Caius and yeul relationship test

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caius and yeul relationship test

Basically Caius is forced to watch the person he was tasked to defend constantly die for Eternity It is like you are immortal and you are forced to. Basically, Noel, Caius, and Yeul live in a dying world called Pulse. .. she eyed the spider ring she'd given Alexander at the beginning of their relationship. .. As Yeul's words seemed to test fate, to see if they could keep this. Lightning never knew she was being tested under the watchful eyes of a Seeress . the mist maiden witnessed: marriage, her life beyond and death? "For this vision I have seen, I cannot tell you, Caius," Yeul moved her.

We don't have all day. Below her was a large bathing area filled with teasing herbal fragrances within a tub tiled with turquoise tiles. Looking to the side, the rest of the room contained glass tiles lining the wall with three torches attached to each wall. Scanning through the room, Lightning saw the pyramid-like structure at the north end of the room.

caius and yeul relationship test

On the top was an empty golden throne suitable for any shining regent. Only on the north wall did the wall have two rectangular windows allowing the sun's rays to slip through, illuminating the water below. Taking a step forward, Lightning was suddenly hauled back.

One misstep would have spelled her doom. Picking a torch off the wall, the woman guided Lightning through the darkness down the pyramid. Step by step, she every so often looked over her shoulder spotting Lightning either gazing upon monstrous carved beasts pushed against each corner of the room or ochre painted images on the ceiling depicting of Pulsian gods.

Reaching the base of the pyramid, Lightning noticed each corner of the tub had a fountain in a shape of a fish spewing out water. Focusing on the tub in front of her, Lightning assumed she was to bath here… with eyes watching her every move. Turning around, Lightning made a face.

Pointing to the water she said, "First, you must cleanse yourself of impurities. This water is no ordinary water; its healing properties will heal just about anything: The bathing did not bother rather; the possibility of having this stranger look at her in the nude was unnerving.

Turning to the woman Lightning voiced her concern, "You're going to watch me bathe, aren't you? Didn't your tribe tell you this? What the hell was she even talking about? She was lost in some foreign land—perhaps some dream concocted by that blasted mist maiden!

Lightning swore to demand answers from that useless— The sound of scraping stones snapped Lightning out of her moment's frustration. Turning her attention to the side, she watched black stone slabs slide to the side revealing four women entering with baskets in their arms.

Each walked slowly to the four corners of the tub and waited for the right moment. Quickly hugging her exposed form, Lightning bit her lip feeling all gazes now on her. The woman nudged Lightning and without a voice to retort, she descended to the tub. She hoped the tub was deep enough to submerge her body.

No such luck was on her side; the tub only reached her waist. Hugging her body, Lightning eyed each maiden with great suspicion watching them one by one enter the tub, expressionless.

caius and yeul relationship test

Close to hysterics, Lightning hugged herself tighter once one of the maidens tried to remove her arms away from her bosom. How will you be a good wife if you can't show your body to your husband? The woman crossed her arms and continued, speaking with authority. You will bring him happiness. When he is hungry, you will feed him. When he desires your love, you will give it to him. And," The woman stopped thinking of her next words carefully.

Everybody saw her as a beautiful blonde maiden yet; nobody could actually see Lightning had pink hair. Watching the maiden's every move, she dropped several flower petals onto Lightning's shoulders followed by an ancient chant. One verse was heard, then another and another. Each maiden continued to drop flower petals from their baskets and Lightning remained silent, fixated upon the unfolding ritual. Pulling out a branch with some leaves on it, one of the maidens slipped it across her face speaking in gentle tones.

Your ears shall listen to nobody but him. Your lips shall speak to nobody but him…" Lightning continued to listen to the chants. The twig slipped across her bosom reminding her to nurse her child well.

The other maidens approached Lightning and they too, blessed her with chants. Lastly, it came down to the woman. Approaching Lightning, she dipped her fingers into the center of her left palm painting her fingertips white. Placing some dots on Lightning's forehead, she lowered her voice into a whisper.

To choose between protecting the Seeress or protecting his bride, his duty is to protect the Seeress until his last breath. Upon sunset tomorrow, you will transform yourself into a fully fledged woman, his loyal bride and the mother to his children. Following the maidens through a hidden corridor, they entered a red and golden room, hidden through layers of curtain and smoke.

Lightning was instructed to sit on a polished wooden bench carved with images of women. Suddenly feeling a slight jab in her back, Lightning was about to hiss until the woman caught her.

Don't worry, she won't cut too deep. This is the second part of the ceremony, dear bride. She is protecting you from evil and harm. Lightning pursed her lips. Feeling each cut drove her mad but she knew if she moved even in the slightest, the knife could easily slip deeper into her skin.

Filling her lungs with the smell of burning incense, the heavy scent did not help Lightning in any way. Her head suddenly felt light. Feeling each slice against her skin, strings of blood escaped from the wound down the silver blade. Hugging her body tightly, the hands of the other maidens held Lightning's shoulders tightly while the bloodied ritual continued. With another cut, she felt circles, triangles, squiggles and lines all carved into the skin. Slipping her fingers to the side, Lightning gasped with fingers slipped into depressions in the wood resisting every painful sensation.

Lightning never knew she was being tested under the watchful eyes of a Seeress.

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Lightning bit her lip tighter, digging her nails into the wood and into her arm. The pain was beginning to overwhelm her.

Trickles of blood slipped down her arm, pooling between her fingers. Even before she registered a sharp pain into her back, her eyes rolled into the back of her head sending Lightning to walk down the path of darkness until the sun quietly slipped into the horizon. Upon the fall of night, Lightning sat silently by the serene Oerban shores, listening to the sounds of rolling waves. Her gaze was fixed upon the starry blanket of diamond stars.

How did the Academy refer to this device before it was given its official name? What was the title of the first volume? Mystical Creatures for the Clueless The remains of what facility can be found in Oerba?

School The silver lobo is seen in many circus troupes.

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What is the one act it cannot perform? Sawing someone in half. They say the long gui eat their own weight in food. How many shaolong guis equal one long gui? A Requiem of Rebirth What are the names of the Shiva sisters? Sheep What can withstand heavy winds, lightningor even a hole through its body? Goblin Chieftain What cannot be found in Academia? Flan Schools What color is the cactuar image drawn in the centre of the hunter camp in the Steppe?

Red What color is the flower Yeul has in her hand in AF? Eye What do the hunters manipulate in order to control the weather? A white horse What does Mog remember about his upbringing?

It was full of freedom. What does Mog want to do with his savings? Ether Hydrate What fact surrounding the goddess Etro is not recorded in any documents? She has a moogle servant. What identification number is imprinted on the wall of the route near the cemetery in Bresha ruins? E What is growing in New Bodhum's garden? Vegetables What is needed to keep the new Cocoon afloat?

Graviton Core What is the borgbear incapable of doing? Summoning Eidolons What is the desert area of Oerba called? Can I buy your love? What is the main cause of bullying among the flan? War Dance What is the name of the exciting underwater sport that requires a ball? Serendipity What is the ochu incapable of doing? Use its wings to fly. What is the relationship of the NORA members? Childhood friends What is the tonberry incapable of doing?

Intimidating foes with its horns. What is used in the creation of various signs in Academia? Valigarmanda What looks like a flower but stings like a bee? Triffid What monster can easily be spotted in the dark?

Flanitor What quirky stuffed animal is a must-have for young females?

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Breshan Bass What shape is the archway of the building in which the mystic in Serendipity resides? The letter A What shape is the crystal that Lightning uses to summon her Eidolon? A rose What store is found behind the row of vending machines in Academia?

A shoe store What unusual event occurred in Sunleth AF?

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Flans went missing What was Alyssa looking for in the Bresha Ruins? What was the most memorable role played by Jeff Roni, an actor rumoured to be carrying on a steamy love affair with actress Terra Branford?

Lieutenant Colonel When creating a duplicate, why is it illegal to save the data of the original person? Privacy act When did Snow propose to Serah? How did he hide it? He wrapped a yellow bandanna around it. Which is not one of those reasons? His chest When Serah lived with Lightning, they had matching accessories. On what body part did they adorn the jewelry? Right arm Where did Sazh purchase a chocobo chick for Dajh?

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Which celebrated movie introduced the gunblade, a now-popular toy among kids? New Bodhum FC Which endangered monster species is known for its unique eyes? A ring Which of the following can fly? Wyvern Which of the following can swim?

Hedge Frog Which of the following cannot be found in New Bodhum? Active volcanoes Which of the following has a shell? Adamantoise Which of the following is not green?