Flirt pole by squishy face dog

flirt pole by squishy face dog

Buy Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 with Fleece Lure Dog Toy, Regular, Blue & Aqua at FREE shipping and the BEST customer service!. Find Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 Dog Exercise Toy Bundle with 2 Fleece Lures and Fleece Tug, Inch and more at Find Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 Dog Exercise Toy with Orange/Yellow Squeaker Fleece Lure, Inch and more at

Like another reviewer commented, my wrist and forearm get a little tired after awhile so I have to switch arms occasionally.

flirt pole by squishy face dog

By bunnyluv on Dec 28, When it was delivered I was surprised to see it came in such a tall box, but that just shows it was very good quality as I didn't have to put any parts together the box and paper was fun to play with too!

I have only got to use this a few times in the house as the weather has been so bad but it was a huge success with my puppy and cat! I can not wait to be able to train my puppy outside where we have more room: D You liked it!

Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 with Fleece Lure Dog Toy

Report Good toy, but would be better with a tweeter By 3pups on Dec 20, Ziggy loved the cat toy that made a little Tweety sound, so I sacrificed it and tied it to the end of this toy, and it is a hit. I tried playing without the Tweety and he had no interest. Some days it really gets him going, some days nothing. Report My dog went crazy! By mrsbutler on Nov 28, This toy is the best way to relieve some energy in your dog!

She goes crazy when i bring this out, and won't let it go when she catches it. Don't have the drop command down I have to hide it when we are not playing with it. I had purchased a different style previously that our aussie loves but the shepherd wasn't interested.

flirt pole by squishy face dog

He is now obsessed with this toy. It's not only great for play but also for training. He hasn't been the best "dropper" and it was difficult to train him to recall when he was in full chase mode as I can't control a squirrels movements. Using this as a training tool, he now recalls instantly! Report Our favorite play toy! By Sara on Nov 24, My dog loves this flirt pole! The product is still in good condition too, after months of use. Report great flirt pole! I keep it on the ground still since he is only 10 months and his growth plates are not fully closed yet.

He loves to chase it and loves to squeak it once he caught it!

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This will NOT make your dog chase other small animals or dogs. This has held up very well under 40 min play sessions. I wish there was some way to take the lure off and wash it. I have been washing it in the sink. Using the Flirt Pole is also a great way to practice drop it and leave it.

The Flirt Pole is best used on a cushioned surface such as grass. Use caution any time you allow your dog to do a lot of jumping because jumping can be dangerous, especially for dogs under one year of age as their bodies are still growing. Do not use the Flirt Pole as a tug toy or chew toy. Click for more safety and use tips. Both Standard and Junior sizes are appropriate for dogs of all sizes. Made in the USA and includes a one year warranty!

Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 with Fleece Lure Dog Toy, Regular, Blue & Aqua -

This item also ships outside the US. Click the play button below to view a video demo of the Flirt Pole. We also have a couple of additional videos in the video tab above. What a wonderful way to exercise an energetic dog and a very useful for training too! She has a high prey drive, so the squeaky lure and fast action helps satisfy her energy level and desire to stalk and catch stuff. Much more humane than stalking squirrels!

flirt pole by squishy face dog

Right now if I am careful I can use the long ones away from the ceiling fans. But the one I was hoping would really like did because need to excerise a few pounds off him. Thanks for a Great Product. I had bought this toy for my little dog, but she was in doggy daycare when it arrived, so I tested it out on the bigger dog at the house. He has fear aggression, so it is hard to get him out of the house for a good walk.

Even after 4 miles he still has tons of energy. Played in the backyard for 20 mins and he's completely tired, yet still eyeing the flirt pole! Thank you sooo much! And it's so great to work on training with him while playing, especially since he's not treat motivated when he's excited about something, but he is definitely toy motivated for his new flirt pole game! His "drop" request will take some more work, but this toy is great for teaching that too!

Flirt Pole, Dog Chase Exercise Toy from Squishy Face Studio

I'm so excited to have a toy motivated dog my girl is all about the treats and to have this flirt pole that he can't get enough of!

I bought the flirt pole and the whole pack loves it! I have never seen him that tired before!

flirt pole by squishy face dog

I wish I had one before! I was also surprised by how great the quality was. I will definitely suggest this to adopters and other rescuers. Even my husband commented on how good Tyson our super hyperactive pit bull foster was.