Free meet and greet email template

Three Insanely Simple Email Templates For Networking With Strangers

free meet and greet email template

Tired of the frenzied search for a follow up email template? Here's a complete guide Know You're Sending Emails at the Right Time With This Free Tool. Tight on time? It was nice to meet you at {!Occasion where you met}. I loved learning . Review letter examples requesting an informational meeting to get career advice or job search help, and get tips for writing your own letter. This networking email ensures that all you have to do is fill in the blanks. Literally. So use it the next Free Career Advice. Sign in. Sign Up / Sign Introducing: The Email Template That'll Get You a Meeting With Anyone You Ask. by. Aja Frost.

Did their business recently accomplish something that you find impressive? Did this person mention something you wanted to learn more about the last time you spoke with them? Let them know that you know who they are and what they do.

For example, I run a small clothing store online.

free meet and greet email template

I recently received an email from someone, asking me to help sponsor a competition. This email seemed like it came out of nowhere, and I was immediately very distrusting of it.

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I decided to take a chance and reply, and I eventually learned that they contacted me because I was recommended to them by someone else.

I almost ignored the email entirely, which could have been avoided if they had mentioned the recommendation in the first email. When I was told that someone else recommended me, I felt like I was more obligated to help out with the competition sponsorship and that what I was able to give them had real value. Do Your Research This goes hand-in-hand with making an email personal.

Indicate what it is about them that makes you think so. If you want to set up a meeting, you want to be as prepared as possible when you see them. Figure out what makes sense. This email works because it continues the conversation that started when a user visited the website and signed up, to now asking them to download that product. Is the email effective? If someone signs up to your product, send an email to continue the conversation.

Whether the new user has to install, download or login, make the focus of the email clear, and use only one to call to action like Evernote does. Each time you get a new user Thank you email template Example provided by Unbounce If you download a piece of content, or complete an action on a website, a thank you email is a great way to connect with your audience.

At Unbounce, they send you a thank you email when you download a piece of content — in this case, a white paper. What works well for Unbounce is the email is sent in plain text, rather than a HTML designed email template.

It looks authentic and feels genuinewhich makes the reader feel valued. You can send this type of email out through an auto-responder — when visitor does this, we do that — or you can send it manually.

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Start by thanking the reader, and if possible, include a direct link to the content, so they can access it immediately. In addition to the thank you, you can also provide links to your resource page and a link to your product page just like Unbounce do.

Each time someone completes an action of your website Survey email template Example provided by Headspace Although technically not a B2B email marketing email, it would be a crime not too include this Headspace survey email. Most people assume surveys are boring. To increase response rates, Headspace offers an incentive where participants can win a free 3 month subscription. And the focus of the email is clear. White back ground, green call to action button. Setting up the survey is the difficult part.

You can use Google surveyswhich is free or a paid tool, like Survey Monkey. Keep the survey short, as no one likes to spend more than minutes on a survey, to increase response rates.

free meet and greet email template

As for the email itself, the focus is on getting people to participate, so make it clear what you want the reader to do. Quarterly or two times per year. The feedback you collect is pure gold! Each time a new user signs up for a free trial of their service, you get this email. Two things stand out in this email that make it great; the first is that the email addresses who uses their product, which emphasizes why the reader should remain engaged with their product and take the free trial, and second, the email provides resources to features, mobile testing and how it works sections of their website.

Each time someone signs up for receive a free trial of your service, thank them for signing up and provide supporting information and helpful links to keep them engaged until the free trial service begins. Each time someone signs up for a free trial. What normally happens after a free trial is the communication takes one of two paths; the first path is that the free trial user becomes a paying customer — Whoohoo!

free meet and greet email template

However, what Buffer does really well is follow up with the user and asks for a referral. The referral email keeps the conversation going, even asking for input on suggestions or ideas to their product.

Create an automated email that is sent between days after the free trial has ended to all trial users who do not become paying customers and ask for a referral. In fact, the content of the email can be the same whether the user becomes a customer or not. Keep the email simple, focus on getting a referral and if possible, keep the conversation going.

Send this email days after the free trial has ended. Conclusion The role of email as a measurable, cost-effective marketing channel is clear. Backed up by both professional opinion and industry statistics, email has an important value for businesses in creating sales leads and revenue, and retaining customers.

What do you think of these 17 B2B email marketing examples? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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17 of the Best B2B Email Marketing Examples

Louise, Prioritizer Marketing Manager [secondary call to action can go here, or a trust-winning reminder how easy it it is to unsubscribe] p. Want to check out our Prioritizer app?

Head here to sign up for a free trial. Grab your editable template here. Quick things to think about: Be personalas if you were sending an email to a friend. Use simple formatting and plain design. If this message is part of a welcome or onboarding series, consider timing and goals.

Hope you love it! I got this personal outreach email from Benzi Ronen, the founder of Farmigo.