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Kamal Haasan's Relationship with Actress Reason for Divorce

Kamal Haasan and Gautami, who have been in a live-in relationship for the last 13 years, have split. One of the triggers for this seems to have. It's official. After nearly 13 years together, actors Kamal Haasan and Gautami Tadimalla have broken up. Gautami distances herself from former partner Kamal Haasan, talks The couple ended their year relationship in October , partly.

Since then, Gautami has never stopped doing it - making an impact. Kamal Haasan had been doing lip lock scenes since MGR, then chief minister, apparently even chided Kamal for his lip lock scene in "Sattam En Kaiyil" but it was with Gautami in "Kurudhi Punal" that he perhaps achieved the perfect chemistry.

For those who have known Gautami, her decision to start a live-in relationship with Kamal Haasan thirteen years ago should come as no surprise. Neither should her decision to candidly announce their separation on Tuesday. Kamal Haasan has often spoken of his lack of faith in marriage and insisted that both his previous marriages to Vani Ganapathi and later Sarika were a compromise on his beliefs. In fact, he got married to Sarika only after their first child Shruti Haasan was born.

Shruti Hassan clarifies rumors on Gowthami - Kamal split - Breakup reason

Gautami is known to wear her heart on her sleeve. After a short-lived marriage to a businessman, she perhaps thought it only fit to move in with Kamal Haasan with whom she shared a special friendship since their film days together.

What perhaps shielded Gautami from the onslaught of the "cultural" mafia that had held actors like Khushbu at ransom on different issues was the Kamal factor. Since his coming of age as an actor, Kamal Haasan has made what can be deemed as outrageous statements by moral brigades on love and marriage, and has managed to get away with it.

Kamal Haasan attacked by former partner Gautami in blog, she talks about ‘unrelenting torment’

In stark contrast was Khushbu, whose innocuous remarks on pre-marital sex, landed her in huge trouble, driving her from one court to another.

I have often wondered if things would have been different for Gautami if it was not Kamal Haasan in question. Of course, the moral brigade did try their bit. But the police would have none of it. And this I say with an innate sense of shame because I wish the likes of Khushbu and Gautami too enjoyed such a status.

Tamil Nadu: Attack on Kamal Haasan gets personal

The reason for the failure of this relationship does not lie with anybody else, especially with Shruti. So much has been said about her supposed differences with me that led to this breakup but that is not true. No third person, especially children, can ever be responsible for the state of a personal relationship between adults. Both Shruti and Akshara are wonderful young ladies who I knew as children and I continue to look upon them as such till today.

Neither of them have any responsibility for the breakdown of the relationship.

Why Gautami's dignified announcement about her break up with Kamal didn't surprise me

That rests entirely on Mr. I had committed to the relationship and stood by that commitment through thick and thin. It was a needless and senseless accident that took years off my life to witness. I had stood by him through the whole terrible period till he was well and completely back on his feet as it did not occur to me to do otherwise. I have stood silently behind him through all of his difficult times through the years without even once claiming so in private or public.

Every life that we can save is a family that is saved. I fought cancer successfully because of several reasons. My parents brought me up with a practical approach towards health and because I had a strong and loving support in my whole family that rallied around me every step of the way. My beloved aunts who neglected their own homes and families to ensure that mine did not lack anything because I was incapacitated.

Who ensured that I never had to step foot inside the hospital alone; whether for one day or ten days. My baby daughter who was the motivation that kept me fighting forward.

It was truly during this time that I realized how blessed I am and how many people I had that would stand by me unquestioningly through thick and thin. In spite of facing significant challenges, I have never been deterred from my decision to make my life alone. I would rather fight an honorable battle for survival alone than continue to exist with the heartache of compromising my self-respect in a relationship where my love and commitment is not respected and reciprocated.

I have maintained a dignified silence through the past seventeen months on these matters and more, as I have always tried to look ahead with a positive and progressive attitude though this has been extremely difficult during some periods that I have had to face.

Kamal Haasan on his split with Gautami: Indecent someone issued a statement in my name

I have chosen to speak out now because the speculation concerning my association with Mr. Indeed, a wrong belief that I am a part of Mr. I have absolutely nothing to do with him or his actions in any way — professionally, personally, politically or otherwise.

My father dedicated his medical expertise to serving remote tribal communities. Their inspiration has always guided me and over the past several years, particularly after my recovery from cancer, I have been increasingly working to raise awareness of several social and health issues. One needs an effective education and good health to build a life that is full and satisfying and this is the focus of our Life Again Foundation, LAF, the organization that I have founded and being carried forward by our many members across several states and countries.

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