Greek story of persephone and hades relationship

Zeus and Hera V.S. Hades and Persephone

greek story of persephone and hades relationship

Free printable Greek myth of Persephone for kids. He informed her of Persephone's marriage to Hades in the Underworld. Demeter grew into a motherly rage. Persephone: Persephone, in Greek religion, queen of the underworld. Shape-shifting gods. Girls marrying their uncles. As you know, Greek myths are crammed full of drama, and the story of Persephone, Demeter, and Hades is no.

She was picking flowers one day on the plain of Enna. She pulled an especially beautiful narcissus, the earth split open. Hades, ruler of the dead, came out of a gap in the earth and thundered up in his golden chariot pulled by four black horses.

He grabbed the screaming girl and carried her down to the underworld. When this happened only Zeus and Helios, the sun titan, saw it. As Demeter searched for her daughter, her despair caused crops to die.

Helios told her what he had saw and Demeter became furious.


She would not let anything be fertile until Persphone came back. Zeus could no longer let this go on so he sent Hermes to fetch Persephone. Hades allowed Persephone to go back to her mother, even though he did not want her too. He did not like the fact so before Hermes came to fetch her, he gave Persephone a pomegranate. When she ate the seeds of the delicious fruit she was then bound to the underworld forever.

Demeter was furious, but could do nothing about it. Eventually she began to love him more and more. Demeter still did not like this so she spent the time that her daughter was gone, sulking and would not let anything be fertile. This time is known as winter. As Queen and Goddess of the Underworld, Persephone guided mortals who descended to the realm of the dead on a quest.

When the musician Orpheus came looking for his dead wife, his song was so beautiful that Persephone granted his wish and restored his wife's life. When Aphrodite sent Psyche to the underworld for cosmetics, Persephone filled Aphrodite's box the word psychology derives from Psyche's name. Hercules descended to Hades for his twelfth labor, Persephone helped the hero bring Hades' three-headed dog Cerberus to show the king of Mycenae.

The Romans called her Proserpina. Persephone as the innocent maiden was Kore the Romans called her Corato distinguish her from Persephone as Queen of the Underworld.

Emotional Control System Persephone symbolizes separation distress, from one's mother or, more broadly, from one's old life to a new life.

Separation distress is the basis of anxiety and panic attacks. Also, Persephone's distress from her mother can be determined by the many stories that are told about her from the Greeks and later the Romans. In the original story of Persephone that was later changed by the Roman's, Persephone chose to leave her mother and go with Hades, whom she had fallen in love with.

The separation "anxiety" was felt by Demeter not Persephone due to her choice of physically leaving her mother and transitioning transformation into womanhood, allowing her to think and be as she chose.

Life Purpose A Persephone woman's life purpose is to separate from her past, it becomes evident as she heals from her past as she transforms into a new person. She then guides other individuals through personal transformations. Ideal professions include counselor, psychologist, lawyer, social worker, non-profit advocate and a seer. A Persephone psychologist sees depression and mental illness not as symptoms to be medicated or eradicated, but as profound journeys. The sojourner goes through pain and suffering, but sooner or later reaches a greater level of consciousness.

Just as Persephone guided Odysseus, Heracles, Psyche, and Orpheus in their journeys to the underworld, a Persephone psychologist guides a patient to find his life's treasure, and then return to the world of the living.

Hades, which was the name of both the underworld and its king, had uncountable riches. This symbolized that personal growth can lead to great rewards. Persephone is the New Moon phase as she offers new beginnings. She represents the ability to walk between worlds consciousnessfrom the underworld to the surface of earth. She is a Spring time deity and offers the hope of renewal and rebirth. In the underworld her duties are to take care of the dead souls that come to Hades, something which is amazing at.

Shadow A dysfunctional Persephone woman is passive, compliant and uncommitted to goals. She may escape into a fantasy world.

greek story of persephone and hades relationship

She may be psychically gifted, but suffer from psychiatric illness or anorexia. Depression makes her "fade away" quietly, as opposed to forcing her depression onto others as Demeter did. A Persephone woman tries to please her mother and be a "good girl. But Persephone lied to her mother about the pomegranate. A Persephone woman will use deviousness, lying, and manipulation, while maintaining a guise of innocence.

greek story of persephone and hades relationship

Sex An advice columnist received the following letter: I know from personal experience that she has an unusually large sexual appetite, little if any interest in foreplay, and cannot seem to reach orgasm, ever. I am sure that I'm not her only current partner, as much as she assures me I am. In the past, she has given herself away so many times, I can't count them. For all her goodness, I've seen her lie to other people so convincingly they wouldn't believe she was lying, even if you told them.

My concern now is not me, but her Even if I never touched her again, I really do care about her and would like to help her.

greek story of persephone and hades relationship

A couple that successfully uses this energy guides each other through life-changing experiences. They separate possibly painfully from the past. They mature to higher stages of personal growth. Caring About More People[ edit ] Humans, more than other animals, depend on social organizations for survival. Individuals-today oryears ago-with more relationships survive and prosper.

As our ancestors evolved, they lived in larger groups see "Cities and Civilization," page Larger brains enabled them to keep track of more relationships and may have contributed to the evolution of larger brains. As our individual development mirrors our ancestors' evolution see "Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny," page 3we care about more people as we mature. Children are concerned only about their own needs. A young adult cares about his or her romantic partner.

A mature adult cares about his or her family. A clan elder cares about the survival of the clan. Personal growth is, stage by stage, caring about increasing numbers of people. Caring about other people entails personal suffering.

greek story of persephone and hades relationship

Our minds produce psychic pain pain that originates in the mind to push us to accept physical pain. Psychic pain can be stronger than physical pain.

He has to decide between feeding his family and feeling hunger, or feeding himself and feeling guilt. Skipping Life Stages[ edit ] Personal growth wasn't an issue before the modern era.

Puberty made young people want a partner. Procreation led to caring about a family. Arranging children's marriages led to caring about other families. Natural disasters forced individuals into leadership roles for the survival of the clan.

The modern world isn't so straightforward. Adolescents sexually mature earlier. We marry later, because our society demands more education. Our ancestors were most aware of suffering around them. In contrast, our "electronic global village" makes us aware of suffering in far-off corners of the globe. We "think globally" as soon as we're old enough to watch television news.

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Yet we care less about the people we're closest to. Traditional societies don't facilitate skipping life stages, but our society does. If a welfare program pays teenage girls to produce babies, the girls skip the marriage stage and jump to motherhood. If television news enables us to care about people on the other side of the world, we jump to agape and skip developing a loving relationship with one partner. Persephone and Hades had a good relationship although hades sent Persephone to the underworld to be the god of spring and growth Lack of Emotional Range[ edit ] Our ancestors endured great suffering, e.

Human brains evolved to balance suffering and happiness.


The greatest joy follows the greatest suffering see "Emotional Range," page The modern world minimizes physical suffering, yet our brains continue to balance happiness and suffering. Our narrower emotional range leads us to differentiate finer levels of happiness and suffering, e. We confuse personal growth with appreciating luxury goods. Seek extremes of suffering and joy. Travel to third-world countries. Forget about job security and instead do what you love, even if you have to drive a Chevy.

Getting Stuck[ edit ] Sometimes we feel stuck between stages of personal growth. We don't get stuck because we lack a vision of our new life. We all have dreams of a better life. We don't get stuck because we don't know how to get to our new life. We don't know every step of the way, but we all know at least one step we could take.

He gave his consent to the marriage.

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However, Hades knew Demeter would never allow the union, so he decided to spirit Persephone away. One day when Persephone was alone in her fields, the ground suddenly split open, and out sprung a huge chariot being pulled by black horses.

Hades leaned over the side and scooped Persephone up, and before the girl could even scream, plunged back into the earth. Demeter quickly noticed her daughter was gone and searched frantically for help. Eventually she found a farmer who had witnessed all of it, and Demeter grew livid, vowing that the ground would never produce a stalk of wheat until Persephone was returned. Down in the Underworld, Persephone was distraught. Hades was kind to her and showered her with gifts, but she missed her mother and the world above.

Hades was saddened, but he was also patient. He treated her not as property, but as someone who could eventually become a friend. When Persephone suggested that another realm be made for the best mortal souls to go to, Hades made it for her. She was beginning to fall in love with him. Up until that point, Persephone had resisted eating anything offered to her—she knew that if she ate any food from the Underworld, she would be bound to it forever.

But that morning, Persephone was so hungry, she took the pomegranate and ate six of its seeds. Then abruptly, Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, appeared before her. He told her that Demeter had caused the earth to freeze, and that no crops would grow.

Persephone reluctantly allowed Hermes to take her to Olympus, where Zeus and Demeter were having it out. Zeus had promised his daughter to Hades without her consent, after all.