Brian and justin relationship

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brian and justin relationship

Brian may have had Justin in his life, but outside of their physical connection, Brian's most character revealing scenes consistently involved Michael. When he . Now, I'd say that Brian felt some kind of connection with Justin from the very first night. Definitely not love yet, but there was something about. Over the course of their relationship, she walks herself backward, eyes Unlike Meredith, Justin is something that happens to Brian Kinney.

Both parents' responses are overwhelmingly negative. Brian's biggest fear is losing his youth and beauty.

brian and justin relationship

His best friend, Michael, often reassures him that he will "always be young, and always be beautiful. He plans a wedding for Lindsay and Melanie after theirs falls apart, and gives up his parental rights to his young son Gus so that Melanie and Lindsay will reunite in the first season.

He pushes Michael away, so that he will go back to his boyfriend. He helps his young lover Justin recover after a bashing at his senior prom, which Brian attended to please Justin. He gives up his job and money to beat the anti-gay candidate for mayor, Jim Stockwell, and is willing to give up his loft and nightclub to be with Justin in the final episodes.

Overview[ edit ] In the pilotBrian Kinney spots year-old Justin Taylor on a street corner outside the gay nightclub Babylon. He proceeds to take Justin home and take his virginity.

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In the same episode, his son, Gus, is born to a lesbian couple, Lindsey and Melanie. Because of the simultaneity of these two pivotal events, Brian often associates Gus with Justin, referring to both as "sonny boy," Jack's nickname for Brian himself.

Brian Kinney

During the first season, his relationship with Justin is unclear. Brian hates the idea of couples but breaks his own rules for Justin, unable to resist the pull he feels towards him. He takes care of him in different ways: After witnessing Justin's prom bashing, Brian is traumatized. No one, except Jennifer Taylor and the nursing staff, knows that Brian stands secret vigil outside Justin's hospital room every night for weeks.

Justin Taylor

Upon Justin's release from the hospital, Jennifer bans Brian from seeing Justin but later asks him to 'take' her son, because Brian is the only one he trusts. During the second season, Brian helps Justin recover, both physically and emotionally. On more than one occasion, Justin saves Brian from legal problems. The first time, he blackmails Kip into dropping his sexual harassment lawsuit against Vanguard and Brian.

The second time, while Justin is still with Ethan, he makes Brian's nephew tell the truth about whether or not he molested him. Justin drops out of college after a disagreement with the head of the internship program when it is discovered that he has been having sexual relations with his boss, Brian, and sabotaging Chief Jim Stockwell 's ad campaign. During the fifth and final season, Brian and Justin's relationship becomes more unstable.

Justin works on a movie version of Rage but the project is canceled. When Justin returns from Los Angeles and moves back in with Brian; he expects them to settle down, which Brian still doesn't want to. He leaves Brian, but after a bomb explodes at Babylon, Brian admits his love for Justin, asking him to marry him.

They plan to get married, but as the date draws closer, Justin realizes that Brian is trying to become someone he isn't, just to make Justin happy. Similarly, Brian realizes that Justin is giving up his career as an artist to settle down with him. Brian tells him that he should go to New York City to pursue his art career. They agree to call off the wedding, saying "we don't need rings or vows to prove that we love each other.

Brian tells Justin that he has kept the rings, and Justin reassures Brian that they will continue to see each other frequently. Recognition[ edit ] InJustin was voted number 3 on the list of the top 25 gay television characters of all time by AfterEllen 's brother site AfterElton. Over the five seasons the show ran, he started a Gay-Straight Alliance at his high school, was brutally gay-bashed at his prom, had to learn how to use his right hand again during his first year of art school, created a successful underground gay comic, fought the election of a homophobic mayor, opposed an anti-gay statewide ballot proposition, and achieved acclaim as an artist.

brian and justin relationship

Still, I'm glad I have you. Wouldn't it be cool if Just you and me. It's legal for us to get married here in Toronto. Well I hope that when he was down on his knees he did something useful.

But you declined, of course, because deep down, you still love me best. I didn't give him an answer yet. He had a family. You know, everything he's ever wanted to do as a kid. I'll tell you why. He left you, and he moved on. You and he just made different choices, that's all. It doesn't mean that you don't still love each other. There are a lot of strong feelings.

Whether you want to admit it or not, you still love each other.

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And he certainly doesn't love me. I mean, did he show up once to visit me at the hospital? I'm sure he'd never want me to tell you this He wanted to donate his own blood, but the doctor refused to take it because he's gay.

brian and justin relationship

Well, when Brian heard that, he went into a rage. He was like a wild man.