Cause and effect relationship videos funny

Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Cause and Effect in Upper Elementary

cause and effect relationship videos funny

cause and effect, and “What's wrong/unusual with this picture? creates a lighthearted environment, while examining the cause-effect relationship between the The final activity for incorporating humor in the classroom uses funny videos. If the player is still not working, please visit our video troubleshooting page: Cause and effect can connect events in stories, in history and in science too. Cause and Effect video aka Independent Variable vs Dependent Variable .. a matching game while learning the relationship between cause and effect! Check out how poetry can be fun by clicking here and watching video poetry songs!.

Once the pair has finished their cards, they mix them up, place them in an envelope and write their names on the front. The next day, set the envelopes around the room like a scavenger hunt and have pairs travel around the room with their partners to open envelopes, match causes and effects, mix the cards back up, put them back in the envelope, and move to the next open set.

An alternative is to use the envelopes as a cause-and-effect center. These little books can be used in cause-and-effect lesson plans and much more! You might want to prep them for little ones, but older kids can usually make their own.

cause and effect relationship videos funny

Keep it folded and use a ruler to mark off the 3-inch, 6-inch and 9-inch spots near the top and bottom. Draw a line from the top to the bottom at each marked spot. Unfold the page and cut on the three lines from the bottom to the fold. Once the flip book is created, kids draw four causes on the front and then lift each flap and draw four effects underneath.

Need enrichment for higher-level kids? Have them draw or write several effects for each cause! Kids use crayons, markers, sharpies or watercolors to create a picture that shows a cause-and-effect relationship.

Similar to the above cause-and-effect lesson plan, but instead of unfolding the paper, just leave it folded like a greeting card. I actually like to make the cards fairly small and then they can be grouped together in a little cause-and-effect museum for a fun display.

The cards just have to be big enough that the kids can draw or write on them. Use pictures for students to infer cause and effect. This cause-and-effect lesson plan could be done after kids have mastered the basics.

Gather some interesting pictures from classroom magazines Scholastic, Weekly Reader and regular magazines, or find them online on free-to-use sites like Pixabay. Look for pictures that have a lot going on in them because kids are going to be looking for several causes and effects, not just one. I would suggest NOT letting the kids search for pictures. Not everything is classroom friendly and even if they were, it could be a distraction.

Glue the picture to the top of a piece of construction paper portrait format or a piece of chart paper.

cause and effect relationship videos funny

Kids brainstorm and write down lots of different causes and effects for the same picture by looking at it in many ways. More pictures for multiple causes or effects. For this activity, find pictures as before, but this time, glue the picture to the center of the paper.

cause and effect relationship videos funny

Then kids draw arrows away from the picture and write possible effects. For example, if the picture is of a sunny beach, the cause is the hot sun. Some possible effects might be that the sand is hot, people get sunburned, kids jump in the water to cool off, people sit under umbrellas to stay cool, people put on sunscreen, and so on.


The arrows this time point towards the effect and demonstrate causes. For example, if the picture was of spilled milk, the effect is the milk spilled. The causes might be a cat bumped into it, a baby tried to drink from it, it was too close to the edge of the table, a mom poured too much by mistake, kids were playing ball in the house and the ball hit it, etc. Have a scavenger hunt. Gather baskets of picture books with strong cause-and-effect examples.

Make sure to select books, either fiction or nonfiction, that target your standard. Kids may work alone or in pairs to read one of the books and find cause-and-effect relationships. Make sure students have either Post-it notes, paper, or a cause-and-effect template one side for causes and one for effects to record their findings.

12 Cause-and-Effect Lesson Plans You’ll Love

This activity may be repeated several times, with students using different books. Do you have any favorite cause-and-effect lesson plans? Posted by Jenn Larson Jenn Larson is an experienced teacher, with over 20 years in the classroom. Do you know how hard it is to find a song that tells a story and is appropriate for elementary school kids? It's not an easy task! The kids got such a kick out of this song, and it's pretty harmless.

You could even let them listen to it a few times. We had a great time looking for and generating cause and effect relationships.

I loved using the song because not only were we finding explicitly stated cause and effect relationships, but we had to do some inference as well.

cause and effect relationship videos funny

After we pulled out as many cause and effect relationships as we could and annotated the paper a little bit like we would with a close reading passagewe turned it into a foldable in our interactive notebook. You can see the outside of it here, and on the inside we wrote the effect. This challenged their thinking a bit because some of the annotations we made were written with the effect first and the cause second. It was perfect to get them thinking about the different formats of cause and effect!

My students are very comfortable using pictures to practice reading skills, so I had them use their left side to find cause and effect relationships in a picture. This is always a hit! If you would like to download the templates we used for the right hand side of the notebook as well as the picture we used for the left hand side, you can do so HERE.

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After we went through the review, I had a pile of about 20 books for students to read and write out cause and effect relationships. You can truly use just about any book for this, but here are a few of my favorites after seeing them in action with kids We used a modification of the Thinking Maps cause and effect map, as seen below.

They wrote the cause and effect relationships and shared with a neighbor.

cause and effect relationship videos funny

I LOVE using task cards in interactive notebooks this way! I wanted to throw in a super engaging "competition" element to this lesson, so I had them create cause and effect chains.