Doflamingo and law relationship advice

How Healthy Couples Deal with Their In-Laws

doflamingo and law relationship advice

It wasn't for lack of trying on Doflamingo's part, but because like he deserves what happened to him for not heeding your advice. .. He still couldn't believe the jealousy that sometimes came from his relationship with Law. "Hush child, Doflamingo wanted to meet me here" Count Dracule Mihawak Corazon is of no help and you know how Law is! "Surprisingly, I got few hands, the person my son is dating right now forcibly took half of the pamphlets! .. He so wished his wife was here, he needed her advice the most, Sanji. Law did use his Ope Ope no Mi. In chapter you can see how Law has his room up and tries to slash Doflamingo, but unless he can actually.

What happens when you mix One Piece and High school? I mean what could go wrong right? Please Read, Review and Comment! Law] New Roommate by BlueRegina06 reviews Kagami Taiga's university life changes as soon as he gets a new, unexpected roommate.

Luffy comes along, he changes everything. Law now has a strong desire to dominate over the petite feline and claim him his. Sadly, luffy isnt an easy catch. Law] Zoro Breaking through Fire by Aerle reviews On his way home after an exhausting day, Law falls asleep in the train, using the person sitting next to him as a pillow.

Said person is not amused, but Law immediately finds it amusing to mess with the ill-tempered redhead. AU set in Fire-universe independently readable. Rated M for later chapters. Thanks to a miracle-worker, he gets into a new school, namely a boarding school in a small village. There he meets three clingy brothers, a swordsman and a cook constantly fighting, a rocker obsessed with his "senpai" and finally his bizarre roommate Trafalgar Law. With friends in the slums and a family of nobility, Luffy hides his lineage to keep up the guise that he's a resident of Low Town, hoping to one day find a boy from his past and repay him for what he did all those years ago.

But Whitebeard, the largest underground power around, is searching for him. And Sabo, his brother, wants to know why.

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He was demanding, rude and knew what he wanted. Kid was no different. Kid wanted to be with him; but when it means submitting to Law first Kid starts to wonder if he's really worth it. Kid with a bit of Bottom!

Law One Piece - Rated: Translation of a pixiv fic. Kidd] I'll Be Your Strength by LittleScarlet reviews Trafalgar Law, a young man imprisoned in a hospital due to his illness came to a decision to end it all. Little did he know a certain drunkard would interfere with his plan and that their brief encounter is the beginning of a change.

But is it for the better or for the worse, Law did not know. It was the entrance to the underground. Eustass Kid has lived his life on the surface peacefully after washing his hands clean.

Until fate brought a certain someone to his doorsteps. Someone who would dig out his previous connection to the underworld. Strangely, he allows it to happen. His punishment becomes an issue at work and enjoyable when he gets home.

Law Heart of strings by shadows in the fire reviews Law wants something but the strings on his heart keep pulling, forcing him to lose the one person he wants to keep. Rated for later chapters. LawxKid One Piece - Rated: Sanji and Law are the main characters and they fall in love. Should be rated 'M' for some of the vulgar languages. Kidd] Legend of the North by Cucuxumusu reviews Law has lost everything, his clan, his family, his life, and he's just sure he's about to die in the begging of the dark legendary forest in the hands of his enemy.

However, his surprise is great when he wakes up only to find himself surrounded by a clan he didn't know could exist, and living with a powerful man that seems to hate him, but that attracts him like no other. Law - Complete Doctor on the run by kkbby69 reviews Law has left the mafia and is now traveling as a doctor, running from his past that is still searching for him.

Trafalgar Law is the genius doctor that patches Kid up after an accident. Kid's not one for bed rest though, and it's up to his doctor to make sure he stays out of trouble. AU with Kid x Law shipping.

Rated M for Kid's foul mouth. No bedroom activites, features asexual Law. However, when his deepest desires get the better of him, Law descends into the dirty underbelly of the city in search of Dressrosa, a sex club that promises to fulfill every client's wants and needs. Law - Complete Till you say you love me by AmaiTsumi reviews Human beings are such complicated creatures. When they develop a desire for something, there is no stopping them from achieving what they want.

However, the more forcefully they try to achieve those desires, the more easily they get hurt Such occasions include when Ivankov asked if Law was a friend of Luffy, to which he replied no, and even offered to make an excuse so as to make Ivankov feel better about him saving Luffy.

How Healthy Couples Deal with Their In-Laws

Soon after, a wounded Jinbe went to thank him, only for Law to reply that Jinbe would die if he did not sleep. Later when Jinbe asked what would happen to Luffy if he was allowed to run rampant while still wounded, Law replied that the outcome was simple: Luffy's wounds would open up and he would die.

He also has no qualms explaining to other people on how he accomplished nullifying their attacks with his abilities, and before that, even stated to Tashigi that weaklings do not get the right to choose the manner in which they die, a statement that he took from Doflamingo. Plagued by the Amber Lead Disease, he was condemned to die in three years, but he has overcomed it. The lost boy blinded by anger and despair to follow the Mad Pirate is no more! There is nothing he can learn from a monster hungering for destruction like you!!

Despite Law's terse and rather cruel demeanor towards others, Law still retains strong compassion and kindness, which he originally had as a boy, while regaining them due to Rosinante's influence, such as how he decided to help the Straw Hats find a cure for the children affected by Caesar's drugseven though he originally did not want to have anything to do with them, and later voluntarily curing the children of their deadly poisoning and addiction for NHC10 in a similar fashion to how Rosinate saved him from dying of Amber Lead Syndrome.

He also warned the Straw Hats to be careful of Caesar's abilityand told those who did not have the ability to engage Logias to stay away. Doflamingo missed his wife, he prayed to Mansherry and the old god from the ruined temple, he just wanted her back, in his arms and he would never let her go.

As the magic reached its climax Shanks and crew's voice ripped through the midnight, riding the wild wind, their voice entering the stage and dangling with the rolling drums. Happiness was here and Dressrosa was making love to it. As the magician brought down the princes from the castle Makino shut Shanks up by forcing her lips on him, the said red head knew this was that one moment they waited all year, for her to express her love to him.

No one in Dressrosa ever found out their love story, no one ever suspected, no one noticed them, yet tonight Luffy smelled it, the smell of grease and root beer, smell of warmth and protection, smell of love and sadness collide, from the corner of his drunk eyes Luffy saw the queen of Shanks' heart, and she was a kind woman, under the cover of night both vanished. From his seat Doflamingo sees the love Luffy has for Law, if he was going to love his only son, Doflamingo was going to learn everything about Monkey D.

Luffy and make both of them marry each other, before that he had to pass the law of marriage equality for Law's sake, to do so he needed his partner and she was not here, Doflamingo for first time in his life felt jealous of everyone snuggled to their loved ones. It was one of those nights when they were not childhood friends, or business partners, or customer and bar owner.

It was the only night when under the moonless night, they could steal others love and make it their own. As the small dingy rocked between two ships, Shanks kissed Makino, he lit butterflies on her skin with his unshaved chin, he licked her navel and core, he made love to her with tongue, fingers and his shaft, until the dawn broke, under the cover of the black cloak they worshipped to each other in moans and sighs.

Not was it the night of words, not was it the night of promise, not was it the other nights, tonight was their chance to put their invisible stamp on the forgotten love stories of Dressrosa, tonight they were not memories, but actions of consequences of past, tonight as Shanks exploded the white stream inside Makino, they sealed their place in the memories of Dressrosa and the wild wind carried a love note to the forgotten tales, cheered in love.

Lola's heart shattered when she saw her worst nightmare come to life, Absalom was groping and making out with a woman outside their home. Sanji saw the colour of her face drain as she grabbed Sanji by the hand, she wanted to shout, she didn't as she knew Lamy was asleep.

Absalom sensed his wife's presence, "Lola" he hissed and pushed the woman he was kissing away. But you know what she doesn't need the grooming, she has a beautiful heart! Corazon giggles when this fisherwoman in his arm pushes him into the soft bed.

By his own standards, it was a jackpot he hit, Aphelandra was tall, she had long flowing hair, she was in her early forties and had a lovely face. After months of lame attempt at flirting, and coffee dates, Aphelandra had been the one who initiated the Carnival outgoings.

doflamingo and law relationship advice

Bringing Lamy with them the to carnival every alternate day proved to the tall woman that Corazon was not a sex-starved middle aged man, but a little clumsy fool. She wouldn't let him flirt with her had Makino not given her a thumbs up and the strawhat wearing chocolate seller opposite the prayer house told her about this clumsy architect turned carpenter frequenting his shop praising about some mysterious lady he was helping build her house. Corazon had the charms, he was well built, tall enough not to look short near her, wore clean clothes and didn't try to show the cultured airs.

In short he was humble and she liked him. As Corazon got his kiss on his almost virginal lips, he broke into an loving smile and Aphelandra couldn't help but ruffle the blonde hair with passion. When Luffy and Law returned, he found a note attached to his door, Sanji was taking Lamy and Lola to his house, as something happened and Lola was upset, he could not put a crying Lola with Lamy, nor could he leave Lamy alone, so he was caring for both ladies.

Sanji closes the door on sleeping Lamy. As soon as he walks towards Lola crying on the couch, she tries to hide her face.

Why not give up your loyalty, people will talk, Dressrosa always talks, my mom ran away with her lover, I don't hold it against her, my father still tries to woo women I don't mind it, my brother loves men, my best friend loves an unmarried single mother, people will talk. You are spending the night here, the whole town will know they will gossip, so why let them gossip about their version of reality which is fiction" Sanji pulled Lola's chin up.

The curvy woman shivers up, Sanji grabs her by her ample waist and pushes her to fall, Lola in confusion opens her mouth and he slips in his tongue, Lola can taste cigarettes, wine, and chocolates from the carnival. Sanji toys with her tongue, never have Lola had a kiss like that. Sanji makes her melt with her tongue, soon Lola can feel gentle hands rubbing her nipples while her mouth melts with Sanji's.

When her blouse left her she never realized, soon she was breathing with her mouth as Sanji sucked her nipples with care, making her groan in excitement. The touches were foreign, she had never known her body could burn without actual fire. Sanji kissed down her muffin top belly and undid her skirt and pulled her undergarments away, "Ple…. No one is ugly" Sanji asked in astonishment and scolded her thoughts.

Lola experiences her first orgasm. By the time she experiences her tenth orgasm, it's not Sanji's tongue making her weep or fingers tormenting, but his manhood, rolling and riding, in an out, Sanji was making every hair on her body sensitive to touch.

doflamingo and law relationship advice

She was not falling in love, but Lola was experiencing a liberty, she was not the only one who had to give pleasure, she deserved to be pleasured. Sanji decides to play from the rare.

Dawn was far away from the night and the wild wind was in no hurry to take Sanji towards his love story yet, a few diversions were fated for the man before love loved him. As Luffy woke up to the first rays the of sun, Law curled up beside him. His tattooed hand caged around the shopkeeper, and Luffy giggled to the almost forgotten feeling of warmth that came for love that was not from Lamy. Lamy was he dawn, noon and night, a constant reminder of his existence and contentment, she was all he needed to survive this world yet the heart wandered for a sweet lust.

It was three years ago, he was drunk in sweet lust. Deeply, madly and passionately in love. So engrossed in love, he forgot about himself, it was the maddening love novels spoke of, plays preached of and devotees of gods reeked off. Love had killed him once, yet he was willing to die in love again.

The wild wind poked open the window and Luffy took the luxury of cuddling Law for another fifteen minutes, Dressrosa was not waking up at five in the morning today.

Finally, when Law returned to deep sleep, Luffy hid him under the thin sheet and walked out of the room, Dressrosa was fragranced with lovechild of the midnight. Luffy swept his roof balcony, watered his roof garden, manured them with tea leaves, and rearranged them.

His routine was a ritual, an addiction of another kind, his body was born to be active, or maybe it was his Grandfather's strict upbringing which refused to leave. This reminded him of writing letter to his Grandfather, Father, Brothers and of course Lamy's mother.

That also reminded Luffy that he had to coax Lamy to pen her letter as well. Luffy took a deep breath, he could smell Lamy tucked in protection, Zoro caressing Robin in bliss, Sanji smoking his cigarette at the window, Lola dazed in a sad ecstasy and Doflamingo curled in sadness. Luffy bathed himself in warm water with basil oil and walked out fresh, to find Shanks sitting at the dinning chair and looking at Luffy's roof garden.

It's our love story of errors" Shanks smile. Coby gives out a scream, an almost scream, when he finds his face resting between a pair of milky yellow bosoms and silky pink hair wrapped around his neck. Someone was hugging him hard.

He tried to recall what happened, he was visiting the carnival with the young heiress from Baltigo, they were food and liquor hoping, then she was tired and wanted to rest, but didn't want to stay the in guest house, so Coby bought her to his home. As he looked up Perona was deep in sleep, her face shined under the first rays of sun like the idol of goddess Mansherry. In that moment of lust, he felt pious love for Perona who opened her big round eyes and kissed him full on the mouth, Brother Coby's days of celibacy were over, the wild wind screamed scandal.

Doflamingo leaned out of his window, Luffy was stuck to his routine, Shanks was singing some sailor song and his son was helping Luffy open his shop door.

Law was really in love, he had to write this to his wife, hoping that this news would make her return. As he looked around, Dressrosa was sleeping peacefully, his sharp eyes caught two odd pairs rush inside Luffy's shop. One pair was of two extreme pink heads, another was definitely his nephew and Hiluluk's daughter-in-Law.

Sanji's hand was on her back, assured and protecting. It didn't take the mayor to deduct what happened in the midnight. Doflamingo didn't mind Sanji having night romances, he understood why married people had affairs too, what he was afraid of was Hiluluk and son tarnishing Lola's name. He so wished his wife was here, he needed her advice the most, Sanji needed to be saved from the signs of depression he was showing.

Law and Luffy looked at four people standing guilty of carnival spell.

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Coby was blushing, Perona was happy, Lola would cry any moment and Sanji was just Sanji, brooding. Before Luffy could ask why all of them here, Law spoke up.

Sanji nodded, Lola simply didn't know. Coby looked bewildered and Perona shook her head. Do I know you, girl? Uncle Doffy wanted us to marry" Sanji replied. You will come with me, after whatever it is that you have to do with Luffy, we need to kill any chances of her being a mother" Law's head was throbbing.

I smell weddings shishishishi" Luffy laughed and Law nodded. A wedding of the priest! Whole Dressrosa is invited! A woman needs you today, I need you today, we need you today, I don't have the time to call my friend Zeff and ask for an assistant cook, be my culinary partner" Luffy pulls Sanji inside, and down the spicy rabbit hole the blonde fell.

Doflmaningo was choking on his bitter coffee when Law and Perona walked in to inform about the wedding of the priest. The father of the bride, calmly finished his coffee, placed his cup on the table and walked towards his doll-like daughter. Let's go to the best shop in the town and get you a gorgeous wedding dress" Mihawak laughed. A count's daughter will be Priest's wife and what about your family and social circle? I want my child to be happy" Mihawak pulls Perona's blushing cheeks.

Law smirks from the corner of the Mayor's office, his father was having a reality check. Law kissed Luffy's neck from behind, as he saw his lover guide Sanji in preparation.