Celie and mr relationship

celie and mr relationship

Celie and Albert's relationship was doomed right from the start. Readers knew it couldn't have gone well because Mr____ didn't even want to marry Celie. Nettie comes to live with Celie and Mr._____ after running away from having anty relationship with avesisland.info makees Mr feel challenged by a. For Celie, the sexual relationship was something that had nothing to do with love or passion, especially, because Albert did not love her. Before Shug, the sexual.

Her children were given to the wife of a missionary who went to live in Africa.

celie and mr relationship

Celie was married off to a man she called Mr. He treats her as a slave, once he believes a good wife is someone to cook, clean and tend to the children. But even when she makes all the hard work right,he constantly beats her.

However, when she meets Sofia, her life and opinions began to be questioned. It was Shug who taught her how to stand up for herself.

And this friendship is what is going to change their lives 3 forever. The first important thing that Celie learns is to take care of somebody for love, since her sister was banished from the house by Albert. Once she loved Shug, she started to love herself.

celie and mr relationship

Shug is presented as the woman that all the men wanted and all the women hated. Her behavior defied the social conventions. So she was oppressed by society. Even the preacher got his mouth on Shug Avery, now she down. He take her condition for his text. Everybody know who he mean.

celie and mr relationship

He talk about a strumpet in short skirtssmoking cigarettes, drinking gin. Singing for money and taking other women mens.

The Color Purple By Alice Walker: Relationship between Celie and Albert

Talk about sluts, hussy, heifer, and streetcleaner p. However ,Celie always idealized Shug as the woman she would like to be because Shug is free and admired by all men, she is always traveling and she has not the life of a slave as she does. On the one hand, Shug helps Celie to free herself from Mr.

In public opinion, Shug was said to be prostitute, but when she was with Celie, she could be herself ,a gentle and lovely person. For Celie, the sexual relationship was something that had nothing to do with love or passion, especially, because Albert did not love her. Before Shug, the sexual experiences Celie had were painful and bad. She had repeatedly been raped by her step-father and with Mr.

Albert/Mr. _____

He never know the difference. Never ast me how I feel, nothing. Just do his business, get off, go to sleep[…]. Do his business, she say. You make it sound like he going to the toilet on you. That what it feel like, I say. After her experience with Shug she realizes that sexual contact is a good thing and learns that touching herself is not a bad thing. Although the relationship between Shug and Celie can be interpreted as lesbianism, the way Celie describes is not erotic at all: They were at the same time the child and the mother.


Their relationship is expression of the lack of affection that both felt and that prevented them of growing as human being. Celie always accepted the role imposed by Albert.

The Color Purple

Therefore, she had low self -esteem. He always said that she was ugly, skinny, useless and worthless. Eventually Albert does go to Shug, but he waits — until Shug is weak and sick. Then he goes to her and brings her to his home. But note that he is totally unconcerned about what his dutiful wife, Celie, will think.

It is his house. Albert is much more concerned with what Shug will think and that her health will improve. Albert, of course, never really wanted to marry Celie. When he first approached Fonso, Celie and Nettie's stepfather, it was Nettie whom he wanted to marry.

celie and mr relationship

Nettie was not flashy like Shug, but she was pretty and young. Fonso opted to marry off Celie instead. Celie wasn't "valuable"; she wasn't a virgin. Albert had to take second-best, Fonso's "spoiled" daughter. In assessing Albert's character, one always returns, ultimately, to his cruelty to Celie. Celie suffers terribly at Albert's hands. He beats her because she is not Shug. He hides the letters that Nettie writes to Celie to hurt both Nettie and Celie.

He is not strong enough to tell Celie that Nettie refused his offer and fought off his sexual advances. Instead, he hides Nettie's letters, an act that defines him indelibly as a coward. Albert has sex with Celie in a callous and uncaring way. He cares little about her pleasure. However, when Albert is with Shug, he is obviously an expert and exciting lover. In the course of the novel, Albert is completely reformed.