Daphne and wilke relationship questions

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daphne and wilke relationship questions

Bay and Emmett's relationship gets more serious, and Regina comes clean Daphne questions her relationship with Wilke, and Emmett is jealous when he. BAY GETS UPSETTING NEWS ABOUT TY FROM THE WAR FIELD AND DAPHNE QUESTIONS HER RELATIONSHIP WITH WILKE AND MEETS A NEW GUY. The first season of Switched at Birth, an American drama television series, began airing on . Bay begins asking questions about her biological father, which her . Daphne finds out that Bay is dating Emmett and that prompts her to tell him how.

Toby had told him in no uncertain terms that this better be worth it and to be ready to go as soon as possible. Emmett had nodded to him in understanding before taking off to do just that.

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With the pressure of time baring down him he hadn't even taken time to say two words to his Mom when he got home let alone say goodbye to Toby before that. Emmett was now rummaging around his garage packing up his tools. The aforementioned Mother he'd ignored earlier was watching him pensively from the garage door that lead back into the house.

He was doing his best to ignore her still but it wasn't easy. In fact it was so distracting he'd packed and unpacked his tire iron three times. Finally frustrated and irritated beyond all measure he whirled around facing his Mother demanding, "WHAT!? I didn't mean to be such a nuisance to you. She was smug, annoying, amused but definitely not sorry. That's why the van is in the driveway. You already know that's how it works. She seemed to take the answer in stride before asking, "All your camera equipment piled on your bed?

She slowly started to take on a defeated look. Go if you have to just keep in touch this time. With that Melody nodded and then turned to walk away. Emmett was vaguely surprised that his Mom was giving in after so little confrontation.

Melody however after shutting the door behind her was doing her best to not turn around go back in there and demand that he stay home this time. Whatever happens now is on him. Opening it he started flipping through it searching for his daughter's name. He finally found it which proved a bit difficult because Kathryn wasn't always an A to Z kinda a girl. No his wife had always had her own way of doing things and even something as small as this was a part of it too.

Under his daughters name was two numbers a cell, a home, with a mailing address and an email address. John walked back to his office.

Sitting down in his chair letting it spin just a little as a sense of accomplishment touched home for the first time in a long time. Picking up his desk phone he quickly dialed her cell wanting to be able to talk to her directly and avoid going through anybody else. However after a couple of ominous rings he heard something that he hadn't been expecting. Please check your number and try again. Hanging up the phone he looked back at Kathryn's book checking the number.

He tried the number dialing again only to be met with the same result. He was starting to get frustrated and a touch worried. Feeling more than a little disgruntled he tried the main apartment number. The phone rang three, four, five times before blessedly someone finally picked up. Momentarily disturbed by the heavily accented voice John asked, "Is Bay there?

Keeton very well indeed. John had heard all he needed slamming the phone down hard enough that the handset cracked with the force of it. Is he cheating on her…? He wasn't sure which emotion bubbled in him stronger anger, fear, worry or the sudden desire to wring Kevin's neck. He never had liked the boy but had never been given any real reason to raise his suspicions.

Kathryn had ignored his concern chalking it up to a Father's natural instinct to be over protective. Now more than ever he was sure that his doting wife had been wrong.

He slammed his fist down on his desk as worry for Bay over powered everything else. Looking at his son John suddenly got what he felt was a truly inspired idea, "Toby you're going to do me a favor. Trouble was they weren't all Daphne's clothes. The girl in question rolled over snuggling deeper into her lover. Wilke closed his arms around her tightly.

His lazy fingers were stroking up and down her bare arm gently. Daphne looked up at him a smile slowly breaking over her face. He just had love a love for this competitive, aggressive, driven, beautiful woman in his arms. Suddenly though Wilke wondered if she knew, if she had any idea just how much she means to him. Leaning down he kissed Daphne softly gathering his courage as he prepared to try and tell her what she needed to know above all else.

Sensing something heavy in the air Daphne pulled away from Wilke sitting up. He was entranced with the way her strawberry blonde hair fell over her shoulders and down her back curling just a touch at the ends.

He smiled counting the freckles on her face where her make-up had worn away. Daphne's always sun kissed soft skin played him a Siren's song that only he could hear. She drew him too her in so many little ways. Plus not that he'd ever tell her or anybody else for that matter but he loved the way she always insisted on cuddling after their couplings. Wilke would do anything to keep her in his arms but he couldn't hide what he felt for her anymore. They'd kept their relationship playful light hearted and filled with casual sex for years now but he couldn't do it anymore.

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He wanted Daphne but he didn't want them to stay stuck in this rut they were in. Wilke wanted more from Daphne and he was prepared to give just as much to her as he was asking for from her. He was afraid though that telling this beautiful creature how he felt would destroy everything but after coming up here and finding her in tears he knew that something had to change. For better or for worse it was going to change right now as Daphne stared at him expectantly.

daphne and wilke relationship questions

Daphne just stared at him dumbstruck. She didn't know what to say. Hell she didn't know what to feel. They'd been together since she broke it off with Emmett six practically seven years ago.

In fact in her mind it was the longest rebound relationship in history and Guinness should have recorded it in their books already. In all those years Wilke had never even hinted at having feelings for let alone strong ones. He'd always let her set the pace which begs the question…. Wilke felt his heart start to sink low in his chest.

Finally though he looked up to make his reply even though it made him feel like a girl. Wilke was firm with her "Yes more. In this moment however she wasn't sure that she could. With her mind scrambling for a response and her pounding in confusion she stared at him blank faced. She just wanted it all to stop because it was too much just too much. Wilke was up in a flash grabbing his clothes.

Daphne started throwing anything that was within reach and she struggled out the door jumping into his pants. In fact he was pretty sure he saw an alarm clock of some sort go whizzing by his ear. Daphne slammed her bedroom door behind him. Still shirtless Wilke finally managed to get his jeans zipped and buttoned. Looking up though he found a very shocked Regina staring right at him. The day had dragged by far too quickly for Bay's liking.

None the less though the day was done and night had fallen. Emily on the other hand was wildly excited because it was time to ask Mommy questions. She practically jumped into her purple nightgown before bouncing into bed looking expectantly at her Mother who watched from the doorway. World weary Bay heaved a sigh and walked into the room shutting the door behind her.

daphne and wilke relationship questions

She walked wistfully over to the bookshelf. Bay ran her fingers over them sorely wishing that this bedtime would be like any other bedtime. She still didn't what she would say to Emily. So sitting down beside her Bay to decided to see how much she had figured out all by herself. Tentatively Bay brushed her fingers through her daughter's unruly hair taking a deep breath she asked, "What do you want to know? She honestly seemed curios now. Did he go Deaf and you couldn't sign is that why?

Emmett never went Deaf he was just born that way like you. I bet he is we have the same color hair. Now what do I say…? When is he coming back? I want to know NOW! Bay shot to her feet knowing she'd have to stop this before it was a full blown tantrum that could last hours. Bay still towered over the pouting little girl. It took everything she had to hold it in and not tell Emily what she wanted to know before having a sit down with Emmett.

Most of all she didn't want to get her daughter's hopes up. Bay had seen the longing looks Emily gave other girls who were with their Father's and it made her sick every time. Now her Father was here and Bay was forced to keep the truth from her till things could be sorted and it killed her to do so.

With that Emily rolled over refusing to even acknowledge her Mom. Bay reached out to touch her but she pulled away until she was practically smashed against the wall.

Apparently the girl was going to have a good sulk. Bay sighed in defeat and turning she left the room being sure to hit the lights before closing the door. They were finally on the road.

daphne and wilke relationship questions

Not only had they packed all of the stuff Emmett was hauling but most of the band equipment too. What didn't fit was left in the sound guy's garage. Toby had filled everybody in on what was happening. This of course meant the other guys were relentless bugging him for info.

Well everyone but Wilke who was unusually quiet. Emmett tried to ignore it but he couldn't help but wonder if something was wrong with Daphne. He knew that girl had brought on more than one long silence or two from her boyfriend.

So against his better judgment he made his way over bodies and belongings to sit down in the front seat next to the normally very energetic blonde who was currently driving. Wilke watched Emmett out of the corner of his eye wanting to hate him for having his girl's heart. He knew he couldn't though because it wasn't like Emmett wanted anything do with Daphne in a romantic sense anyway.

It still chapped his ass though to think that the best friend trumped the boyfriend. He knew that's usually how it played out with girls. The only problem was that in this case the best friend was the man she was in love with. God definitely had a sick sense of humor. Wilke nodded his head in Emmett's direction acknowledging him. Emmett regarded his band-mate carefully studying his expression. There was definitely a tension around his eyes and there seemed to be a permanent scowl on his face.

Emmett didn't any clue what other than Daphne could put such a look on his face. So he decided to ask. Emmett waved his hand to get Wilke's attention again.

He sat and thought about that wondering briefly if had been the right choice sending him up there in the first place. Wilke rolled his eyes and unthinkingly threw up one hand sign just to get him off his back, "I Love You. Then a chorus of catcalls and whistles came from the backseat. Wilke could hear high fives and Toby calling out, "Man I didn't know you swung that way!

How long have you been crushing on him? Wilke ignored them eyes facing front. Wilke is suspended from school for two weeks. During his suspension, he appears at Buckner Hall to collect his school books in Pandora's Box and complains to Daphne that they still have to do their homework during the suspension.

He notices her bad mood due to her recent discovery that Regina knew about the switch for years and asks if she's okay. This prompts Daphne to skip school with Wilke, and they spend the day hanging out in her old neighborhood, where they drink alcohol out of a flask and discuss Daphne's relationship with Emmett. When they arrive back at Wilke's car to drive home, they find a boot has been placed on his tire due to unpaid parking tickets.

They almost have sex in the back seat of his car, but Daphne changes her mind because Wilke brings up the switch. Daphne then calls Emmett for a ride home. In The HomecomingWilke shares the big news with Toby that he got Guitar Face a gig at the East-West music festival by sending in a DVD of their band from the Buckner fundraiser, but he also admits that he secured their spot by advertising that they have a deaf drummer, Emmett.

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They try to convince Emmett to play a gig with their band, but he turns them down by telling them he isn't interested. Emmett's disinterest in the band is due to the poor deaf ettiquette displayed by Wilke and Toby. Kennish Car Wash holds a charity car wash to support Carlton. Bay was surprised to see Wilke at the car wash since she didn't think he was the charitable type. Then Toby explains that he lied to him telling him that it was a bikini car wash and that was the reason he showed up.

At the car wash, Wilke flirts with Daphne. Emmett eventually changes his mind about the festival, which is an implied result of Toby's confrontation with Emmett about his relationship with Bay. Wilke attends the East West Music Festival with Guitar Face in Starry Nightwhere it is revealed that he has lied about their time slot for the festival.

Guitar Face is not opening for the Cold War Kids, but are in fact on Stage D far from the main stage and playing in the same time slot as Arcade Fire, which strongly influences their audience turnout. It is Toby's idea to advertise the band as "Free Booze" in order to encourage viewer turnout, but Wilke is the one who instigates it. This has a negative response, and the audience boos their band.

Daphne leaves during their set because she is upset by Bay's "I'm With the Drummer" t-shirt, and Wilke notices her disappearance. Wilke finds Daphne on a dock later that day, and again asks Daphne about her relationship with Emmett. He encourages Daphne to share her problems with him, and she opens up to Wilke about the return of Angelo and her disappointment that she feels she can no longer talk to Emmett about her problems.

When she expresses the desire to turn off her brain, Wilke playfully pushes her into the water to cheer her up. They get jobs at Kennish Car Wash to make money to rent a capybara a rodentwhich they want to use as their "hook" in the music video. Daphne asks Wilke where she can purchase a fake I.

This inspires Wilke to create fake identification cards with Toby in order to fund their music video, with Wilke acting as salesperson and Toby acting as manufacturer. Later, Wilke shows up at Joey's under the impression that he was invited because he was told the time and who she would be with.

Daphne makes it clear to Wilke that they are just friends, even though Wilke mentions the making out in the car and the heart-to-hearts they have been having. Wilke's ego is bruised when Daphne claims Wilke isn't her type, and Wilke responds by bringing up her relationship with Emmett.

After this, Wilke has an abrupt conversation with Daphne in Les Soeurs D'Estrees when she asks Wilke to buy a cupcake to help save Emmett's motorcycle. It is also revealed that Wilke has switched cooking partners now partnering with Clover, the girl who formerly mocked Daphne in class and Wilke expresses his disinterest with being just friends with Daphne.

At the end of the epsisode, Wilke picks up Daphne from Emmett's house after Daphne has decided to forget pursuing Emmett. Wilke takes Daphne to a golf course in Expulsion From the Garden of Eden where they drive around in a golf cart, and he reveals that he had Scoliosis when he was ten after Daphne lands them in a sand trap.

This brings them closer because he admits to being teased in school "only girls get that" and having to wear a brace 23 hours a day. However, Daphne's memory of their date is tainted when she discovers that Wilke also took other girls from the Buckner basketball and volleyball teams to the golf course for their first dates. Her displeasure is increased when Wilke asks her to World of Fun an amusement park on their second date, which she also heard about from the other girls.

Wilke defends himself by saying that there are only a small number of fun things to do in their town, but Daphne still storms away. Wilke approaches Toby for help and advice, asking for Toby to put in a good word. Wilke admits that he really likes Daphne and that she is different, and not just another girl on a to-do list. At the end of the episode, Wilke appears at the Kennish house and challenges Daphne to a basketball contest if she makes two of three shots he'll leave her alonebut he cheats by knocking the ball away.

Daphne confronts him about the Scoliosis story, calling it phony because Toby has no knowledge of it, but Wilke tells Daphne that she is the only person he has told since moving to Mission Hills.