Celie and nettie relationship help

The Color Purple By Alice Walker: Celie and Nettie's Relationship

celie and nettie relationship help

Comparison between Celie and Nettie In the novel „The Color Purple‟, Alice Thus, unlike her sister, she has a happy and stable marriage with Samuel. as an answer to racism and abuse but loses faith when they do nothing to help her. Another complex relationship in the book is that between Celie and Mr. ______. being beat, she never cries out, never fights back, and never asks for help. By exploring Celie's relationships with the women around her, Celie . With Shug's help, Celie is able to redirect her submissive resolve from.

As a result, she is forced to be subservient and submissive to her male oppressors.

celie and nettie relationship help

This includes submissiveness, the life of servitude and domestication. However, through the relationships she develops with the women around her she is able to grow into an independent and empowered woman.

When the audience meets Celie, she is suffering from depression, victimization, low self-esteem, sexism, and an identity crisis.

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Despite this, she is able to develop loving and empowering relationships with the women around her. The audience is introduced to Nettie first. Nettie takes the first step to empower Celie by teaching her how to read. Through reading Celie is able to learn, grow, and find a voice for herself through the use of language.

Just as importantly, Nettie is the first person to encourage Celie to stand up for herself. When Nettie is forced to escape harassment from her father, she goes to live with Celie and Mister.

During this time, Celie and Nettie make a game of their reading lessons. Nettie labels all the objects around the house and encourages Celie to read them. By reading and learning, Nettie is the first to give Celie the empowerment she needs to grow.

This shows Celie that no one has to take or accept abuse. Although this strength and empowerment saves Nettie from victimization, it also teaches Celie a lesson about liberation and independence of female identity.

Celie also learns empowerment from other female relationships. This includes the confidence found in the character Sofia. Sofia and Celie are close in age, however Sofia is considered deviant and wildly independent.

She represents power and aggression. Although the arrangement began with wedded bliss, the relationship soon turns soar. This is because Harpo is unable to tame Sofia. Sofia does what she wants as she wants.

She refuses to fall to the subservient and submissive role placed on Black female identity. Sofia does not cook for Harpo every night. She abandons her chores to take care of the children. She represents everything that Celie is not. With the advice of Mister and Celie, Harpo starts to beat Sofia.

The Color Purple: Celie & Nettie

However, Sofia always fights back and does not stand down to Harpo. She becomes angry with Celie, because Sofia knows that Celie told Harpo to beat her. While in the fields, Sofia approaches Celie stating: Through this acknowledgement, Celie learns about the empowerment of women and gender identity. Sofia represents the confidence and aggressiveness that Celie wants within herself. Sofia fights Harpo back and refuses to live the life of oppression and submission. Like Nettie, Celie witnesses Sofia leave Harpo for the sake of inner peace, power, and happiness.

Sofia is a dominate woman who is aware of her self-worth and value.

They introduce her to empowerment, assertiveness, and independence. They are not game to the gender roles placed on them, assumptions, and expectations. These women make decisions for themselves, without the influence of male dominance like power and control. The women provide guidance and a path of liberation.

However, it is Shug Avery that teaches Celie to be empowered by her sexuality and sexual identity.

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She is an entertainer and singer who finds power through her sexual identity. For this reason, Celie is captivated by her. In these pictures Shug is wearing scant clothing and posing provocatively.

When Shug falls ill and comes to the house, Celie goes out of her way to ensure that Shug is comfortable. Celie cooks and cleans for Shug but remains in the shadows. When they finally meet, Celie approaches Shug while she is taking a bath and begins to brush her hair.

celie and nettie relationship help

The encounter becomes intimate as Shug reveals her hardships and the two become fast friends. With his mistress around, Mister is much nicer to Celie.

Mister has Shug to take care of his sexual needs. He even allows Celie to go to the juke-joint with him to watch Shug sing. At the juke-joint Celie is introduced to a whole new life. She observes blunt sexuality and identity, enjoyment of self-expression, and a new social atmosphere.

celie and nettie relationship help

After a night of drinking at the junk-joint Shug talks to Celie about sex. During these conversations Shug slowly begins to sexually empower her. During the sexual encounter Shug teachers her how to pleasure herself and be pleasured. Shug tells Celie to look at her vagina in the mirror. Nettie fills this void and Celie feels like she has an obligation to care for Nettie.

Celie cares so much for Nettie that she will even send Nettie off to marry another man just so Nettie can avoid the sexual brutalization that Celie experiences. In the Rising action of The Color Purple, Celie and Nettie become ever more closer than they were before, and the reader starts to see that Celie and Nettie really care for eachothers welfare.

At this point of the book, Nettie and Celie are already separated. Celie is given away to Mr. Celie is the laborer, the cook, the source of care for the children, and the source of pleasure for Albert.

Nettie runs away from her fathers house and she is unexpectedly reunited with Celie. Nettie helps with the day to day chores that Mr. Celie appreciates how much Nettie believes in her. As is evident, Celie and Nettie share an unbreakable love for eachother. At this point in the book, Nettie has been kicked out of Mr. Because of this incident, Mr.

celie and nettie relationship help

The story goes on and as Nettie promised, she writes to Celie frequently. The problem is, Celie is not receiving any of these letters. Later on in the book, Celie discovers a hidden pile of letters from Nettie.

Celie and Nettie connect through these letters.