Gajeel and levy first meet

Gajeel and Levy: School Days? Boring days Chapter 1: Meeting, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

gajeel and levy first meet

During the second part of the test, Gajeel and Levy start a search for the First Guild .. After defeating their respective spirits, Gajeel, Levy, and the others meet . Snap that's gotta be awkward first time they met Gajeel tried to kill Levy. Dec 15, At first he hadn't been too worried about the disappearance of his father, . It wasn't as if Levy never wanted Gajeel to meet her family, she just.

Who the hell was that guy? Gajeel looked at the stupid piece of paper in his hand for the millionth time.

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Of course he had looked at other schools to transfer to first but with his track record no one wanted anything to do with him, that was other then that idiot Makarov. Quite possibly the last school on his list, the very last school on his list had accepted his transfer request and he had grumbly accepted. His life had never been great he concluded, but it seemed that his luck wasn't that better either as he walks in the double doors of his new school and through the halls, trying to figure out where his class was.

Turning to look at who it was, he chuckled, some small scrap of a girl. He had always known that he was one of a kind and all but come on, she had blue hair and that was just as crazy he reasoned. Thinking she would stop after a second and regain her composure, he let her get an eyeful and took her in himself.

She definitely was a small little thing, but not really in a bad way he reasoned, most people were small to him anyway. She did have some curves going for her though, nothing excessive but nice for her petite figure, it seemed the only thing out of the ordinary with her was her hair color, a nice deep shade of blue. After a few minutes, when he found her still staring and sitting there on the floor flat on her ass with all her books around her, he had enough. Smirking, he uses her scrambling to get her things together as an opportunity to leave, but he doesn't make it far before hearing her voice behind him again.

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He continued walking away from her and turned down a random hallway, maybe his class was this way? After about four more hallways and when he was sure he was absolutely and totally lost, he found his classroom, B Flinging open the door to let himself in, he sat in the nearest chair uncaring of how rude he was being and that everyone had turned to look at him.

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The glare he gave them in return was more then enough to get them to turn back around and continue with their work. He didn't bother taking out paper and a pencil to take notes because he never carried them around, and even if he had he wouldn't be caught dead actually trying in school.

An unspecified time before the war against Fairy Tail, Gajeel was brought forth before the Magic Council and was reprimanded for actions he committed. After the trial, Belno spoke to him and besought that he withdraw from Phantom Lord, which offended him rather greatly. He is then told to seek a life worth living rather than be preached to about how to live life, which he responded to by saying that the upcoming war with Fairy Tail gives it meaning, after which Belno told him that he reminds her of her dead son.

gajeel and levy first meet

However, both were rejected by her in a matter of seconds. In the omake episode Fairy Hills, it also shows a younger Levy residing there, so it is clear that she has been in the guild since she was a child. Relationship Edit Gajeel and Levy are very close friends and guildmates. However, when they met for the first time, they were members of enemy guilds. Gajeel attacks Levy and her teammates, defeats them in a one sided battle, nails them to a tree, and brands Phantom Lord's symbol onto Levy's stomach.

However, after Laxus Dreyar attacks Levy while her team is bullying Gajeel, Gajeel blocks the blow for her and it lowers her doubts about him. In the end, however, she is encouraged by Gajeel, who even volunteers to be her partner, which makes her blush.

During the Intelligence part of the S-Class Trial, the Iron Dragon Slayer constantly annoys Levy, and tells her that if she wants attention from him, she should get stronger and seriously fight him once in a while, not regarding Levy's disappointed feelings at his demeaning words. However, when Levy runs away out of frustration, Gajeel chases after her and saves her life from Yomazu and Kawazu, two members of Grimoire Heart.

gajeel and levy first meet

In the said instance, he tells her that, "It is really hard looking for someone so small," but follows his remark by saying, "so don't leave my side please. As for Gajeel, he cares for Levy to the point that his own safety is less important than hers. During his battle with Bradman, Gajeel claims that he will bring Levy home safe and sound, no matter the cost, and risked his own life by inhaling poisonous magical particles. Should he tell her the truth or just make up a cute and rosy story How I first meet her?

A father and his young daughter with black hair were sitting on a park bench, watching the sunset.

His daughter was a bookworm just like her mother, who was on a job right now with her old team. So the the black haired dragon slayer and his young pup were taking a day off from this noise makers back in fairy tail.

gajeel and levy first meet

Should he tell her the truth or just make up a cute and rosy story. He still has know Idea how to act like a father.

gajeel and levy first meet

He has major problems treating her like an four year old. He sometimes is just too rough, but his daughter understands completely. I mean it's a bit rough She shrugged her shoulders and kept her serious face expression. He took a deep breath and placed his arms around her body. Well what did she expect from her father, he belonged to the unemotional type after all.

gajeel and levy first meet

He said nothing, well she wanted to know the truth so he gave her the truth.