Did aayla secura and kit fisto have a relationship

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did aayla secura and kit fisto have a relationship

Nov 17, The Secret relationship between Padme and Anakin was very well documented throughout the saga but was there another secret relationship. Kit Fisto didn't "have a relationship" with Aayla Secura aside from She also had a thing with Quinlan Vos, she was kinda the whore of the jedi. 10 drabbles about Aayla Secura's life and her relationships with the people in it, each set to a song. Aayla/avesisland.info last few hours of Aayla Secura and Kit Fisto's lives. Will they Five Lives Kit and Aayla Never Had by Minion Of Sekhmet reviews The anger and pain was still there, and Kit Fisto could no more release the.

She had also a good relationship with a young Twi'lek Padawan named Xiaan Amersu. Some jokes even say that even Master Yoda was dreaming of the beautiful Jedi ladies. Ataru and Form V. She also studied the Jar'Kai form, using a green and a blue lightsaber. She also occasionally used a violet lightsaber. Aayla Secura was an empathic and highly intelligent Jedi but was also impulsive and somewhat mischievous.

Thanks for the teachings of her Masters Vos and Tholme she learned how to infiltrate and spy on the enemy, even using her charm she could act like Mata Hari in WW2.

She was also a good leader and a skilled tactician and her quick thinking years later earned her the respect of many Clone Troopers during the Clone Wars. She and her master, Quinlan Vos went on many successful missions together. They haven't failed any, but when Vos and Secura were assigned on a mission to Ryloth, the two were captured and drugged.

Aayla and her master suffered heavy amnesia.

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Secura forgot that she was a Jedi; she forgot she had a master and had Force powers. He showed Aayla her lightsaber, but she still couldn't remember anything. After a while, when the man figured out that Pol Secura was behind the drugging he came back for him. They managed to escape, but when Aayla tried to rescue her uncle, she accidentally Force pushed him off the balcony.

He used Secura's anger, who wanted revenge on the man who she blamed for her killed uncle. She gave in to the dark side of the Force because she was manipulated and controled by Karkko, and was even willing to face off against Quinlan Vos, Tholme, and Master Zao and got away with their captured people.

Vos followed her and reached the prison of Karkko. Again she fought against her former master, but then she at last realized her true identity.

did aayla secura and kit fisto have a relationship

At that moment Karkko used Force lightning to knock her out. When she woke up, she found Karkko dead, and Vos has disappeared. Later on she was assigned to Master Tholme, Vos's former master. Master Plo Koon agreed to use his telepathy to guide Aayla as she arranged her newly-recovered memories.

She informed Tholme and hurried to her master, ready to help him.

did aayla secura and kit fisto have a relationship

Tholme however faced off against two Nikto Morgukai alone, and was defeated and imprisoned. After relaying the news to Elise, she fled to the Jedi Enclave. It was there she met a new love interest, a man name Samnt. And although relations would never work out, they were not completely absent. They would maintain a very close relationship throughout their years as Jedi Knights.

Eventually, during a mission on New Apsolon, Tahl went missing.

Aayla Secura

Qui-Gon set out to find her, despite having been told by the Jedi Council not to. After finding her and completing the mission, Tahl and Qui-Gon expressed their feeling for each other. She was soon captured however, and passed away after being fatally injured.

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Her death nearly drove Qui-Gon to the dark side, demonstrating the danger the Jedi Order saw in emotional attachments. It was Tahl who stopped him from killing in revenge, by reaching out from the afterlife with a warning. She learned to be more patient after being rescued by Obi-Wan from bounty hunter Ona Nobis during a mission on Sorrus. After that, Obi-Wan and Siri discovered that they were more than just childhood friends, but they always put their missions before those feelings.

It was not until they found themselves on a ship rigged to explode that they truly acknowledged their feelings for one another.

did aayla secura and kit fisto have a relationship

He was now a Jedi Master, so he knew better than to risk all for a true relation, but upon her death at the hands of Darth Maul, Satine expressed her eternal love for Obi-Wan. Other Jedi found love and companionship in many different ways. Djinn Altis and his fellow Jedi split from the Order over a conflict over emotional attachments.

Quinlan Vos found love with the Separatist agent Khaleen Hentz.

did aayla secura and kit fisto have a relationship

Aayla Secura became close to Kit Fisto. A Jedi you still are, and with you is the strength to overcome. But believe it, you must. He told her that he was relieved when she had been found. She herself feared she was still lost after what had happened to her.

Master Tholme had briefed Yoda on all that had happened to Aayla, and Yoda counseled her that she should not judge herself harshly. She replied that something was missing from her life now. Yoda offered his advice, telling her she was a Jedi and to be patient.

Finally, he wished for her to understand that the Force leads them towards not what they always want, but what they need. Still somewhat confused, Yoda gave her one last piece of advice—to believe the Force was with her and would help her. Master Plo Koon agreed to use his telepathy to guide Secura as she arranged and organized in her mind her newly-recovered memories.

She discovered that the clan's leader, Ro Fenn, was planning an attack on the Secura clan's male heir, the child Nat Secura.

She informed Tholme and quickly joined her master against this new threat.

Facing off against two Nikto MorgukaiTholme was defeated but still managed to slip on their ship. Unfortunately, he was discovered and imprisoned. Secura followed Vilmarh Grahrkwho was in league with the Nikto, to his ship Infernobut the Devaronian escaped. There she found her former master, Vos, and helped him fight against bounty hunters. She explained all that had happened to Quinlan, and the two decided to rescue Nat Secura and Master Tholme.

They succeeded in tracking down Grahrk and persuaded him to tell them where the two Morgukai went. They quickly set course for Kintanthe home planet of the Nikto, and there faced off against the two Morgukai, Bok and his father, Tsyr. The two Jedi broke into the fortress and there confronted the Nikto again: Vos had already beheaded Tsyr, but he had been knocked to the ground by Bok.

Secura saved Vos's life by engaging Bok before he could deliver the final blow. She wounded the Nikto, taking his right hand, but did not kill him. Bok let himself fall hundreds of meters in order to keep his honor. The three Jedi and Nat survived. They returned the young Twi'lek boy to his father, but, unfortunately, Fenn escaped from Ryloth to Count Dooku's hidden stronghold.