Facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship with god

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facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship with god

In the end, Ivo and Milagros survive the tests of their relationship and wed in front of the people they love. Cast[edit]. Natalia Oreiro as Milagros 'Mili' Esposito-Di Carlo de Miranda; Facundo Arana as Ivo Di Carlo-Miranda Rapallo; Fernanda Mistral .. Rome - Roman representation of Tiber as a god, Capitoline Hill in Rome. The television Argentine couple Facundo Arana and Natalia Oreiro gained wide At that time Natalia was in a relationship with Pablo Echarri and did not. It is the second telenovela starring Facundo Arana and Natalia Oreiro as lead actors. The relationship between the two was more than professional; Facundo Arana had .. [2] The title is a take on Judy Blume's Are You There God? It's Me.

Thanks to Rafal for information! Today since 9 p. Among others Naty in the show said she will lead a programme Se dice de mi on channel Encuentro. In the programme Naty talked about meeting of Dani Umpi and Martin Sastre on a day of Natalia's birthday and how they offered her to film the movie. Natalia talkes also about a crisis which she lived when she was on tour.

She couldn't manage to sing, be on tour and act in the same time. Futhermore she spoke about rock songs, composed by her husband Ricardo, because Ale Sergi didn't have the face to compose rock songs. The discussion moved to a hot topic in Argentina, gay marriages.

At the end of the show appeared there also a little star, Sofi Silvera. The show lasted 1,5 hour with the live guests. She enjoys movies of Lolita Torres and now escapes the television. Natalia Oreiro is on the cover of July's issue of magazine Tendencia Mujer. And another magazine where you can see Naty on the cover, is Argentinean magazine Luz.

You could already see here the photos from backstage of the photoshoot with Gaby Herbstein.

facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship with god

Here is the headline "Since child, she was very hated". It's almost unbelievable but there is another magazine with Natalia on a cover. It's Argentinean magazine Gente. The photoshoot took place in El Cerro, in Montevideo, in the place where was Naty growing up. Further she thanked to distributors who managed the national movie is screened in whole Argentina since 15th July. She confessed that she is still in love with Ricardo, they will celebrate 9th anniversary and it's the her closest person together with Valeria Lorca and sister Adriana.

facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship with god

Then she talked about CD with songs, about child, possible filming of new soap opera on Canal 13 in the next year Susana said Telefe will be jealousLas Oreiro They were also photographed near Naty's house and they have appeared on the magazine's cover.

In the next movie, which is going to be filmed since September "My first weeding" they will get married. I remember that I couldn't work with him, because I was laughing all the time. He said something and then I was laughing long. Among other guests belong Alejandro Lerner, Georgina Barbarrosa Show is broadcated since And here is another magazine where has Natalia appeared and it is called Remix.

Naty could be also on the cover and she gave an interview. Meanwhile you can see in the gallery one photo. This issue describes Natalia like a champion of Eco. Ambassador of Greenpeace, an actress who fights against whaler ships and toxic world. You can listen the audio hereand I recomend you to listen part about Today is Naty returning to Buenos Aires.

Naty talked about her mum, who couldn't believe that Naty plays in the movie also the bad one, Candida. And at the end she talked about World Cup which is the hottest topic in Uruguay now. Here you can watch Natalia's part in today's programme. The first reportage from the preview can be watched here. All actors were very nervous, but the movie was very succesful. Natalia said she is very nervous but also very happy. Furthermore today is held the preview!

In the radio interview you can listen in background another new song by Natalia. The 20 minutes long interview can be listened here. A half hour long Natalia's visit you can download below. At the end Natalia sang and danced a short choreography from the movie. Enjoy Naty on TV! Today is held the preview! Natalia shined on the cover of another magazine, this time on Uruguayan magazine Bla.

Natalia was yesterday photographed for new photoshoots, by a photographer Gaby Herbstein. The photoshoot ended late, but Natalia was amazing like always, according to Gaby's words. So we can look forward new photos soon.

It looks like these 3 will reach an agreement soon. FB Algun dia el mundo sera nuestro, ultimasnoticias. She said details of filming.

She confessed that when she was younger, she had a programme in Uruguayan radio, she remembered her childhood and said she is not going to record new CD. Naty met in the radio with Carlos Bellosso, a colleague from Sos mi vida Quique and he sang a serenade in the radio. The winner will get CD with the music of the movie, with autographs. But it's not everything For more information it is necessary to listen radio TKM. Natalia was probably the day before yesterday with Ricardo at play of Mike Amigorena "La noche antes de los bosques".

In many cinemas around Buenos Aires can onlookers since today watch this movie with Natalia Oreiro, Milagros Caetano and Lautaro Delgado in leading roles. Let's hope we will see the movie too. Natalia was there with her husband Ricrdo, and sister Adriana.

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She talked about movies, which she is going to film. Tomorrow there should be in Argentina a preview of the movie Francia, which premiere is planned for 17th June. Naty also gave many interviews to televisions and newspapers. Natalia should lead a new programme for women with many topics, among them also health, on the channel Encuentro. Neither the movie, either Natalia unfortunatelly didn't win.

But Naty enjoyed the evening with actress Andrea del Boca. Previously published date was 8th July. And premiere in Spain is planned for September.

facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship with god

The movie is in the process of sound control and other technical parametrs. On the premiere is expected a presence of the big protagonist Natalia Oreiro, with Ale Sergi and also Ricardo Mollo, who contributed with one song composition. Producers and a director await a decision of Spanish actress Rossy de Palma and Venezuelan actress Jeannette Rodriguez if they are present at the premiere as well.

facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship with god

Now they are also still working on the inclusion of names of girls who participated in the online casting and their agreement to publish their names in the final film's information. Spots, which will be broadcasted in the congress, were filmed with 42 famous persons of Argentina, including Natalia Oreiro.

Natalia in the video with Luciano Castro says: The party, with present people held in hotel Savoy, in Rosario. Natalia gave an interview, in which she said she is not going to return to television this year and she neither plans a return with Facundo Arana. She is preparing for 2 movies' premiere and to film another movies. The moderators called her and she said she is on her way home, at airport.

They went to LA only for 2 days but they weren't lucky at all. Because there was raining so they had to stay there a little longer. Naty sent greetings to everyone and thanked for collaboration. On the airport Natalia confirmed that she has concrete television offer by Suar and one another, very important. But to see her in television, we have to wait at least till the next year, because right now she is going to film another movies.

Once again they await a presence of Natalia Oreiro and Facundo Arana as guests of this special night.

You Are the One (Argentine TV series)

The dinner is held on Thursday, 3rd July, at The videos will be handed over to senators, to know what people think about this topic. Natalia shines on the cover and gave an interview for the magazine. The day before yesterday somebody decided to made Natalia's life more difficult and crossed the posters with a sign "This is a cell phone of Natalia Oreiro When you call to the number, there will be Natalia asks you to leave a message.

Is that only bigger promotion of the product or an action against Natalia? It's unusual part of promotion. Natalia will accompany an actress Graciela Borges, in the movie of a director Marcos Carnevale. The filming should start in December, instead of planned August, what put the Uruguayan actress into trouble, because she has to reorganize her agenda.

facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship with god

She hopes she will be a part of the movie. A desperate lady is going the place where she sees her husband, dying in the arms of much younger woman Oreiro. So she discovers double life of her husband and she gets into atypical relationship with his beautiful lover in the context of a black comedy.

It will be the 6th movie of Carnevale, who has uneven film career, because he combines good movies and movie blockbusters with more slack movies in the case of "Almejas y mejillones.

She was a part of jury which chose the most elegant woman of the evening, an actress Isabel Macedo. This year will be the event held on 29th May since 18 to 24 o'clock.

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Unicef expects that the earnings will go to the programmes of health, protection and education. The programme will be aired on Uruguayan television Canal Her adoptive mother Nieves lives with Enrique "Quique" Ferreti, her natural son and Esperanza's childhood boyfriend. The writers drafted Quique's general outlines; Belloso defined most of his personality, including the relationship with Esperanza—which is halfway between engagement and brotherhood—and his Oedipus complex with his mother.

Quesada is a businessman and Formula 1 driver, but is not presented as selfish or greedy as is the archetype of entrepreneurs in soap operas. The two locations associated with him are the Quesada Group office, presided over by him, and his home.

The office has the characters of Quesada's chief adviser Alfredo Uribe, the secretary Mercedes, and his cousin Miguel Quesada, who serves as vice-president, and the lawyer Felix Perez Garmendia. His girlfriend Constanza Insua and his cousin Debbie are also included. Another recurring site is the apartment of Miguel and Debbie, which would be also used as the house of Constanza or Garmendia if needed. From left to right: Her manager, Enrique "Quique" Ferreti, is pressuring her to continue fighting, despite her pain.

This injury complicates her economic situation, as her boxing provides the only income for her adoptive family, namely Quique and his mother, Maria de las Nieves.

Nieves loves Esperanza like her own daughter, and pressures her to marry Quique. Her neighbor Kimberly suggests that Esperanza apply for a job in the Quesada Group, where she works as a janitress. The secretary Mercedes rejects Esperanza due to her violent manners and her dressing style.

He takes them to his home, and starts the legal proceedings to adopt them. Quique and Constanza begin their own relationship, unknown by most other characters.

Both were determined to work hard and engaged in it enthusiastically. At that time Natalia was in a relationship with Pablo Echarri and did not consider other men to be a lover. However, according to Facundo, it was impossible not to fall in love with Natalya. Between the actors, friendly relations were established at once, but during the filming in each of them love raged.

In one of the interviews, Facundo confessed that Natalia, with her character and other virtues, is very attracted to herself. That's why it was incredibly easy to play love on the screen. Fruitful union The stunning success of the series "Wild Angel" inArgentina and abroad encouraged the filmmakers to reunite the actors on the screen more than once. Once again it happened in the series "You are my life", which also was popular all over the world.

Each time the viewer was attracted by an incomprehensible harmony in the union of seemingly so different people. Natalia Oreiro - mobile and impulsive, Facundo Arana - calm and restrained.