Final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship marketing

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final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship marketing

Cloud and Sephiroth would later be playable in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, while Tifa would join the cast in the sequel (as would Aerith, as an assist character). In this essay I will be exploring Cloud and Aerith's relationship during the game that . In Final Fantasy Dismantled, an official Square-Enix manual, Cloud . ( Cloud and Aerith arrive in Wall Market, busy with the hustle and bustle of people. See more ideas about Cloud strife, Final fantasy characters and Final fantasy cloud. Cloud and Aerith - Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy Cloud, Fantasy Series .

Aerith overhears and offers to be one of the girls that the Don chooses from. And what is Cloud's first reaction, when he knows that both Tifa and Aerith are going into a hazardous situation? He strongly objects to Aerith's involvement because he doesn't want her to be in danger.

Where is the concern for Tifa's safety? Aerith is the one to ask him if he is okay with Tifa being in danger, to which Cloud makes a half-hearted objection. But who was his primary concern? Which woman was first on Cloud's mind when he thought of both of them being at the mercy of the lecherous Corneo?

His objection was immediate and passionate. If the Don picks Aerith We've gotta help Aerith!! If you take me lightly, you're gonna pay for it!! Tifa clearly feels threatened by his relationship with Aerith. If the Don picks Tifa Kotch is comically chasing Aerith around in circles. Aerith runs up the stairs and Kotch follows. When Aerith reaches Cloud, she kicks Kotch in the crotch. We gotta help Tifa! To tell you the truth, my heart was pounding. Once again, he is shown going to Aerith's rescue and showing more concern for her than Tifa.

Aerith, on the other hand, manages to take care of herself when she takes Kotch down with one well-placed kick to his happy sacks. This is one tough little flower girl! If you pick Cloud's first optional dialogue, he will ask Aerith if she is okay.

Aerith tries to brush it off, but then admits that she was scared. And you know what? Cloud is fine with that. He isn't rudely demanding to know why she put herself in danger if she was just going to get scared. However, he did do that exact thing to Tifa earlier in the game.

Cloud is gentle and kind around Aerith, plain and simple. The fact that he treats her better than Tifa is quite telling. Aerith is shaken, but responds in kind, saying that they should hurry. What is different here? The lack of jealousy. Aerith isn't jealous of Tifa, which suggests that she doesn't consider Tifa's relationship with Cloud a threat. And what does this mean? It means Aerith, who can grasp the truth deep inside people's minds, sees nothing between Cloud and Tifa.

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship marketing

Tifa, on the other hand, who doesn't even have special abilities, can plainly see the relationship growing between Cloud and Aerith. Let's move on to the next scene of interest After the Plate Falls Barret, Tifa, and Cloud are all standing next to a pile of debris where the gate to Sector 7 once stood. It's all gone now. But they were too late. Cloud stands silently with his back to Tifa and Barret while the two lament the staggering loss of life.

Barret is blaming Shinra Tifa is wrestling with her own feelings. Both of them realize that the tragedy was largely in part due to the actions of Avalanche. Tifa consoles Barret, telling him that she believes Marlene is safe. Earlier, when they saw Aerith in the helicopter, Aerith called out to Tifa "She's all right" before being taken away. Barret faces Cloud, whose back is still turned. Where's he think he's goin'?

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship marketing

What's up with her? I don't really know But she's the one I left Marlene with. There ain't no turnin' back now. Tifa heads for the exit, stops and looks back over her shoulder The scene fades back in. Cloud is walking along the broken highway, away from the playground. But before that, there's something I want to know. And why is this? Because he is lost in thought over the loss of Aerith. Cloud then turns and walks away without a second thought, without offering any words of condolences for two people who just lost three good friends, without asking for any assistance.

He is going after Aerith. He even ignores Tifa in her time of need to go after Aerith. And Tifa knows who is on Cloud's mind. Cloud walks off screen and Barret and Tifa follow him. Barret's primary concern is his adopted daughter, Marlene. But Tifa knows what's up. She asks Cloud if he is going to help Aerith and he confirms that he is.

So, in other words, with or without Barret and Tifa, Cloud is going after Aerith. Cloud tells Elmyra that the Shinra have kidnapped Aerith, however Elmyra already knew as Shinra soldiers had taken Aerith from her home. Apparently, Aerith had gone to Seventh Heaven, rescued Marlene, and taken the little girl back to her own house.

Elmyra then tells Cloud and company all about Aerith being an Ancient and how she was not Aerith's real mother. She also tells them about Aerith's unusual abilities and the day that the Turks first came around, demanding that Aerith be returned to them.

So I guess they wouldn't harm her. On the way here, Tseng found them. She probably couldn't get away fast enough.

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She decided to go to the Shinra in exchange for the little girl's safety. Aerith was caught because of Marlene!? Elmyra explains that, during Aerith's rescue of Marlene, Tseng had found them. Aerith had negotiated with him: And so she was allowed to take Marlene to her house, but, in return, she had to go with Shinra.

Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie are gone. And then, Aerith was kidnapped. If only she was not involved in this battle, between me and Shinra…. So far, it seemed the Turks had never tried to forcibly take her away in violent manner. They just persistently asked for her cooperation. But, Shinra was entirely impetuous this time.

If Shinra changed the strategy all of a sudden, then no one can guarantee her safety. I need to get in the Shinra building. I need to rescue her……by all means! He regrets getting her involved in his issues with Shinra and remarks how Shinra had become more violent in pursuing Aerith. Keeping that in mind, he knew that Aerith was not safe and follows it up with proclaiming that he needs to rescue Aerith by any means necessary.

Cloud's dedication to Aerith's safety is quite apparent in the above passage. He has devoted himself to the role of bodyguard and fully intends to go through hell and high water to ensure that the flower girl gets rescued. This is a huge deviation from earlier, when Cloud was balking at rescuing Tifa because it involved him putting on a dress. He won't dress in drag to rescue Tifa but he will rescue Aerith by any means necessary? Later in the scene, Barret goes upstairs to check on Marlene.

Cloud goes upstairs as well, but attempts to leave when he sees Barret crying. She's done so much for me If it's the Shinra you're dealin' with, I can't just sit here! Aerith was asking me lots of questions. Like what kind of person Cloud is. I bet she likes you, Cloud!

I don't know Option 2: Let's hope so Cloud: After all, she saved his daughter's life and he wishes to repay her. Meanwhile, Marlene speaks to Cloud for the very first time. Apparently, she and Aerith talked a lot during their flight from Sector 7 to Aerith's House. It seems Aerith asked Marlene a lot of questions about Cloud and the bright little tyke picked up on the fact that Aerith likes Cloud.

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She mentions this to Cloud and he has two optional responses. Marlene will only respond with "I won't tell Tifa" if Cloud says that he hopes Aerith likes him. If Cloud responds with the first option, Marlene tells him that he's stupid. XD The above quote, however, seems to indicate that option two is a more valid choice, as Marlene is confirmed as having said "I won't tell Tifa" in a canon source.

Marlene also seems to understand how Tifa feels about Cloud and promises that she won't tell Tifa that Cloud reciprocates Aerith's interest. Marlene is the first character in the game who is clearly a supporter of Cloud x Aerith. After all, we certainly never see her trying to get Cloud and Tifa together. Cloud goes to leave. They tell Elmyra to go somewhere else, as her home is no longer safe. With that done, the trio head off to Wall Market to search for a way to Shinra HQ, which is on the upper plate.

Once they have it figured out, they climb to the upper plate and arrive at Shinra HQ. For a moment, they argue about how best to go in. They end up sneaking in through a stair well and start climbing. I doubt that's possible though You're giving me the creeps. Later, Cloud has the option of giving the flower to Tifa, or giving it to Marlene. I always choose to give it to Marlene because, once again, I feel it is the best option in regard to the plot due to Marlene's character art.

But, as I said before, I won't believe there is a "canon" outcome for any optional scene unless S-E comes out and says so. From Maiden of the Planet: This time, Cloud had separated from his body and was now in an absentminded state but, in the abyss of the Mako world, he saw a hand there to guide him. It was white and delicate - it reminded him of the hand that gave him a flower in Midgar.

Unconsciously, he stretched out his hand Here we have Cloud remembering buying a flower from Aerith in an official novella. Honestly, I think I have enough proof here to announce that Cloud buying the flower from Aerith is canon, however S-E has not issued a statement on this matter. Until they do, I will continue to call this an optional scene. However, I am sure you now understand why I choose to have Cloud buy a flower from Aerith, right?

Not only does Cloud fancy Aerith from the very beginning, but it is clear that she likes him as well. After all, she sold Cloud a flower for only one gil.

Flowers may be commonplace in reality, but in Midgar flowers are a rare commodity. If you go to the Honeybee Inn, Aerith finds herself surrounded by guys. She notices Johnny and the state he is in freaking out about whether to go into the brothel or not and gives him a flower and ALSO gives him one gil.

He thanks her and says he will treasure both items always. Then, Aerith turns around and sells one of the pervs hanging around her a flower for gil! And then there is another guy she sells a flower to for gil! So, Aerith makes a pretty good living selling those lovely flowers Selling flowers will richen both wallet and streets? Crisis Core Ultimania, Aerith's profile Aerith will only sell her flowers for one gil if she takes a liking to you.

This probably has something to do with Aerith's Cetra abilities She knows it because of her mysterious, inherent ability. I feel like I'm being called by the wind, therefore, I'm going to have a journey.

FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania, Aerith's profile Aerith's Cetra heritage gives her many gifts, one of which is the ability to see into the hearts and minds of others. This is why she charges the dirt bags outside the Honeybee Inn gil or gil for a single flower, and then turns around and sells a good person like Cloud a flower for only one gil.

When she felt sorry for Johnny, she gave away one of her flowers for free and threw in one gil to ease his anxiety. She can see right through Johnny and Cloud, and she knows for a fact that they have good hearts. The other perverts hanging around the Honeybee Inn get raked over the coals by the shrewd flower girl. Another thing important to note is that Cloud and Aerith first meet under a sign for Loveless. The camera starts at the Loveless sign and pans down.

If you put all of the screens together, this is what you get Can you hear me? You could get by with just skinned knees Can you get up? What do you mean by 'that time'?

Don't worry about me. You just worry about yourself now.

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship marketing

I'll give it a try. Take it slow now. The Flower Girl from Midgar [Aerith] kneels next to him. Cloud manages to sit up.

This is a church in the Sector 5 slums. It suddenly fell on top of me. It really gave me quite a scare. I came crashing down? The flowers here are quite resilient because this is a sacred place. They say you can't grow grass and flowers in Midgar. But for some reason, the flowers have no trouble blooming here. I love it here. So, we meet again. Segmented bangs frame Aerith's face and she has emerald green eyes.

During a Wall Market quest she wears a red spaghetti-strapped formal gown with frill designs and red heels. Her long light brown wavy hair is let loose but retains her large pink ribbon.

As a child, she wears a dark blue denim jumper dress with a light teal turtleneck, white socks and brown shoes. Her ribbon is light teal. After her adoption, she wears a burnt orange loose collar shirt with a yellow collar, brown shorts and a matching short boots. Her ribbon is yellow.

Advent Children with new details to her jacket, giving her two pockets on the breast and replacing the metal bands on the sleeves with leather belts. This is how Aerith appears in most of her spin-off appearances.

During their first date Zack Fair buys her the iconic pink hair ribbon, and later suggests Aerith continue to wear pink, likely prompting her wardrobe change to what is seen in Final Fantasy VII. In Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- Aerith wears a pink, white and red top tied around the neck with buttons up the front, and a frilly white and green skirt.

Aerith Gainsborough

In Kingdom Hearts, Aerith wears a variation of her original Final Fantasy VII attire, abandoning the jacket and bracers, instead wearing a series of metal bracelets on one arm. She also wears a thick bright blue belt. As she was raised in the Midgar SlumsAerith maintains that she can take care of herself and can fight off Shinra troops, as well as demonstrating more subtle forms of savvy.

Aerith is flirtatious with Cloud and possesses a carefree and naive nature, expressing a desire to fly on an airship when the party sails out of Junon. When Aerith has made up her mind about something she will not listen to anyone who tells her otherwise. Though she means well, Aerith can be insensitive to other people's problems, like when Barret is troubled in the Gold Saucer.

Aerith and Tifa often spend time together when the party splits up and are good friends, though both also appear slightly jealous of the other's closeness to Cloud. As a child, Aerith was reluctant to accept her Cetra heritage, and in Final Fantasy VII she admits to Cloud she considers herself lonely, as she is the only remaining Cetra.

These traits may be influenced by her Cetra heritage allowing her to communicate with the Planet. Aerith has a strong sense of forgiveness, displayed in occasions such as with Cloud after the events at the Temple of the Ancients. She even shows compassion to people who might not deserve the gesture, like Tseng. Aerith is portrayed as an independent, outgoing, motherly [8]and kind young woman who displays an intuitive understanding of others and is deeply in-tune with nature.

At the beginning of the second CD, the Weapons have been released upon the world, and Cloud is missing. After freeing herself from a gas chamber, her only means of escape is to run towards the end of the Junon cannon and leap to safety aboard the airship. She almost makes it, but Shinra executive Scarlet follows her, expertly able to balance on the narrow, rounded cannon in her high heels, and challenges Tifa to… a slap fight.

Tifa, a martial artist of the highest caliber accepts, and the two share a weird moment where they slap each other in the face to the point of submission. Yup, this needs to go. In the remake, Tifa should just unload her fists on Scarlet and not be reduced to negative female stereotypes. At the end of the second CD, Diamond Weapon launches an assault on the city of Midgar and seeks to take the Shinra Corporation with it. Of course, Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus, like the lame pieces of fan-service that they are, brought back President Rufus.

These claim that he somehow survived the explosion thanks to an escape hatch that happened to be right below his feet. Of course, in the original cutscene, Rufus is clearly engulfed in flames and has no chance of surviving.

For the sake of continuity and the altered canon, Square Enix will have to remake this cutscene since you can no longer misinterpret the dated CG. Palmer and the Truck Rocket Town is the final location Cloud and friends visit on their tour of the two main continents.