Eowyn and aragorn relationship quizzes

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eowyn and aragorn relationship quizzes

As for Arwen being an Elf--not quite. As the daughter of Elrond, she lives the life of the Eldar. However, she and her brothers have been granted the right to make . A deleted scene in Peter Jackson's trilogy reveals a little more about the relationship between Éowyn and Faramir as they meet while both. Galadriel and Aragorn. Faramir and Galadriel. Eowyn and Faramir. What is the relation between Sean Astin and his on screen daughter.

eowyn and aragorn relationship quizzes

Undeniably this is a moving scene giving closure to the relationship. Yet this does not occur in the books. Her greatest achievement is missed by the father figure who she cared for in life and fights to avenge. When the call comes to ride out once more against Mordor, she begs to be allowed to fight but is once again refused. What could be more appealing for the lank-haired villain than the beautiful, proud daughter of Rohan?


The clue was in the name, you would have thought. In the book he is caught "watching her under his lids and haunting her steps" and in the film he makes very obvious, very clumsy romantic passes at her.

eowyn and aragorn relationship quizzes

They are taken to the Houses of Healing in Minas Tirith but they grow steadily sicker. Faramir awakens to the sweet smell first. A scene depicting this was shot for The Return of the King but only makes it into the Extended Edition. Oscar-winning costume designer, Ngila Dickson, designed the costumes for the scene and considers them some of the best in the entire trilogy.

However, while the scene is described in the commentary and interviews, it is not even included in the Extended Edition. There are not even any set photos of the scene made public.

Depending on the version, the books have between and pages. It is no surprise that certain aspects are left out or diminished to fit into the, already considerable, runtime of the films.

Prior to watching his son leave to find Strider, Thranduil remarked that his mother loved him more than life itself, which are his only tender words spoken in the series. She produced a brave son who helped to save Middle-earth.


Legolas' mother perished in battle with the Orcs, which is why she has no tombstone. Just how everlasting was that love, though? Not only does Diamond have no story of her own, but Pippin had no desire to be buried next to her once their time on Middle-earth was through.

Like Merry, Pip traveled back to Rohan and Gondor in his late days, perishing and being buried with their old friend Aragorn rather than with their families.

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We get that your glory days were pretty epic, Pip, but do the 50 years you spent as Thain of the Shire, where you spent the majority of your life, count for nothing? Who tries to burn their own kid alive? It's easy to despise Denethor and not empathize with his loss of wife and child.

Finduilas, a kind woman who raised Faramir on her own, really deserved better, and the city perished without her presence.

The supposed great man and warrior nearly cost the Fellowship the ring, causing them to separate and engage in a much more perilous journey.

They fell in love with one another so hard at first sight that they could not move or speak for years, merely staring at one another while the forest grew around them.

eowyn and aragorn relationship quizzes

That's real immortal love right there; no wonder her dad thought a mortal wouldn't be good enough for his daughter. They faced great tragedy in the end; Thingol's own arrogance cost him his life and Melian retreated to Valinor in her grief. Theoden And Elfhild As much as King Theoden is hailed as a brave and worthy warrior, he did allow Grima Wormtongue to cloud his mind, rebuked his niece for wanting to serve in battle, and made plenty of errors on the throne.

His wife, Elfhild, at least had a name, but that's all: We get that it's supposed to be "realistic," but there are dragons, werewolves, and hobbits who still manage to survive it all, so that's a pretty weak explanation. Gilraen, who was clairvoyant, knew that their marriage would somehow bring hope to the people, and that was enough for her. The marriage indeed ended in tragedy when Arathorn was slain when Aragorn was only two years old.

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The Undying Lands are the place that all Elves are meant to go and retire in peace and comfort.