Dj oneal and feza relationship

O’Neal uncovered

dj oneal and feza relationship

Oneal is also a seasoned DJ, MC & entrepreneur also facilitates talked about relationship with one Tanzanian former housemate Feza Kessy. Oneal and Feza might have ended their relationship silently a few last seen by reporters in Botswana doing radio and DJ-ing over shows. The first big time relationship on reality TV show Big Brother Africa was This was, however, denied by club and radio DJ O'Neal, who said.

I just decided to extend my leave days. You said you did a lot of research and even on radio. We have a long way to go because of our population.

We lack control in delivering as radio.

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We struggle so much in advertising that we end up allowing our business partners to determine our programming. In short the business market that the radio survives on is very small and big shots end up controlling the airwaves hence lack of freedom and a loss of direction because we do what our clients expect.

How did it all start? I do everything that I feel comfortable with in order for me to get what I want. Before opting for Big Brother game, a lot of people kept on telling me that I would make a good representative for my country but I never really paid much attention to it. Whilst in the BBA house you found love. Please share with us how that happened?

I went into the game to experience the Big Brother house. I happened to meet other people and one of those is Feza whom I love and we connected in a special way. That was my experience in the Big Brother house. Are you gay or were you one before the BBA game? You had ladies in your life. They all turned into ex girlfriends when you entered the game? I was even open about it on my radio show, my avid listeners would tell you that I talked openly about my relationship status.

I still wonder where the rumour of a lady I was dating before going into the house came from.

dj oneal and feza relationship

In short I was single. I am now with Feza and we can bet she has never met any woman who claimed that I am hers. Are you still in touch with your son? I am still in touch with my boy.

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I try hard to keep him away from the public eye and your cameras but we are very close not as much as I would want to because of my schedule. I understand you now stay in an up market house in Phakalane.

Things are going well. I saw that one coming. Turns to Feza Babes please tell these people that there is nothing up market about that house. There are more jobless and poor in Phakalane than Gaborone. Truth is I moved to this house before going into BBA. I no longer look at myself as Botswana citizen only. I am now a world citizen. Do you now get more ladies throwing themselves at you or making moves? I always see them as fans but Feza is the one who is always quick to point out if there is a lady who has more interest in me than being just a fan.

dj oneal and feza relationship

The latest Tweets from Feza FezaKessy. Feza FezaKessy Mar They don't control your destiny; God does. He likes the fact that wherever he is and he comes across Tanzanians they fondly refer to. Long after the show ended, they were still publicly displaying their love even.

Mmegi Online :: Feza and O'Neal's love blossoms outside BBA House

They later moved to South Africa where they live till date. Overwhelmed by the love she's been received with in the country, Fezawhile non-committal. Meanwhile Onealdeclares that for now he is still contracted to RB2, while he considers options. They both enjoyed their stay in the Big Brother house, Oneal calling it 'surreal,' and though Feza says. The two lovers have been silent but we hope they are still together.

Feza Kessy's Look Alike How closely do they resemble? May the good Lord bless you so that you can prosper together and. Big brother africa forum - timeline facebook.

The Oneal – Feza Relationship Update – 2015

Is oneal and feza still dating 2 years after big brother africa the chase. Decided to end their. Since Big Brother, Oneal has never looked back, he is still on path pursuing his dreams. Feza is currently back home in Tanzania with her family and son but they talk.

When oneal left i.

dj oneal and feza relationship

What is the current update on the oneza relationship? Although the club and radio DJ O'neal denied they were already betrothed.

dj oneal and feza relationship

Cougar dating in port aransas tx web cams the rest of south Africa. Pressure for men to try and get a free online. Oneal and feza known as oneza spent most of their bba time together feza says housemates did not like the pair together. Is oneal and feza still dating 2 years after big. They were too big and too different according to those kids IK asked her if they would still be together with her boyfriend back at home after Like a movie script, the names are still scrolling down the screen and action is.

Reality will soon set in, when they start staying together and get a deeper. They kept on saying they liked my general views and encouraged me to give it a try.