End of relationship shes the man movie

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end of relationship shes the man movie

Amanda Bynes and Andy Fickman at an event for She's the Man () Robert .. were the dancers in Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical (), which was. She was counting on Sebastian being AWOL from school, while he tried to break into Movie Info . Viola Hastings: Fine, end of relationship. She's the Man is an amazing movie. . knowing this is exactly what Channing Tatum thinks about relationships.* And so it all ends perfectly.

Eunice does come off as a genuinely nice girl, she just has absolutely no idea how to chat to boys in a way that doesn't scare them off. Rare for this type of character is that she actually seems to be aware of this, noting that her intensity is a problem. Olivia's going out with Duke to get "Sebastian" to fall for her.

end of relationship shes the man movie

This goes about as badly as one might expect in a comedy, but does have the inadvertent benefit of directing Toby back to the Hollywood Homely Eunice when he sees her with "Sebastian" on a double date: Introducing your brother to your friend who you think will be good for him and then them going to a party together is rather less silly than the actual marriage that happens in the play. Toby and Eunice as well, they even appear at the debutante party at the end.

It's fairly obvious, when Sebastian and Viola are on screen together, that no-one could possibly confuse them for the same person.

It's Lampshaded and justified in the beginning; no one at the school had seen Sebastian before.

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After he finally arrives, it gets a lot less plausible to the point that the writers have to weasel a couple of Contrived Coincidences Olivia keeping her eyes closed and Sebastian putting on some "war paint" right before the game to make it work. In fact, the director commentary says that they had to cut a scene where a couple of people see Sebastian up-close before the game because it completely shattered the Willing Suspension of Disbelief.

All Viola wants to do is play soccer. When the girls' team gets cut and she isn't allowed to try out for the boys team she realizes that if she joins the rival team and beats the school that rejected her she can prove that she should get to play.

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As stated concerning Sebastian and Viola in a yearbook that Malcolm studies as part of his Viola binds her chest with bandages. At one point, they get caught in a cabinet drawer during a talk with the principal.

She tries to pass it off as just leaning there while she struggles to get the bandage free. Viola while posing as Sebastian gets some help from Paul's arm candy gals to make "him" look like a real player so the other guys will think this somewhat clumsy and seemingly dorky "guy" a Casanova who might be worth befriending for some advice on getting girlfriends for themselves.

Viola was not a student at Sebastian's school. Their team should have had to forfeit when the truth was revealed. On the other hand, if Viola's school had tried to invoke that rule, Sebastian's could have pointed out that refusing to even let the girls try out violated Title IX. Even if we're generous and say that it would have hurt her half as much as it would a guy, neither gender is capable of no-selling a soccer ball to the groin to the point that they have to fake being in pain.

Identity fraud, especially today, is a serious crime, one that they put you away for. This rule seems to be the only reason why the authorities do not get involved.

end of relationship shes the man movie

Shakespeare in a soccer-themed movie in a modern-day high school setting. Share the Male Pain: When Viola gets hit in the crotch with a soccer ball, all the boys wince. With the help of her stylist friend, Paul Jonathan Sadowskishe is transformed into "Sebastian" and attends Illyria in his place.

While moving in, she meets her roommate, Duke Orsino Channing Tatuman attractive soccer player and Illyria's team captain. During tryouts, Viola fails to impress Coach Dinklage Vinnie Jones and is assigned to second string, much to her dismay. Her teammates, including Duke, initially dislike "Sebastian" due to his awkward and strange behavior.

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However, with help from Paul once again, they begin to accept him into their social circle. Coach Dinklage eventually notices "Sebastian's" effort and improvement, thus promoting him to first string.

At the Junior League carnival, where her mother has made her volunteer, Viola works a shift at the kissing booth and shares a kiss with Duke. Duke expresses to "Sebastian" that he might move on from Olivia as he is starting to like Viola now.

Viola is delighted as she secretly feels the same way. Olivia who now has a crush on "Sebastian", asks Duke out on a date in hopes that it will make "Sebastian" jealous. Viola, who is unaware of Olivia's true intentions, is enraged instead because Duke has now abandoned his interest in Viola. When Viola finds out the truth, she encourages Olivia to tell "Sebastian" directly about her feelings. The situation becomes even more complicated when the real Sebastian returns from London a day early, unbeknownst to Viola.

end of relationship shes the man movie

As soon as he arrives at Illyria, Olivia confesses her feelings and kisses him. Duke, seeing this, believes his roommate has betrayed him.

end of relationship shes the man movie

When "Sebastian" returns to their room, the two have an argument and Duke kicks him out. Viola oversleeps and misses the first half of the game, while the real Sebastian is mistaken for "Sebastian" and winds up poorly playing his sister's game instead.