Elizabeth taylor and montgomery clift relationship

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elizabeth taylor and montgomery clift relationship

Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor in A PLACE IN THE SUN Indeed, his most meaningful, spiritual relationships were with women and his list of lovers is . Oct 15, Photos of Montgomery Clift and his co-star and soul mate, Elizabeth Taylor, on the set of the classic, 'A Place in the Sun.'. Oct 29, In fact, the attitudes he and his family held towards his relationships with men Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift in A Place in the Sun.

Clift, however, could not adjust to school, and never went to college. Instead, he took to stage acting, beginning in a summer production, which led to his debut on Broadway by It is not likely that any recording of the broadcast exists. His first movie role was opposite John Wayne in Red Riverwhich was shot in and released in His second movie was The Search.

Clift was unhappy with the quality of the script, and edited it himself. The movie was awarded a screenwriting Academy Award for the credited writers.

elizabeth taylor and montgomery clift relationship

Clift signed on for his next movie, 's The Heiressin order to avoid being typecast. Clift was unhappy with the script, and unable to get along with most of the cast. He criticized co-star Olivia de Havillandsaying that she let the director shape her entire performance and telling friends that he wanted to change de Havilland's lines because "She isn't giving me enough to respond [to]".

The studio marketed Clift as a sex symbol prior to the movie's release in Clift had a large female following, and Olivia de Havilland was flooded with angry fan letters because her character rejects Clift's character in the final scene of the movie. Clift ended up unhappy with his performance, and left early during the film's premiere.

Liz & Monty — And A Jealous Richard Burton?

Clift also starred in The Big Liftwhich was shot on location in Germany in Clift's performance in 's A Place in the Sun is regarded as one of his signature method acting performances. He worked extensively on his character, and was again nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor. For his character's scenes in jail, Clift spent a night in a real state prison.

He also refused to go along with director George Stevens ' suggestion that he do "something amazing" on his character's walk to the electric chair. Instead, he walked to his death with a natural, depressed facial expression.

Liz Taylor & Montgomery Clift 2

His main acting rival and fellow Omaha, Nebraska, nativeMarlon Brando, was so moved by Clift's performance that he voted for Clift to win the Academy Award for Best Actorand was sure that he would win.

A Place in the Sun was critically acclaimed; Charlie Chaplin called it "the greatest movie made about America". The film received added media attention due to the rumors that Clift and co-star Elizabeth Taylor were dating in real life. They were billed as "the most beautiful couple in Hollywood". Many critics still call Clift and Taylor "the most beautiful Hollywood movie couple of all time". Clift was notoriously picky with his projects.

Alerted by friend Kevin McCarthywho witnessed the accident, Taylor raced to Clift's side, manually pulling a tooth out of his tongue as he had begun to choke on it. He suffered a broken jaw and nose, a fractured sinus, and several facial lacerations which required plastic surgery.

elizabeth taylor and montgomery clift relationship

After a two-month recovery, Clift returned to the set to finish the film. Despite the studio's concerns over profits, Clift correctly predicted the film would do well, if only because moviegoers would flock to see the difference in his facial appearance before and after the accident.

elizabeth taylor and montgomery clift relationship

Although the results of Clift's plastic surgeries were remarkable for the time, there were noticeable differences in his facial appearance, particularly the left side of his face, which was nearly immobile. The pain of the accident led him to rely on alcohol and pills for relief, as he had done after an earlier bout with dysentery left him with chronic intestinal problems.

As a result, Clift's health and physical appearance deteriorated considerably from then until his death. Clift in trailer from The Young Lions Clift never physically or emotionally recovered from his car accident. His post-accident career has been referred to as the "longest suicide in Hollywood history" by acting teacher Robert Lewis because of Clift's subsequent abuse of painkillers and alcohol.

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Nevertheless, Clift continued to work over the next ten years. He played a Tennessee Valley Authority agent sent to do the impossible task of convincing Jo Van Fleet to leave her land, and ends up marrying her widowed granddaughter, played by Lee Remick.

Monroe, who was also having emotional and substance abuse problems at the time, famously described Clift in a interview as "the only person I know who is in even worse shape than I am". He played a developmentally disabled man who had been a victim of the Nazi sterilization program testifying at the Nuremberg trials.

The film's director, Stanley Kramerlater wrote in his memoirs that Clift — by this stage a wreck — struggled to remember his lines even for this one scene: Finally, I said to him, "Just forget the damn lines, Monty.

Let's say you're on the witness stand. The prosecutor says something to you, then the defense attorney bitterly attacks you, and you have to reach for a word in the script. Go ahead, and reach for it. Whatever the word may be, it doesn't really matter. Just turn to [Spencer] Tracy on the bench whenever you feel the need, and ad lib something.

It will be all right because it will convey the confusion in your character's mind. While they were able to keep their careers going, their personal lives became tragic, resulting in the psychological damage that often accompanies living a lie.

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One such actor was Montgomery Clift. Of Clift, producer Arthur Laurents once said, "Monty was miserable. He was tremendously guilt-ridden about his homosexuality.

The time Monty spent out in Hollywood only made it worse.

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It said to him, 'You are a pariah if you pursue what you want. He received a Best Actor Oscar nomination, the first of four nominations, for his first released film, The Search he filmed Red River before The Search, but it was released later. Clift has 18 total film credits as an actor, as well as serving as an uncredited co-writer on three of his films. He also made 12 appearances on Broadway before being signed in Hollywood. Still, maintaining his career while circumventing his sexuality was problematic.

Montgomery Clift, Queer Star notes that blackmail attempts were made by those who had seen Clift in gay bars, but such attempts were dealt with by Clift's lawyers. The press was also problematic, with famed gossip columnist Hedda Hopper asking his agent about the matter as early as Stories implying Clift was anything other than straight were routinely quashed.

Clift's career might have continued to go strong if it wasn't for a car accident.

elizabeth taylor and montgomery clift relationship

After leaving a party at Elizabeth Taylor's house, he wrapped his car around a telephone pole, resulting in serious facial lacerations, a broken jaw, broken nose, and fractured sinus.

Reportedly, Taylor rushed to the scene, where she told reporters, "If you dare take one photograph of [Monty] like this, I'll never let another one of you near me again.


While the accident resulted in noticeable changes to his face, despite extensive plastic surgery, it led to even greater changes in his personality, as he became increasing dependent on drugs and alcohol. According to Girelli, "A history of emotional fragility, depressive tendencies, and assorted addictions was suddenly incorporated in leveling trauma of Clift's broken face. While Clift continued to work after the accident, eventually sporadically, the loss of his sexual appeal -- in his eyes -- caused a downward spiral into amplified drug and alcohol consumption.

No longer a pretty boy, what was Clift but an aging homosexual, a "pariah"? Clift died in at the age of 45 from heart problems exacerbated by his unhealthy lifestyle. Clifton Webb L Clift's story may seem representative of the gay actor experience in Hollywood during the era, but that isn't completely accurate.

For some actors, there was more latitude allowed, so long as they didn't broadcast their sexual preferences. Character actors such as Edward Everett Horton and Franklin Pangborn typically played fastidious life-long bachelors, but the distinction between these men and such stars as Clift and Robert Reed, the star of The Brady Bunch who also struggled with his orientation, was that Horton and Pangborn weren't leads or expected to carry a vehicle.

Audiences could look at them as comic-relief before diverting their attention back to the heterosexual love story. Perhaps the most successful of these was three-time Oscar nominee Clifton Webb who, it is rumored, was asked if he was a homosexual and replied, "Devoutly, my boy, devoutly.