Grey and shepherd relationship quizzes

Can You Match The Dirty Deeds To The Grey's Anatomy Couple?

grey and shepherd relationship quizzes

If you call yourself a Grey's Anatomy, then this is the quiz for you. Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd's relationship is one of the best. By the way, the term couple is used loosely in this quiz. For instance, Derek Shepherd didn't want Mark Sloan messing with Little Grey, who. the Bird and the Bee. Psapp. hint. Which character does Meredith Grey have a sporadic romantic relationship with? Dr. Webber. Dr. Burke. Dr. Shepherd. hint.

Meanwhile, the second intern had a long, awful day, and by the time they met up they ended up having sex. The second intern cried during the exchange. This left the first intern hurt, making things very awkward between them.

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Which couple was this? Question 3 Which Grey's Anatomy couple got caught doing their dirty deed on the stairs? Aside from that, they're all kind of close. It seems like everyone has lived at Meredith's house at some point. Living so close to one another, doesn't leave much room for privacy.

In fact, that's where this couple was when they got busted doing their dirty deed on the stairs just for fun. It was following the death of O'Malley. Which couple was it? Question 4 Can you remember which couple spent their first date in the shower? However, this particular shower scene wasn't average at all. It was this couple's first date, and they didn't have sex in the shower. In fact, they never even made it out of their clothes. There aren't many couples on the show that have made it very long without having a sexual relationship.

Although, it has happened a time, or two. Can you remember which couple spent their first date in the shower, but didn't have sex? Derek busted them at Meredith's house and beat Mark up. Lexie broke Mark's penial bone in the oncall room. Mark caught Lexie with another intern and broke his hand punching him.

Lexie broke Mark's leg while they were doing it in the oncall room. This couple faced a lot of issues after becoming a couple. For instance, Derek Shepherd didn't want Mark Sloan messing with Little Grey, who was finally beginning to form a relationship with her older sister.

Plus, there were the comparisons that often went along with their relationship. Like when Mark pointed Lexie out to Derek's mom, and she was conveniently drinking out of a juice box with a straw. However, nothing was as awkward as this dirty deed, which they fought to keep secret despite the dire need for medical attention.

Which dirty deed was this? Question 6 Which Grey's Anatomy lover gave a baby up for adoption without the other parent's knowledge? Meredith had Ellis and gave her up for adoption without Derek's knowledge. Adele had Maggie and gave her up for adoption without Richard's knowledge. Ellis had Maggie and gave her up for adoption without Richard's knowledge.

Although, there was no pregnancy, or birth that affected the relationships or storyline quite like this one. The baby was the result of an affair. The party carrying the child thought that both parties would be around.

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However, things didn't work out this way, and the baby was given up for adoption. Which Grey's Anatomy lover gave their baby up for adoption without the other parent's knowledge?

Question 7 This couple did their dirty deed while a homemade bazooka was being removed from a live patient's body. However, things got moving faster between them when a patient came in with a homemade bazooka in his chest. Meredith ended up with her hand holding the explosive, inside the patient while the bomb squad removed it.

An entire wing of the hospital was in danger of exploding. Meanwhile, this couple got a huge 'end of the world' adrenaline rush and ended up getting it on in a storage closet. Question 8 Which Grey's Anatomy couple left panties on the surgical floor?

Meredith and Derek snuck off during the prom and left her panties. None, Addison found the panties in Derek's pocket. None, Callie left her panties on the surgical floor. Callie and George snuck off during the prom and left her panties. The punishment was to give Chief Webber's cancer ridden niece a prom. Another requirement was for everyone to attend it. Meredith was dating Finn, the vet and Derek was back with Addison.

Izzie was in love with Denny, who had just gotten a new heart, and George was still trying to figure out his thing with Callie. Which couple snuck away from the prom and left panties on the surgical floor? Question 9 Which couple hasn't had sex in the on-call room?

Cristina and Owen Richard and Ellis Ben and Miranda The on-call room at Grey's Anatomy is famous for more reasons than just waiting for surgeries, or getting some much-needed sleep. It's also the place where a lot of interns, residents, and attendings get it on. Their lives revolve around their patients and the hospital, but they must find time for their own relationships. Many of which begin in an on-call room. However, there are some couples who haven't gotten it on in the on-call room.

Which out of these couples hasn't had sex in the on-call room? Question 10 Which couple didn't introduce themselves until the morning after they spent the night together?

Meredith and Derek Cristina and Preston Callie and George This couple met at a bar and spent what was supposed to be a one-night stand together. They both woke up the next morning, in a rush to get to work. The couple realized that they hadn't exchanged names as one of the parties was showing the other party their way out.

grey and shepherd relationship quizzes

Introductions were made and that was supposed to be the end of their relationship. Which couple didn't introduce themselves until the morning after they spent their first night together? Question 11 This surgeon's girlfriend was close to the same age as this boyfriend's daughter. The problem was mostly due to their age difference and tons of comparisons were made, making her seem more like a teeny bopper than a first-year intern.

Just as things began to die down, a young girl popped up claiming to be the surgeon's daughter. But, Meredith was lucky that this character was brought tho Seattle Grace as part of a project that Alex Karev was doing in which he brought children from African countries who were in need of surgery to Seattle to get the care they needed.

This character was brought to Seattle as part of that project and eventually, she was adopted by Meredith and Derek. Question 14 How did Meredith find out Derek and Addison were married?

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Derek told her when they started dating Addison came and introduced herself as his wife Meredith found their wedding photos in his things Mark Sloan accidentally mentioned it to her As much as we loved Derek and Meredith together, we have to admit that their relationship wasn't always perfect. Remember in the beginning when Meredith found out that Derek was actually married?!

Or when his wife showed up out of the blue at Seattle Grace because the Chief of Surgery had called her in to help out with a patient?

That only made things even more awkward. Meredith found out in a pretty awkward way that he was married, too. Question 15 What was the nickname Izzie's mother gave her? We get that, she could be a little frustrating sometimes - like when she refused to deposit the check she was given and kept just leaving it around in the dirty kitchen or when she totally disappeared on Alex.

But, she totally owned her decisions and didn't care what anyone else thought about her. Even when people were calling her nicknames like Dr. Bethany Whisper after her days as a model before medical school. Question 16 Where did Cristina Yang attend medical school? Harvard Medical School Stanford University School of Medicine Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Cristina Yang was one of the main characters on Grey's Anatomy for the first several seasons of the series before leaving to take a position at another hospital.

Her life on the show was full of all kinds of ups and downs but she always managed to get through her problems and find a way to deal with them. It wasn't always the most conventional solution, but it worked for her! Before starting as an intern at Seattle Grace, she was a medical school student at one of these schools.

grey and shepherd relationship quizzes

Question 17 Which character did Izzie get married to? That entire storyline was so sad and we were so touched by how much her friends were totally there for her. Derek and Meredith were planning a wedding and were supposed to get married but after finding out that Izzie had a brain tumor, they gave their wedding to Izzie and this character. Their relationship may have been rocky before and even after!

Question 18 What was Mark Sloan's medical specialty? That was when we were introduced to McSteamy and all of us who were watching Grey's Anatomy learned about the tumultuous history between Derek, Addison, and Mark. Grey's Anatomy is never short of drama and the history between these characters was no exception!

When she finally found the doll many years later, she used it to help her figure out a surgery. However, she ultimately decides to have fun with one doctor in particular, but then freaks out afterwards. She loved him for pretty much the entire show and they were faithful to each other for most of the years they were together — sans some breaks in between.

But, before she and Derek became monogamous, Meredith certainly had fun with a few other men. In fact, there were some pretty uncomfortable moments between Meredith and men that were not named Derek Shepherd.

Which of these men did Meredith NOT sleep with? Her father spent much of his life apart from Meredith, but they did reconnect when she was older. Question 16 What country did Meredith's best friend Cristina move to? England Switzerland France We were obviously heartbroken when Derek died and left Meredith alone, but we may have even been more heartbroken when Cristina decided to move away. Needless to say, they loved each other so much.

In fact, she has probably been through more tragedies than anybody else in the history of the world. Her mother eventually passes away towards the beginning of the show. Question 18 Who did Meredith give her wedding to? Meredith and Derek had gotten engaged and were set to get married in a beautiful ceremony in Season 5, but they selflessly decided to give their wedding ceremony to another couple instead.

Who did Meredith give her wedding to? Question 19 Who did Meredith try her Alzheimer's trial on? Because of the diagnosis, Meredith was determined to find a cure for the disease and worked with Derek Shepherd to develop a trial. In fact, they tried their trial on a very close friend of theirs. Her third child was born after her husband Dr.

Derek Shepherd passed away, which was incredibly tragic. She had a baby and though it was very sad, having the child was probably great for her and her family. Not only has she experienced so much death — her mother, husband, sister, and a few friends have all died — she has escaped death a number of times.

Regardless, we are so happy that Meredith has stayed safe all these years. What disaster was Meredith NOT a part of? Question 22 What season does Meredith get married?