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I'm getting materials together for a Drow-centric Underdark campaign, and Drizzt keeps popping up. I'm going over lore and plot hooks that. Catti-brie was a female human and a friend and later wife to Drizzt Do'Urden. as in her first body: she had thick, light brown hair with red highlights and blue eyes. After her father's coronation, the couple planned to be wed but Wulfgar's . Catti-brie was a female human and a friend and later wife to Drizzt Do'Urden. in her first body: she had thick, light brown hair with red highlights and blue eyes. . Catti-brie was beginning to take its toll on their relationship; her adventuring.

Catti-brie possesses a stubborn and tough dwarf personality due to her foster-father. Catti-brie was one of the Companions of the Hall, and had a tentative, on-off romance with Drizzt through many of the books. This tension finally culminated in The Two Swordswhen Catti-brie and Drizzt finally became lovers.


Catti-brie's dwarven upbringing is clear throughout the series. She is portrayed various times during their adventures as having the same accent as the dwarves she grew up with. For quite a while Catti-brie mourned the loss of Wulfgar, but as time passed she found herself falling in love with Drizzt.

When Wulfgar returned from his apparent death, it caused a great deal of mixed emotions in Catti-brie. Wulfgar fled his friends, eventually finding his own way and accepting Catti-brie's burgeoning relationship with Drizzt a matter that was finally settled in The Two Swords, the third book in the Hunter's Blades trilogy. When Regis was being chased by Artemis EntreriCatti-brie was held prisoner by the assassin. For several years she also carried the sentient blade Khazid'hea otherwise known as "Cutter", the sword that she took from the body of Dantrag Baenreafter defeat and death at the hands of Drizzt.

Khazid'hea was stolen by an enthralled Delly Curtiewho was shortly after slain by orcs. Drizzt found the weapon, but lost it in a battle with the orc king Obould Many-Arrows. It was recovered by an exiled drow named Tos'un Del'Armgo, who was in league with the orcs. In combat, Catti-brie usually supported her friends with Taulmaril and her limitless supply of arrows. She was not hesitant about entering melee, however, and would charge into combat with Khazid'hea at the ready, generally confident in her ability to dominate the blade.

However, she was recently wounded by a giant-thrown boulder during the defense of Mithril Hall from the legions of Obould Many-Arrows.


This lasting injury has forced her to largely forgo the use of traditional melee weaponry, being physically unable to fight as she once did. To compensate, she has instead started learning magic under the tutelage of the illusionist Nanfoodle and Lady Alustriel. In The Ghost KingCattie-brie is touched by a strand of the failing Weave of Magic and put into a comatose state from the effects of the Spellplague. She spends the entirety of the book reliving her memories, and it is discovered that she is caught between realms in a place known as Shadowfell.

She eventually dies as a result of the effects and is taken to a personal heaven by Mielikki. In The Companions, the first book of the series The Sunderingit is revealed that Catti-brie, along with Regis, Wulfgar, and Bruenor, were gathered together in Mielikki's personal heaven to be given a choice to aid Drizzt against Lolth at a future date by being reborn into new bodies.

Catti-brie, Regis, and Bruenor choose to temporarily forgo the choice to seek the afterlife in order to save Drizzt, while Wulfgar chooses instead to seek the afterlife and his family after the Companions of the Hall. She is reborn among a Bedine family with her full knowledge intact, and subsequently lives with them, then with a coven of mages in Netheriland finally makes her way to the appointed rendezvous with Drizzt, an event that takes place coinciding with the ending of the previous Drizzt novel, The Last Threshold.

The bow is made of wood enspelled not to break or scratch, and the quiver held 20 silver arrows, when one was used the quiver magically replaced it. The bow was used by Catti-brie until she was later crippled and eventually died, then the bow was used by her husband Drizzt. Part of the weapon's enchantment passed to the arrows when they're fired by it is that the arrows are imbued with crackling energy in flight that causes them to deal far more damage than would be typical for a normal arrow.

Kill It with Fire: Fire is the only thing that kills trolls for good. Drizzt pulls a non-evil version of this in The Crystal Shard after spearing a piece of mutton with a dagger and subsequently accidently dropping it while he and Wulfgar are clearing out a den of giants. The companions take a ton of punishment in the final act of The Halfling's Gem, yet it barely slows them down.

Really weird case in Streams of Silver, where Regis uses his magical gem to try to brainwash a prostitute into sleeping with him out of "loneliness," becoming the first halfling main character in the Forgotten Realms to be an attempted rapist. Oh, and he tries it in front of Wulfgar, who is described as being too shocked to do anything. It doesn't work because a bar fight breaks out immediately afterwards and no character ever mentions this incident again, as if even Salvatore is trying to forget that he wrote that scene.

The way Bruenor tricks Drizzt into going on the search for Mithral Hall is just downright mean. And no one of his friends reproaches him for that. Not even Drizzt himself. That's made all the harsher if one considers that Bruenor was the first 'true' and longtime friend Drizzt had since his father's sacrifice. Granted, in Streams of Silver Bruenor at least acknowledges, that it was a dirty trick. At the end of the third book, the friends leave Regis in control of the thieves' guild, apparently quite comfortable with the idea that he would make a living of organized theft.

Artemis Entreri does not react well when he finds out that Pasha Pook has tried to have Drizzt killed before he, Entreri, has had the chance to fight and kill Drizzt himself. Pasha Pook telling his loyal wizard that since Entreri'll want his room back, the wizard can have his own room designed and to spare no expense and Pook'll pay for it completely.

Regis only pretends to be under Kessel's mental control until he can throw a monkey wrench into the villain's plans. Royals Who Actually Do Something: With a character apparently performing a Heroic Sacrifice by falling down into a giant underground chasm with said creature while defeating it?

Or for that matteran exiled dwarven king leading his companions including a reluctant sneaky halfling to reclaim his kingdom from the clutches of a dragon? Or spoiler-book cover, to be precise. The third book, The Halfling's Gem, shows the heroes fighting demons in Tartarus, which only happens at the very end of the book. Also, it shows Bruenor, who is still thought dead at the beginning of the book, alive and well.

The trolls of the Evermoors; no matter how hard the Companions fight, no matter how many trolls they incapacitate or kill, there are always more ready to take their places, and the ones they cut apart grow back their missing body parts including heads and vital organs; cutting the head off of a troll results in the head eventually growing a new body, the body growing a new head, and then you have TWO hungry trolls coming after you.

As mentioned above, only fire can kill them, and even when they've got that it's still difficult for the good guys to hold off all of the trolls. When the Companions are attacked by desert bandits soon before reaching Calimport, Wulfgar manages to suplex a horse.

The people of Ten-Towns whom Drizzt protects and saved the lives of more than once and has never once offered them harm. Despite all of the good he has done to save them, such as besting the Barbarian King to end the attack Though this got him the gratitude of one of the townshis wounded body was kicked and tormented by one of the major leaders. Plus he is the primary reason that Akar Kessell was even defeated at all, since he managed to destroy Crystal-Tirith and cause Akar Kessell to get himself killed.

The rider that Drizzt saves immediately tries to kill him and would have, had Wulfgar not intervened once he gets a good look at him.

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The riders then surround them, refuse them entry into their town, threaten them, and make several verbal jabs at Drizzt. The only reason things don't come to a head is because the riders decide they really don't want to fight them. Bruenor is given a potion to drive him back into his childhood, and make him remember the location of his lost homeland.

When he cannot tell it because it is secret, Drizzt enhances the illusion by pretending to be an ally coming with an army to help Bruenor. Unlike most examples, the whole thing was actually Bruenor's idea rather than an enemy's. Work Off the Debt: