomy," but some leave lasting At first, when Callie and George started dating, their relationship was kind of cute. Alex and Izzie seemed meant to be — until she left. Not much in the way of relationship for Izzie and Alex as Izzie is pretty hung up on Denny. However, Alex is there for her and comforts her after Denny dies. What Happened To Izzie On 'Grey's Anatomy'? She Got A Happy Ending Alex and Izzie had their ups and downs on the show — they dated.

No, that wasn't just because of her cancer diagnosis. While they didn't — and couldn't — get a happily ever after, they did have some happy moments, despite the drama.

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They made it past ghost Denny, after all. Most importantly, his relationship with Izzie showed Alex is a good person who could be in a serious relationship. That's what matters for his character going forward. Without that relationship, Grey's Anatomy might not have the Alex it does going into season Callie and George Callie and George just never made sense—and they didn't bring out the best in each other.

A problem was George's friends didn't like Callie, and at that point on Grey's Anatomy, she was the new person. How Meredith, Cristina, Izzie, and Alex felt about her was what mattered. They didn't particularly care for her, so why would the audience? Then there was Callie sleeping with Mark right after their breakup, and George cheating with Izzie. The series allowed Callie to grow as a person and become someone fans liked away from George. Her other relationships weren't always the best choices i.

Pennybut none really as bad as George.

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For her, the problem was it didn't allow here to be introduced in the best light. There were too many hints that Megan could be alive.

greys anatomy alex and izzie relationship

Once Megan was revealed to be alive and Meredith and Nathan ended, there needed to be an exit plan for him. He couldn't really hang around the hospital, not when the major relationships tying him to the place were wrapped up Meredith and Owen. The best thing for him was to have him get a happy ending with Megan and her son — and he did. They may have had their own drama including him cheating on herbut Grey's Anatomy did a pretty good job of showing they still cared about each other, even after their reunion.

Izzie and Denny Oh, Izzie and Denny. This was a couple that never stood a chance. He was a patient, she was a doctor. Maybe if he'd come into the hospital for something as simple as stitches after a minor accident, they could've worked. That wasn't the case. He needed a new heart, and even though he got one, he still lost his life after having a stroke.

That should've been the end of it. If it had been, Izzie and Denny still wouldn't have been a great couple. They still would've hurt the show, but not as badly. He appeared as a "ghost," a sign that she had cancer. It's probably best that everyone just forgets the ghost arc, especially given what it included.

Cristina and Owen Owen and Cristina had their moments. He wanted to end their relationship after that, but she fought him at first. They disagreed about having kids—he wanted them, she didn't—and they avoided talking in the aftermath of her abortion. They tried couples therapy, but that didn't work, and then he cheated on her. It felt both way too drawn out and incredibly abrupt.

And fans were left wondering what the point of making her such a significant character and putting Alex through all that misery was if they were never going to follow up on what happened to her. Over time, their relationships evolved and became more complicated and complex. They were the best of friends, so their first drunken hookup was traumatic enough for fans. Then, they randomly decided they were in love for, like, a week in Season 4. Ghost sex Why did they have to ruin a beautiful relationship with ghost sex?

When he died after his heart surgery, it was awful. But then, in Season 5, she started to see hallucinations of Denny around the hospital and at home. The plane crash The repercussions of this event were felt for years afterward. From train crashes and bombs to a mass shooter, these dramatic events led to major drama and big character deaths. So fans were kind of dubious when the plane carrying several main characters just happened to crash in the Season 8 finale.

The traumatic accident took the lives of Mark Sloane and Lexie Grey and led to Arizona having her leg amputated. Sure, it was significant to the plot. Speaking of infidelity, this heartbreaking plot was just too much. Izzie and Alex get married on Derek and Meredith's wedding day.

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Bailey and Derek discovered another small tumor inside Izzie's brain. Derek said he couldn't do anything for her but Bailey felt he could. Derek and Meredith surprised Izzie and Alex by making them the bride and groom. When Izzie faltered walking down the aisle, George stepped out and escorted her to the altar and gave Izzie away. After the wedding, Alex brought Izzie back to the hospital.

He removed her hair comb from the wedding and some of Izzie's hair came out with it. Izzie began to cry and felt ugly but Alex assured her she was beautiful and joked about her shaving her head. At the end of the episode, Izzie spoke with Denny for the last time.

She asked him to leave so she could be alone with her husband. Denny's ghost disappeared for what is to be the last time. Alex removed the scarf Izzie had put on her head to reveal she had shaved her hair off.

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Alex kissed her forehead and said "my wife is hot. Izzie and Alex encounter the wildlife in the shape of a garbage hungry bear.

greys anatomy alex and izzie relationship

Izzie comes back to work early because of the merger.