D gray man allen and lenalee relationship goals

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d gray man allen and lenalee relationship goals

Allen Walker, Lenalee Lee (c) Hoshino Katsura . that my love disreagrding the couple but when regarding the two outside the pairing Art goals, Chi. . a little more angular, which really reminds me of the avesisland.info-Man style. avesisland.info-man Yay, Link and Allen, relationship goals! graces coming in the form of the Science Researcher Head's sister, Lenalee Lee. Allen x Lenalee in avesisland.info-Man . And that just made me realize that I'll never understand why, when it comes to Allen and Lenalee's relationship, most people .

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The Noah's are not Akuma's but a strange being who get reincarnated and work alongside of the Millennium Earl; they are known as the Apostles. Tyki Mikk, Noah of Pleasure, having both light and dark side intrigues him. He is either a delicate person when he's around his group of human friends, or dark side where he does his job working for the Earl. He must be defeated at all costs. Kanda knew this was more of a difficult task, but he couldn't allow for this opportunity to easily slip away.

But before Kanda could move a slight inch, he noticed the Noah had vanished in the speed of light. Where he had left to was beyond his imagination. He then sighed irritated. What part of London were they in? But there was an interesting message Komui did give to him. There had to be a Vampire Castle around London somewhere. Kanda didn't have much time to mess around searching for the Noah he had encountered. He could deal with that situation afterwards.

Why didn't Komui go with the plan of him and Lenalee heading out instead of Lavi?. It was all just too ridiculous. Lenalee grabbed the coat Lavi had offered to her before placing it above her head to prevent the tiny drops of water from landing on her green hair.

She frowned at the sudden weather change.

Allen and Lenalee

It was steamy and hot, then a random blizzard rushed in making all of them tightly cling onto each other just so the other doesn't get pushed farther away, and then the hail dangerously pouring. How long will it take till they get a decent weather? All she wanted to do was get near the castle's gate, but when she had moved forward, it was futile due to the difficult weather moods.

He slowly attempted to advance towards the castle's gate, but Lenalee managed to push him away afraid that the weather would change into another dangerous one. Rain was not dangerous at least. If that's the case can you just be a little patient and wait?

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship goals

I've been trying to reach near the gates, but all of them rejected me so far. It's strange…" She sighed exhausted. She looked at him curiously. I've noticed a small ladder in the corner and there's a strange broken window out from that area where we can instantly break in without anyone noticing, right!? Is he really a Bookman successor. You're really an idiot. It was light raindrops so it wasn't that bad enough to completely cover herself, but Lenalee made sure the coat had protected her.

The finder behind her began to respond, "Lenalee. I think I saw someone easily enter through the gates…" Lenalee stopped in her tracks and faced the finder. What did he look like? Did he seem like a host to you? She only hoped it wasn't Road Kamelot or Tyki Mikk. Those two caused trouble for her and Allen and everyone else. Lavi paused when he found himself gazing at Lenalee from quite a distance staring at her shocked state.

She seemed terrified, but of what? Somehow, he felt uneasy when she didn't reply back in a matter of seconds, which he had to return to the two of them to ask what was the matter. Stumbling in the process Lenalee hit the icy floor.

Lenalee sighed in disappointment and began to speak. Lavi's eyes had widened at her response. He recalled the past, that one moment where Tyki tried to kidnap Lenalee because he assumed she may have been the Heart of the innocence.

If they had gotten a hold of the Heart fragment, then the exorcists would just be regular humans and the innocence fragments would all have disappeared. Let's hurry and find the host and protect the innocence user.

We are running out of exorcists and many have died. It's only a very few of us. She smiled nervously, and placed one of her hands on top of his hand to make him feel at ease. A strange presence appeared. A shadowy tall figure standing behind the petite female exorcist. He tried to approach faster, but the male managed to slowly move up his fingers tracing down her soft and pure neck.

Lavi's eye opened wide, afraid of his next move. But this wasn't the time to be standing around and doing nothing. Bookman's words flew right through his head at that very moment. History will always be recorded. People are like ink. When they disappear, they are forever gone from this world and their past remains. He's nothing more than just a mere person to collect data, but.

He couldn't leave Lenalee. He couldn't understand if he was doing the right thing and what he was doing whether it being as a Bookman or exorcist from the Black Order. All he knew at that moment was to save Lenalee from that creepy bastard. Lenalee attempted in kicking the man far away from her, however his grip was far too extreme and powerful and with immense strength he began to choke her. Amused by her terrified expression, he took advantage of this situation to tease the exorcists. A woman exorcist is very rare these days.

I remember meeting you last time, girl. The same feel of touch. She knew it had to be him. The Noah of Pleasure. Lenalee noticed Lavi's voice crack, however that didn't change the fiery glare he shot at the opponent standing in front of him. He did not fear death if it meant protecting Lenalee from Tyki Mikk, or from anyone at that matter. Why is it that Lenalee brings out the more human side of him? The redhead didn't understand. But he didn't have much time to think such trivial thoughts.

His focus was supposed to be the Noah. Lavi pulled out his hammer to start the preparation of a battle with his opponent, although he was afraid knowing he wasn't as strong as the rest of the group members like Lenalee, Allen and Yuu. He had no other choice, though. Fire struck out as if it were a lightning bolt, and the flames transformed into a figure of a huge slithering snake darting towards the Noah.

Tyki proceeded on with his attack moving in closer to rip through Lavi's chest. Luckily for Lavi none of that worked out when Lenalee activated her Dark Boots joining in battle. He had forgotten during the midst of their little battle Tyki had released her from his grip. Her legs made a direct and fierce clash with his elbow that managed to prevent her from attacking him.

Tyki found her legs in attempt of desperately trying to achieve her goal and preparing to land the waltz of her piercing attack, however that was all in vain due the abrupt catch of him grabbing both her legs swinging her around in rapid movement then sent her flying to the farthest building.

Lavi ran hastily towards Lenalee, and managed to capture her from landing hard onto the stoned building, he then cradled her into his arms protectively. A tint shade of pink appeared aggressively abusing Lavi's cheeks as he nodded in response. He couldn't seem to put his finger on it. It made him feel insecure and deeply hurt his ego. Luckily though the mask Lavi placed upon his visage concealed his true feelings, and acted cheerily instead.

The redhead chuckled at Tyki's little question. At that cheesy response, Lavi darted his fiery emerald orbs into his dark gaze.

Amused by the triggered state of Lavi and awkward moment silence Tyki approached closer to whisper in Lavi's ears, "Wouldn't it be fascinating to have her become my woman? Unable to control the anger building up inside of him.

Usually as a Bookman Lavi was a calm and collected person. Due to Tyki's little games it appeared to frustrate the redhead into wanting to twist his neck and break his bones and body, although Lavi couldn't utter a single world not even send a threat.

He could hear Lenalee screaming and yelling out his name in order for him to hear her. Lavi couldn't think straight when Tyki was playing with his brain. Hitting him as hard as she could Lenalee then pulled and grabbed onto his collar.

Trying to straighten him up the exorcist female slapped him one more time to get his act together. He's messing with your head…. You're a bookman, aren't you? A soft smile spreading through her lips and it offered him the brightest of smiles he had been searching for. Her smile brought light to his eyes and she made him more human due to the reason that she made him feel grounded and supported him most when he was at his emotional state.

Thomas, the finder on the other hand kept himself hidden. His eyes had wandered everywhere to scroll the entire scenery. He was to keep quiet and silent, since finder's aren't fighters, they're helpers to locate and collect information for the exorcists. So they were utterly useless when it came to combat. Allen is then shown to be smitten when Lenalee gave him a warm smile and welcomed him home from his first mission in Mater, thinking to himself that she is "so cute".

In the Rewinding Town Arc, the two seem to get along nicely, co-operating well in fights and happily swapping tales of their childhood. However, they also had their first large argument when Lenalee stops Allen from killing himself saving a self-destructing Akuma.

She then shuns him until he apologizes for raging at her, tearfully berating him for not considering her a friend and promising to always save his life. Around this time, Lenalee also starts having dreams of the Order in ruins and Allen's dead body sinking into a dark pool. Allen eventually sees this vision in his limbo after Tyki 's attack.

The two also seem to share a telepathic connection, shown during Lenalee's fight with Eshi, with Allen hearing Lenalee's voice inside his head and seeing a faint image of the surrounding ocean overlapping with his own reality.

Allen appears to be able to invoke them at will.

D gray man Doujinshi - Viola Labradorica (Allen x Lenalee) (Part2/2)

The final for now results of Akuma evolution. Giant orb covered in cannons with a human face down the centerline. Massive animalistic form, with abilities and design unique to each Akuma. Always an armoured figure, with individual variations only manifesting as differing numbers of eyes and unique abilities. Level Three Point Five: A giant, lanky hermaphorditic humanoid roughly the size of Godzilla, made by combining thousands of Level Two and Three Akuma.

The deadliest Akuma form yet, resembles a naked pot-bellied four-foot tall hermaphroditic ball-socket-doll-like tattooed haloed cherubim, which is capable of batting aside five Critical-level exorcists that is to say, the Generals and Allen, the most powerful exorcists alivewithout breaking a sweat. Black and Gray Morality: An Omnicidal Maniac versus an insanely extremist Church Militant that will stoop to absolutely any depths.

Poor Allen is a bit of an anomaly Arguably, most of Allen's fellow exorcists are good people. It's just the Black Order's management that employ the less desirable methods Yet every time Lenalee mentions how the order basically kidnapped and imprisoned her for years, she handwaves it all that now they are her family.

And there is no real bitterness towards them. Blood from the Mouth: Seems to happen to Allen pretty much every battle, and Kanda fairly often as well. Krory, eventually awakens the power to kill his opponents with a "copy" made of his own blood.

The Akuma blood bullets make you break out in a pentacle-shaped rash. Then you explode into toxic dust. Don't forget when Road stabbed Allen in the eye, then we get to see his partially regrown-but-still-not-there eye-socket! And remember when Allen's arm was all flaked and looked like it was about to fall off? Then Tyki ripped it off and then had his Teez eat a hole in Allen's heart? And Level 0 Akuma forcing themselves down their victim's throat Let's just say there's a lot and leave it at that.

Almost payback for Tyki's Body Horror infliction on Allen: He transforms rather gruesomely into a demonic knight thing that turned the Black Knight scary again. He now uses weird energy circle things to basically trounce his enemies left and right. It also seems to have a taste for blood.

Why does everyone seem to forget Daisya? We never did find out what all was missing from his corpse, did we? Not to mention Kanda's Freudian Excuse. Czeslaw Meyer would sympathize. General Yeeger's death had to get bowderizedafter Tyki removed some organs, tortured him, nailed him backwards to a cross and carved "God Hunt" onto his back. In Chapterthe 3rd Exorcists' akuma cells go berserk and create some incredibly disturbing body moments.

ChapterFiddler's tongue. And the sound effect when one spontaneously popped out. Made worse when you realise that right now those things are living inside of Lavi and Chaozi. Road uses "boku" and acts rather boyish You think being chosen to be the host of a not exactly benevolent man's soul and being suspected by the Order sucks enough? Well Allen, be happy to learn that you are now targeted by an enemy you can do nothing against, who wants to absorb you and will chase you to the end of the world!

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship goals

Surprisingly, Allen was bratty, mouthy, and a bit of an urchin back when he worked in the circus, before meeting Mana. Having your memories erased, reconfigured into a child body, and being subjected to horrific experiments can do that to you Break the Cutie: The Cheerful Child foil to Yu's Bratty Half-Pinthe eventually slaughters the whole lab when he figures out his "friends" failed experiments are never going to wake up and since the war with the Noahs will never end, neither will the horrible experiments.

Several times between Allen and Lenalee when he rescues her, a few times between Lavi and Lenalee, and Kanda and Alma. Both Allen and Lenalee are deeply traumatized, but you wouldn't know it to look at them. Allen Walker most certainly suits this, do to his ever growing situation with the 14th and undoubted selflessness.

His confusion in his purpose and discovering of why the 14th plagues him leaves him in an almost ideal situation for this trope. Depending on how you view Komui's obsession with his sister All Exorcists with Equipment Innocence.

Sometimes they can invoke their Innocence just by thinking the name, but in the manga it all reads the same. There is nothing wrong with the souls themselves. In fact, if you are lucky enough to be able to see the souls inside the Akuma, you will see that they are in constant pain and are miserably suffering A Fate Worse Than Death. All because you crossed your Despair Event Horizon and wished to see your loved one again. At least until they reach level two. Then they get a personality and may have their memories intact.

You've just been stabbed. If an Akuma is destroyed by anything but an Innocence, it cannot be saved. Road gave Allen his first experience of this by causing an Akuma to self-destruct. Winters Socalo by rapidly spinning his serrated blades. Cross is capable of breaking a wooden washtub with his bear feet, and being able to lift, one-handed, and throw Allen, who weighs pounds, a few yards. And he casually holds Lenalee in the air, and perched on his arm, with one hand, who weights pounds.

All the Noah have superhuman strength too, though it is somewhat justified since they are able to use the superhuman Noah genes within all humans that unlock not only certain Dark Matter-based powersbut also incredibly strength, regeneration and agility. Not to mention how Miranda once climbed a cliff with a grandfather clock strapped to her back. Current evidence suggests that Allen could be if he wanted to, but he's too kind to do so. Unless the victim is a robot, that is.

Alma, despite the horrible experiments that were done to him. And then he figures out the experiments will never end The abandoned city of Mater, where Kanda and Alma end up being transported by Allen so they can get away from the Order. General Cross who, despite having many lovers, really does care for and form bonds with his women. Unlike The Casanovanothing has shown he mistreats or is dismissive of his lovers. In fact the manga shows he thinks fondly of women. Also, Allen says under Cross' bed, at mother's house, that it's filled with things he got from his lovers.

So, Cross has keepsakes from his lovers that he puts away. Seems Cross may be into Polyamory if anything. Allen has a rather serious case of " Must save everyone!

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship goals

This was lampshaded by Kanda, who called him out on it early in the series. Then again, Kanda is not half the idealist Allen is Hell, even Lenalee called him out on it once. Only for her to fall to the same flaw multiple times.

She may be worse than even Allen in that department. Allen, oh boy, Allen.

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The Order and the Innocence aren't picky about the ages of the Exorcists who fight for them. Allen grew up in a circus.

After the entire arc involving Kanda and Alma, Allen still gets in a lot of trouble for turning into a Noah, and ends up stuck in a prison for a while. Lenalee, during the Eshi battle. Allen and Kanda have both had their clothes totally shredded in fights at some point. Tewaku's clothes are ripped apart when her Akuma cells go wild. The Clan of Noah. Cross's emotional and physical abuse of Allen is usually played for laughs. However, this was more in the anime given Cross' Adaptational Villainy.