Government and business relationship in nigeria what is bta

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government and business relationship in nigeria what is bta

Answer 1 of I got into online relationship with woman originally from of there she came up with this BTA thing which I never heard of before for any country. Lagos invites intending pilgrims for BTA Okoya expressed the determination of the State Government to ensure a successful Hajj exercise. There is no more importation business in Nigeria, and you know, that this government surprised us with its $ BTA policy for business.

government and business relationship in nigeria what is bta

The government is also discriminating against Ndigbo in the area of execution of projects as the South East Zone is excluded in the provision of social amenities. This is very bad.

Relationship between Government and Business Organizations

Buhari should focus on achieving uninterrupted electricity supply. The government should even encourage building of indigenous private refineries rather than relying on the oil cabals, who are deceiving the government and making life unbearable for the entire citizenry, Onwuka who is also the proprietor of Rojenny Sports Resort, said.

Nigeria's rocky political landscape

Since he assumed office, traders have not been finding things easy. There is no more importation business in Nigeria, and you know, that majority of importers are Ndigbo. Tell me how a trader, who imports from overseas can survive with such amount of money.

It is not possible for a trader to survive with that amount, after paying over N, for your air ticket. The other time about seven Onitsha main market traders were arrested and their money seized because of their alleged involvement in money laundering.

This government is killing us, quote me.

government and business relationship in nigeria what is bta

The traders are crying, so he should review the policy because it is affecting everybody. Nigerians are suffering because of that policy, because if it does not affect you as a trader or importer, it will affect you as a consumer. The average man on the street is crying. Buhari should discard that policy because about 80 per cent of Nigerians are either petty traders or big time traders while 20 or 30 per cent are civil servants.

Igbo traders bemoan Buhari’s economic policies, harsh business environment

This is economic blockade and President Buhari must review the bad policy or other policies that are not just against the people but the economy. We have been suffering over the years; doing our buying and selling businesses. Some of us have graduated from small scale businesses to importers and now you want to kill our businesses with one policy that somebody just woke up and introduced.

government and business relationship in nigeria what is bta

This has made people to abandon their businesses. The policy lacks human face. What they are doing is trial by error. Scammers can be very clever and deceptive, creating sad and believable stories that will make you want to send them money. Before you send funds, check to see if you recognize any of the following signs, and realize that you may be a potential victim of a scam: Photographs of the scammer show a very attractive person, and appear to have been taken at a professional modeling agency or photo studio.

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If they provide you with a copy of their passport or visa, you can always contact the U. Close family members are dead or unable to assist. Sometimes, the scammer claims to have a young child overseas who is ill or hospitalized.

There is no such thing as a BTA. In other cases, your Internet friend will claim to need a travel allowance, or travel money, to be able to travel to the United States. Again, there is no such requirement under U. The scammer claims to have been born and raised in the United States, but uses poor grammar and spelling indicative of a non-native English speaker. Although the scammer may claim to be in Nigeria, he or she may ask that the money be sent to an account in another country.

Alternatively, the scammer may state he or she is in a third country but request that funds be sent to the Nigeria. The scammer may even claim to be contacting you from a U. Embassy, where your partner, business associate, or friend is being detained pending payment of some type of fee.

government and business relationship in nigeria what is bta

Internet scammers are using social networking sites to find victims. Adoption scams are another type of scam to avoid. The perpetrators of child adoption fraud often claim to be indigent parents unable to care for a child or members of the clergy working at an orphanage seeking a good home for a child.

Fraud Warning

Americans should be very cautious about sending money or traveling abroad to adopt a child from an orphanage they have only heard about through emails. A new twist in the conventional email adoption scam is that once the victim suspects fraud and breaks off communication with the scammers, a new email message will arrive claiming to be from a police agency. All of these scams have one thing in common — they contain requests for money. Con artists can be very creative and very determined.