Friendships and relationship are a two way street

Friendships & Relationships are a two way street - Wisdom Quotes

friendships and relationship are a two way street

Friendship. This is something I think many of us take for granted, it's a valuable relationship that teaches us from a young age about the true. Friendship is two way street. Backstabbing two faced worthless hoes! . THESE DAYS It is what it avesisland.infoships/relationships are a street, and they're no fun if. Friendship is a two-way street. It shouldn't be a job to maintain the friendship. The relationship should be kept alive by both people, one person shouldn't be.

People say that true friendship is rare, but this is not true. The truth is that every single person on this planet has problems at one time or another and battles insecurities and worries, and sometimes they will fail a friend. No one is perfect all the time, life happens to everyone. We have to make adjustments for life. It takes work just like any other relationship between two people.

I know that I may fail some of my friends from time to time as my life gets super busy, but I try very hard to reach out to most and at least send a text or leave a voicemail or a quick email.

A lot of us communicate on FB even, which is still a connection. If you have a friend who lives far away from you, then you probably know that it might be difficult to stay in touch. Maybe your lives are on completely different time zones or schedules and that friend is free when you are working, and maybe you call every week but never hear back, then are keeping track about who made the last phone call.

This last idea is the thing that ruins many friendships.

Friendship Is A Two-Way Street. « Have A Dream

It is true that friendship is a two way street that needs attention from both parties, but it is also true that this kind of competition can cause harm to relationships. After all, you should value the moments when you are talking to your friend instead of writing down the number of times you do get to talk or for how long. I myself have an amazing friend who I have known since Junior High. She lives down south, many states away from NH.

When we do get to talk and sometimes its months since our last call we pick up right where we left off and there is never any hard feelings for our time apart.

This is a true friendship that has lasted over 30 years.

Friendships & Relationships are a two way street

However, that being said, there are some friends who never make the effort of calling, writing or texting you. They leave the responsibility of being friends in your hands, so to speak.

friendships and relationship are a two way street

The only time you ever make plans is when you reach out and ask them, or you send the HELLO text or you make the first move to start a conversation. We get to a stage in our lives when we've seen friendships come and go, suffered a few or more! And at that point, whenever it may be, we realize our own worth. We realize that we, as friends, deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. The old adage "Treat others as you wish to be treated" comes to mind.

And we realize that we have been hanging onto these friendships, not because they are of value to us and enrich our lives in some way, but out of sheer habit! Now, don't get me wrong. We care about these people. Some of them have been in our lives since childhood, others only a few short years. But something drew us together. Something fused that bond of friendships, beyond just mere acquaintance.

Something about that person made you feel like they would have your back, like you could call them in the middle of the night, like they would show up when you needed them, like they would babysit your child when the sitter cancelled last minute, like they would mind your pets while you went on vacation, like they would be there for you NO MATTER WHAT. You would do all of the above for them, and yet As the years go by you realize that although you would watch their children in a heartbeat, they are too busy to watch yours.

That although you would care for their pets while they were on holiday, it is too inconvenient for them to care for yours. That although getting together and spending time with them is a priority for you, it is not for them.

friendships and relationship are a two way street

And that's when it hits you. I'm not referencing one particular person here a-la "I bet you think this song is about you": The sad part is that I don't think these people even realize that they are coasting along on my One Way Friendship Street.

And, to be perfectly honest, I have not given them any reason to doubt our friendship. I text or call them regularly to chat. I make sure to "like" the appropriate pics and life events on their Facebook page.


I invite them to parties and get-togethers. I make plans with them to go for coffee, drinks, dinners, etc.

A Friendship Is A Two Way Street

After all, that's what friends do right? The phone and text conversations are always initiated by me. The party and get-together invitations are one-sided.