Dont flirt winner instrumental conditioning

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dont flirt winner instrumental conditioning

"No." The girl, a bit cranky herself, started to fuss, and the battle was one quickly escalated to a the candy bar, the mother was inadvertently using operant conditioning to teach her .. wouldn't stop repeating the same unsuccessful chess strategy or stop flirt- ing with .. better their chances of winning will be. The trouble is. In operant conditioning, the loss of a behavior when no consequence follows it. strategy or stop flirting with someone who doesn't respond to our interest). I don't proclaim to be a master or anything like that. Being around someone you respect can be the best learning and growth .. Playfulness includes teasing, flirting, banter and just not taking . who initially don't like us, it's more rewarding than winning someone over Classical/Operant Conditioning.

You might have noticed that this part of the equation is one of the basic equations of the expected utility theory at the heart of economics. But one of the major criticisms of standard economic theory was that it did not account for time. For example, in George Akerlof pointed out that we irrationally find present costs more salient than future costs. This led to the flowering of behavioral economicswhich integrates time among other things.

Hence the denominator, which covers the effect of time on our motivation to do a task. The longer the delay before we reap a task's reward, the less motivated we are to do it. The Procrastination Equation in Action As an example, consider the college student who must write a term paper. First, though the value of the paper for her grades may be high, the more immediate value is very low, assuming she dreads writing papers as much as most college students do.

Measuring performance is hard, and any essay re-marked by another professor may get a very different grade: If our college student has an impulsive personality, the negative effect of this delay on her motivation to write the paper is greatly amplified. Writing a term paper is grueling low valuethe results are uncertain low expectancyand the deadline is far away high delay. College dorms, and college campuses in general, might be the most distracting places on earth.

AP Psychology Operant Conditioning, Part II

No wonder that the task of writing a term paper can't compete. These potent distractions amplify the negative effect of the delay in the task's reward and the negative effect of the student's level of impulsiveness. How to Beat Procrastination Although much is known about the neurobiology behind procrastination, I won't cover that subject here.

dont flirt winner instrumental conditioning

Once you know the procrastination equation, our general strategy is obvious. Since there is usually little you can do about the delay of a task's reward, we'll focus on the three terms of the procrastination equation over which we have some control. To beat procrastination, we need to: You might think these things are out of your control, but researchers have found several useful methods for achieving each of them. Optimizing Optimism If you don't think you can succeed, you'll have little motivation to do the task that needs doing.

You've probably heard the advice to "Be positive! So far, researchers have identified three major techniques for increasing optimism: Success Spirals One way to build your optimism for success is to make use of success spirals. Set yourself up for success by doing things you know you can succeed at, again and again, to keep your confidence high.

How Important Is It to Have Fun When Meeting Women?

Steel recommends that for starters, "it is often best to have process or learning goals rather than product or outcome goals. That is, the goals are acquiring or refining new skills or steps the process rather than winning or getting the highest score the product.

Volunteer for more responsibilities at work or in your community. Push a favorite hobby to the next level. The key is to achieve one goal after another and pay attention to your successes. Vicarious Victory Pessimism and optimism are both contagious. ToastmastersRotaryElksShrinersand other local groups.

I recommend you visit such groups in your area and join the best one. You can also boost your optimism by watching inspirational moviesreading inspirational biographiesand listening to motivational speakers.

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Mental Contrasting Many popular self-help books encourage creative visualization, the practice of regularly and vividly imagining what you want to achieve: After imagining what you want to achieve, mentally contrast that with where you are now. Visualize your old, rusty car and your small paycheck. This presents your current situation as an obstacle to be overcome to achieve your dreams, and jumpstarts planning and effort. How can you guard against too much optimism?

Plan for the worst but hope for the best. Increasing Value It's hard to be motivated to do something that doesn't have much value to us - or worse, is downright unpleasant. The malleability of value is a well-studied area called psychophysics,20 and researchers have some advice for how we can inject value into necessary tasks. Flow If the task you're avoiding is boring, try to make it more difficult, right up to the point where the difficulty level matches your current skill, and you achieve "flow.

Myrtle Young made her boring job at a potato chip factory more interesting and challenging by looking for potato chips that resembled celebrities and pulling them off the conveyor belts. Meaning It also helps to make sure tasks are connected to something you care about for its own sake,22 at least through a chain: Breaking the chain leaves a task feeling meaningless. Energy Obviously, tasks are harder when you don't have much energy.

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Drink lots of water. Stop eating anything that contains wheat and other grains. Use drugs especially modafinil as necessary. Do short but intense exercise once a week. Listen to music that picks up your mood. De-clutter your life, because clutter is cognitively exhausting for your brain to process all day long. Rewards One obvious way to inject more value into a task is to reward yourself for completing it. Pair a long-term interest with a short-term pleasure. Treat yourself to a specialty coffee when doing your taxes.

I bribe myself with Pinkberry frozen yogurt to do things I hate doing. It doesn't take much extra motivation for me to research meta-ethics or write summaries of scientific self-help: Some people who love playing video games have made careers out of it.

Handling Impulsiveness Impulsiveness is, on average, the biggest factor in procrastination. Here are two of Steel's a methods for dealing with impulsiveness. Commit Now Ulysses did not make it past the beautiful singing Sirens with willpower. Care to make a wager on it? But if I win, you buy me a burrito and you have to kiss my sweaty feet. And for the rest of the afternoon, he and I were just trash-talking each other.

It was the best form of friendly competition and we were getting pretty creative with our jokes, if I do say so. All I could think about was winning that bet and not having to kiss those damn feet. I was also thinking about what witty lines I could pull out when I seized my victory.

That day, I ended up winning the bet by a hair. But what was more important was the mental shift that happened to me. Every day after our infamous race, I started trash-talking and joking around with Omar and with a bunch of other people on the team. And every day I would get closer and closer to actually looking forward to distance running. I stopped thinking about the pain, exhaustion, and tedium, and started thinking about how I could push the people around me and make it fun for myself and everyone else.

They stop trying to brute force their way through interactions and try to make it fun for themselves. You should be learning from every interaction, and you should be learning to enjoy every interaction with girls. On that night I was in the mountains, I shared that thought with my friend.

I believe that having fun and always being ready to let go of an interaction when you have to prevents you from becoming too invested in her and keeps you on your toes to make sure that you keep her investing. A great section of this book is a discussion of the two different kinds of achievers. Essentially, DiSalvo breaks down all people into two categories of motivation and achievement: People who are driven by metrics.

However, with women specifically, regardless of which category you find yourself in, you need to learn to adopt characteristics from the other category. For people who are driven by metrics. I have a few good friends who are very analytical people. They like every decision to be logically broken down and are only satisfied by results.

And although this method worked, they would still be entirely too in their own head to be socially effective. So instead, I started doing exercises with them to help them have fun and let go.

We would do funny dances, yell ridiculous things, and otherwise loosen ourselves up when approaching girls. And these exercise really helped these guys relax and get more enjoyment out of their night. They would still go home and analyze, but they could at least live in the moment somewhat and enjoy the process. For people who are driven by fun.

dont flirt winner instrumental conditioning

Some guys learn a few game techniques, and then go out, throw some out here and there, have a great time — maybe build up some attraction — and then go home empty-handed. I would definitely put myself into more of this category.

Guys who like to have fun need to make a conscious effort to analyze their interactions when they go home. Then I wrap up by giving myself lessons and takeaways to help me avoid that mistake or to compel me to try something new with the next girl.

dont flirt winner instrumental conditioning

This exercise helps fun driven guys still go out and have a great time, but hold themselves accountable to follow a process and keep improving. The first step to having fun meeting women is to relax. In fact, there are probably dozens more in the immediate vicinity.

So learn to laugh at yourself. This is one of the most important skills for having fun. Include the girl in your plans, or find a compromise, if things are really going well. Do you want to dance? Do you want to ride a mechanical bull? Make Interactions Interesting For You.

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Yes, deep dive the girl. Yes, escalate with her and keep the interaction focused on her. Move the conversation to something you find interesting.