Gerrard and torres relationship

Fernando Torres: 'I would pay to play with' Steven Gerrard again

gerrard and torres relationship

The pair enjoyed a special relationship on and off the pitch during While Gerrard stayed at Liverpool for nearly all of his career, Torres, who. Gerrard and Torres' immense relationship. Torres and Gerrard formed an immense connection during their time together at Liverpool. In the following campaign, the /09 season, Gerrard and Torres came The connection was still there for all to see; Torres twice flicked the.

We were made for each other. Can Torres be considered world class?

gerrard and torres relationship

By contrast, Torres struggled to fit into a Chelsea side which was continually changing tactics and managers. I arrived to play alongside Anelka in a system with three midfielders.

gerrard and torres relationship

We played only one match with that system. They finished by saying to us: Torres has struggled to replicate his Liverpool form at Stamford Bridge Image: Shaun Botterill "I understood nothing of what had happened. I started to know the experience of the bench.

Pepe Reina fears Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard may quit Liverpool

I reassured myself by saying things would soon change. Villas-Boas arrived, then Di Matteo but it was always the same: I am sure that there are footballers who retire without ever having thought on the pitch. Before knowing him, I had the habit of running everywhere, no matter where. Five good runs into space are worth more than in the wind. And he claimed the export of Spanish players had helped the Spain team - and the same could happen to England.

gerrard and torres relationship

That was maybe 10 or 12 days before the window closed. The value of the players is going down at the moment, but he paid big money for me because he has confidence in me.

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In the January window it's not easy to buy important players like Fernando and Luiz. The club did a fantastic job to do this. I have to think about my career.

gerrard and torres relationship

It's a step forward, everyone agrees. Obviously, Liverpool didn't want me to leave. I told them I wasn't going to change my mind. So they tried to get the best money and a replacement.

I had to wait until the last few minutes of the window to sign for Chelsea. Chelsea lie 10 points behind United but play them twice.

Pepe Reina fears Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard may quit Liverpool | Football | The Guardian

I'm expecting a hard game. I know Carra's a big Liverpool fan.

gerrard and torres relationship

As a footballer, I'm sure he understands my decision. I'm sure he wanted me to stay, but it's the same as when I was playing for Liverpool, it was a big disappointment for me when Xabi Alonso or Javier Mascherano left Liverpool. I understood why they did it, for a new life.

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Plenty of my ex-team-mates have congratulated me for this move.